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The Best Credit Card Offers with Rewards

By Joe Taylor

The Best Credit Card Offers with Rewards

Credit cards don't have to force you into debt. In fact, if you use them the right way, credit card rewards can actually earn you money. Over the years, I've tweaked my spending so I use credit cards to pay for everything. That way, I rack up a frequent flyer bonus, a cash back rebate, or special perks with every purchase. I like to review what's in my wallet from time to time, replacing cards I don't use that often with new accounts that offer special signup bonuses.

While I still carry a few wads of emergency cash around, it's easier than ever to run most everyday purchases on rewards credit cards. Check some of these out from our partners:

Here is one of the credit cards I carry around and actively use:

  1. Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card Another great miles-based reward program, Capital One's Venture Rewards Credit Card lets you earn 2X miles on every purchase. They're the bank's own "miles," so they don't expire and you can transfer them to just about any airline. The card has an intro $0 annual fee for the first year then it costs $59 per year,  but you can easily make that back in travel rewards if you plan your purchasing right. A "VentureOne" version of this credit card, Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card, carries no annual fee, but you'll only earn 1.25 miles on every purchase.

5 hot offers

These cards also offer some strong rewards and perks for spenders who like saving money.

  1. BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card Bank of America wants to treat you to a $100 statement credit after you spend at least $500 on purchases with this card in the first 90 days of account opening. With no annual fee and a 0% introductory APR for your first twelve billing cycles for purchases and balance transfers made within sixty days of account opening

  2. BankAmericard Travel Rewards® Credit Card Earn 1.5 points per $1 on every purchase with no annual fee. Online exclusive you can earn 10,000 bonus points if you make at least $500 in purchases with this card in the first 90 days, which can be redeemed for $100 towards travel purchases.

  3. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card The TV ads might be cheesy, but you really can earn tons of points that you can exchange for almost anything.

  4. Chase Freedom You can earn 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in categories that change every quarter when you sign up and activate your bonus each quarter. 

  5. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express This American Express card once set the standard for rewards programs. It stayed in my wallet so long, the numbers nearly wore off. The program's still strong, just trumped by this year's incredible bonus offers from competitors.

Remember that banks only make money on these programs when you spend a lot on your card and pay off your balance nearly every month. That's why they're available to folks with good or excellent credit. If you're in doubt about whether to apply, see if your current bank or credit card issuer gives you access to free FICO score reporting (many now do).

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19 Responses to “The Best Credit Card Offers with Rewards” 

  1. Ken Clark - CollegeSavings.About.com says:

    For what it is worth, I think the Amex Platinum crdit card is pretty cool if you travel a lot.

    Free entrance to most airline lounges when you travel... 8 companion tickets every year which can easily be worth $2000-3000.

    Also get one point for every dollar spent...

    You've got to travel to like it though... $450 annual fee!


  2. Kart says:

    You might also want to check the Citi American Express Platinum card. It carries a hefty $99 fee (which is waived for the first year), but gives 3 thank you points on all purchases and 5 thank you points on every day spending (gas, groceries, etc). With one of the citicards that gives you fixed flight rewards, it is an awesome value.

  3. Jane says:

    Nice list of crdit card rewards..been searching for a card offer list like this. How high does your credit score have to be to qualify for these credit deals?

  4. mukhtaar faysal ibrahim says:

    i am poor person i need money to help me. i am starving!

  5. lol^^ says:

    Get a job!

  6. FabFive says:

    Do you people really sign up and apply for credit card offers just to get the free bonus money awards? Does that make any sense?? Do you all realize that everytime you apply for a new credit card, your credit report account gets hit with what's called a hard credit pull? Every hard credit pull dings your FICO credit score. Too many dings and your credit score will fall.

    But I guess most of you all are college students, and don't care about your credit scores since none of you are buying homes or need mortgages yet...

  7. ABCHICAGO says:

    FabFive Says - what on earth are you talking about? If you would read the posts, people are suggesting what is a good deal...except for mukhtaar faysal ibrahim, but there are always people that don't understand the point of leaving a reply. By the way, since you probably didn't understand my point, the point of leaving a reply is to assist others in making a decision. I fell into the same trap by ranting in this reply. But, I know many people with the AMEX Starwood card and they use it for Hotel deals all the time. Nothing like a free hotel stay in some of the overpriced hotels out there (especially when your credit score takes dings and you are a college student that isn't buying homes or need mortgages yet...)

  8. stinky says:

    So I get a few dings on my FICO. I've always considered a FICO score as a tally of points for acting in ways which benefit the financial industry. I am not a student, and I routinely open and cancel cards (yes I know I should leave them open...blah blah). However, my score is still around 800. Unless I am preparing to buy another house (can get a slightly lower rate), no difference between a very good verses excellent FICO.

  9. BailoutBoy says:

    Blow off FabFive! All of you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work. There are some great ideas here.

  10. Carl Schaefer says:

    We would like to redeem points for gift cards ---- we can not get the price of the gift card for the points. Can you help us? Can you send us a catalog so we can redeem the points? The address is: Carl Schaefer, 700 Port Street, #104, Easton, MD 21601,

    Thank you

  11. RacerX says:

    Hmm.. I get "free" rewards on purchases I'd make anyhow (I travel extensively for work). How is that a bad deal?

    As far as FICO scores.. umm yeah. That's a big crock.

  12. Carl Schaefer says:

    Why can't we see what gift cards you have for Targets, Macy's, Walmart and more???????

  13. GIVEmeALLtheFREEmoneyYOUhave says:

    Funny stuff. I"m not a college student...haven't been for 30 years but do enjoy getting free money any chance I get. I limit it to the 100 dollar offers. But then again, I'll sign up for a card or open a new account for 50 too! I've made over a thousand dollars this year....and next year won't open one account but must say...I have excelent credit and get the best deals offerred....my 810 credit score WILL definitely take a HIT after this year, all these freebies will definitely cost me but next year I won' sign up for one and it will only drop to 780 and then it will bump back up after a year.

    FREE MONEY IS FUN and if handled and opened accounts are managed correctly, can increase your annual income by a couple grand a year!!! I LOVE IT.

  14. CreditMuncher says:

    I love my Discover Cashback bonus card and I think it ����s the best deal (at least for me) among credit cards. I also look at Chase Freedom card now. It offers pretty good rewards.

    I beg to differ on BOA Platinum Plus since the reward is only half the amount of what Discover Cashback offers.

  15. Wary Mary says:

    There are no free lunches...someone always pays at some time or in some way. In regard to FICO scores, you may pay in higher car insurance or home insurance if your FICO score falls. These scores are used unfairly in many other ways we know nothing about.

    I have redeemed points for some nice gift cards, but that does not compare to the costs incurred by way of hijacked interest rates from these card services. Consumers beware!

  16. Steve says:

    Credit cards are the only avenue of credit availiable now for loans if you don't have the cash up front.The banks are not loaning money, I know ,with a FICA score of 739,a $72,000 per year job the credit union I have been a member of for 21 years jerked me off for 8 months going from one office to the next, finally got the property appraised, after i hired a lawyer for $500 to check out the that the trust was valid.All so I could switch my B of A variable rate Home Equity loan over to a fixed interest rate. 8 months and on Dec 31rst they told me that my loan ratio wasn't high enough! I don't have a mortagage! the house is PAID for.It's just a home equity line of credit.This was Alliant Credit union.Now...US bank is not answering my calls or emails, the Loan officer is stalling, just paid $375 for another appraisal.These people are all LIARS.I do have a plan.To use credit cards against the banks.Let them taste thier own crap.See Debt Revolution on youtube.Screw the Bankers.Go to the casinos and cash your checks, then save 20% every payday in Silver Bullion.HYPERINFLATION IS HERE.By physical silver.Get the book "Bankruptcy Of Our Nation, 12 Key Strategies For Protecting Your Finances In These Uncertain Times" Jerry Robinson.Ask me about silver if you want to know more.email: satoners@gmail.com...... Steve.

  17. jermonte says:

    What? Buy Silver, whatever mann. Yea, but silver then lose your money like buying a car, but you don't anything cool to show except a lump of metal no one wants. Loser. If you really want start a revolution make hypershort term trades on the market with enough leverage to buy a lamborgini. This starts to add up fast. I net $4600 over the past 60 calendar days. 04/05/2010 to 06/08/2010. My system is a revolution in the making because they can't stop it. Good Times. Tell you what, I will flip cash and you can but lumps of silver and we'll see who's ahead next year this time. I think I got a headstart on you, I am up 30.7% YTD and all gotten over the past 60 calendar days.

  18. JC says:

    FICO scores aren't important if you don't use credit. That's what's wrong with our consumers today -- head over heels in debt. Pay cash and FICO scores are a non-issue!! We pay for everything on our cards - and we pay off our credit cards every month - always have - don't have a huge income - never had any debts other than small mortgages - own our own home now - are retired - and we sign up for all the free miles cards we can tolerate, just for the goodies. Never been turned down for a card - cancel every time the annual fee comes around after I've collected the freebies or best mileage deals. (It's a hassle, yes, but the free trips really are worth it! As long as they offer, I'm going to receive!!) All of that "abuse" of their system, and our FICO scores are right at 800. So those dings really don't have to matter -- you can still get lots of cards if you use credit properly by paying off your balance every month right on time! Best wishes!

  19. jazzyGirlJazzywoman says:

    im 21...just turned 21 and im trying to BUILD up credit...just got a bank account and savings at wells fargo and im just curious how to build up credit i tried opening up something at a jewlry store got something real small now paying it off is this going to help i hopefully want to be able to buy a car by the summer and by next year move out of my parents house...any ideas?

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