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The Economic Stimulus Payment Schedule As Announced By The IRS

Published 3/18/08 (Modified 3/8/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

After much online speculation and rampant rumors about the economic stimulus payment date, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has finally cleared up the confusion and released the official economic stimulus tax rebate payment schedule. You can read the IRS timetable announcement on its website (view IRS news release).

The IRS has announced that it will begin sending more than 130 million economic stimulus tax rebate payments starting May 2, 2008. Those who chose to receive their 2007 tax refund payments via direct deposit will get priority in receiving their stimulus tax rebates. Those who chose to receive their tax refund payments via regular postal service will receive their tax rebate checks in mid May, after the initial wave of tax rebate payments have been sent to those who chose the quicker direct deposit option.

Tax Rebate Receiving Order Will be Based On Social Security Number

The order that the tax rebate checks will be sent out will be according to the last 2 digits of the Social Security Number (SSN) used when you filed your federal tax return. Please examine the stimulus payment chart below to determine when you will be receiving your tax rebate. As the IRS noted on its announcement, because the order will be based on the numerical order of Social Security Numbers rather than by name or household, there is a high possibility that neighbors, family members, and friends may not receive their tax rebate checks at the same time.

The Official Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate Payment Schedule - (for Federal Tax Returns Received and Processed by April 15, 2008):

Direct Deposit Option:
If the last two digits of your Social Security Number are: Your economic stimulus payment deposit should be sent to your bank account by:
00 - 20 May 2
21 - 75 May 9
76 - 99 May 16
Paper Check Option:
If the last two digits of your Social Security Number are: Your check should be in the mail by:
00 - 09 May 16
10 - 18 May 23
19 - 25 May 30
26 - 38 June 6
39 - 51 June 13
52 - 63 June 20
64 - 75 June 27
76 - 87 July 4
88 - 99 July 11

How To Make Sure You Get Your Tax Rebate Check

If you want to get your tax rebate check sooner, you should make sure to elect the direct deposit option if you haven't already done so. Secondly, you should make sure you file your 2007 federal tax return by the April 15, 2008 deadline. If for whatever reason your tax return is filed after April 15, you should receive your economic stimulus payment about two weeks after receiving your tax refund. For those requesting filing extensions, if you want to receive your tax rebate by the end of this year, you must file your tax return by October 15, 2008. To accommodate people whose tax returns are processed after April 15, the IRS has indicated that it will continue sending weekly payments even after the end of the above schedule.

As I indicated in my 2008 Tax Stimulus Rebate commentary article, if you are already in bankruptcy or have tax liens for delinquent or outstanding debts such as - unpaid student loans, child support, or tax obligations, all or part of your economic stimulus payment may be withheld or intercepted. The IRS has indicated that it will send a letter to the taxpayer explaining the tax rebate offset, if any.

How Much Will My Economic Stimulus Payment Check Be?

Explanations and detailed answers to your tax rebate questions can be obtained by viewing the official IRS publications and announcements on the matter. Here are some links to official IRS answers to tax rebate questions, where most of the commonly asked questions are addressed. The more complicated and issue-filled tax rebate questions relating to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings have been winding up as comments on my tax rebate article. I will continue answering them to the best of my ability based on my legal experience and knowledge on the matter. However, while my comments may be construed as general background information, they should not be blindly followed as definitive legal advice. Remember to always perform your own due diligence and research.

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186 Responses to “The Economic Stimulus Payment Schedule As Announced By The IRS” 

  1. Kade says:

    I filed this year through Tur. Tax, and recieved my money through direct deposit which I have already recieved.

    However, I have to turn in through mail form 8453-OL, a signature form. Will this effect my stimulus depositing on my S.S date? I recently mailed this form, and have no clue if they have recieved it as of yet.

    Will this effect my timely IRS deposit?


  2. Tammy says:

    If the head of household files taxes including their daughter as a dependant and their daughter (age 17) worked and made $4,000 last year, does the daughter also get a check for $300?

  3. Raymond says:


    Since you've already received your tax refund direct deposit, it appears the IRS has already gone ahead and processed your tax return. The IRS has been rather lax about enforcing the 8453-OL Signature Form requirement but you should still mail it in. Since you've already done that, I wouldn't worry. You should anticipate receiving the tax rebate on your scheduled Social Security Number date.

    Next time, you might want to consider signing your tax return electronically with a self selected PIN instead of going the paper signature method. It's much more hassle free! Here's Turbo Tax's explanation on the issue.

  4. Tammy says:

    If the head of household files taxes including their daughter as a dependant and their daughter (age 17) worked and made $4,000 last year, does the daughter also get a check for $300?

  5. Raymond says:


    Unfortunately, because you claimed your daughter as a dependent, she will not be entitled to file and claim a tax rebate payment of her own.

    Furthermore, you will also be unable to claim your 17 year old daughter for the $300 child rebate because she was not under the age of 17 on December 31, 2007. But if she WAS under the age of 17 on Dec. 31, then you may be entitled to the extra $300.

  6. Tanya says:

    We owe the IRS money from past years, we have been notified by them and are in the repayment process of our 2004 and 2006 taxes. Will we receive a refund? If not will the money that is due to us be deducted from our outstanding balance with the IRS?

  7. Raymond says:


    If the unpaid tax liability remains unpaid by the notification letter due date, the IRS will attempt to collect by taking future tax refunds. Since the tax rebate is being treated the same way as a tax refund, I would anticipate the IRS seizing your tax rebate payment as well.

  8. Christina says:

    I e filed over the internet back in January through a site I use every year. I paid a refund transfer fee to get my money direct deposited into my account sooner. However, on my income tax return the direct deposit information is incorrect. Will this cause a problem when receiving my stimulus check?

  9. Raymond says:


    The refund transfer fee puzzles me. Your tax preparer made you pay a fee to get your refund as a direct deposit?

    As for the direct deposit details, if the information is incorrect or if the underlying account is no longer active, the transfer will fail and the IRS will send your tax rebate to you through snail mail.

  10. Annie says:

    I owed taxes in 2006 and established a payment plan with the IRS. I have paid the IRS faithfully each month according to the plan. Will I get a stimulus check?

  11. Raymond says:


    Most installment payment plans for past tax liability generally have a provision that requires any tax refund due in a future year to be applied against the past amount owed. Since the tax rebate is treated the same as a tax refund, I would expect the rebate to be applied towards your 2006 amount.

  12. Kim says:

    My "person" did not get our taxes done in time. She just told me this yesterday that she was crazy busy. I have paid in quarterly taxes throughout the year and still owe a little. I was going to pay it in as soon as she got our taxes done.
    I have not yet heard back from her....So now what??
    If we get them done very soon and I get my last taxes owed paid in can we still get our rebates in a couple of months?

  13. Raymond says:


    The goal of the IRS is to get these tax rebates out quickly since they are under quite substantial pressure to inject the approved money into the economy. Although the IRS has indicated that timely filing of your tax return is necessary to ensure timely delivery of your stimulus check, the sooner you file the better. It's not just a matter of paying the taxes owed since that seems to be somewhat secondary to the act of actually filing, for tax rebate purposes. To calculate your qualified tax rebate, the IRS needs to know your filing status, earned income, and adjusted gross income. I would not expect there to be too much delay once you've given them that information.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Hello. We had to pay this year and opted to pay using an electronic check (direct deposit to the IRS). Will they refund us our stimulus check using our bank information or will they mail us a paper check? I keep trying to find an answer to this question and I have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks for your help.

  15. Raymond says:


    If you chose to accept your tax refund via direct deposit and provided the IRS your bank routing and account information, they will send you the tax rebate payment using the provided bank information. However, if you simply paid your taxes using a bank account and did not provide banking information for tax refund purposes, you will likely receive a paper check.

  16. cicely says:

    hellol . i didnt make 3,000 i made a little under plus i was in collage and i filied head of house hold with my 2 children will i recieve a tax rebate check

  17. Raymond says:


    Unfortunately, because you made less than $3,000, you are unable to qualify for the tax rebate. $3,000 is the minimum required. Sorry!

  18. Christina says:

    I filed my taxes back in jan. through express tax refund.com . I chose to receive a refund transfer and deposit into my bank account, but now the account information for direct deposit on my income tax return is not my bank. It is account information from the bank in which the site I filed with uses. How will I receive my stimulus check if i chose refund transfer, but my account isnt the one on file with the IRS?

  19. Raymond says:


    I'm a bit unclear as to the facts of your situation. Why did the bank information on your tax return form change from your bank to that of the tax preparation company's?

    If the bank account information listed on your tax return is incorrect, you may change it by calling the IRS. Of course, this may delay your receipt of your tax rebate...by a few weeks from the scheduled date perhaps.

    IRS Telephone Assistance for Individuals:
    Toll-Free, 1-800-829-1040
    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. your local time (Alaska & Hawaii follow Pacific Time).

  20. Meg says:


    My husband and I filed married filing jointly. He filed Chapter 7 and has had his trustee hearing, but the discharge probably won't happen until early- to mid-June. We are scheduled to receive our rebate electronically around May 16. Do you know if the trustee will take this rebate as an offset? If so, do you know how that works when I an the one who made the majority of the income?

    Many thanks.

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