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My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation

Published 1/6/08 (Modified 1/2/12)
By MoneyBlueBook

For those who haven't seen it before, MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" is one of the many things in television pop culture today that is seriously messing up the minds of kids today, leading them down the path of excessive consumerism and obsession with wealth and entitlement. The MTV reality TV show follows and documents the 16th birthday celebrations of upper class teenagers. Now these are no ordinary birthday parties. We're not talking about a day at Dave and Busters or the bowling alley. On this program we have stretch Hummers, horses, live dancers, famous rap stars, decked out ballrooms, and budget rolls in excess of $300,000. Everything is paid for in cash or with quick obligatory swipes of the parents' trusty Amex Black Cards or Visa Black Cards, indispensable and exclusive tools of the trade. You won't see any "paltry presents" like Apple iPods or Gap clothing here. Instead, the doting parents of these spoiled rotten kids prefer to give them top of the line BMW's and Land Rover's, capped with red bows on top to quench their material thirst. The show, although quite entertaining, proclaims the non-stop need to spend, spend, and spend to the utter collective delight of all luxury car dealerships and luxury boutiques everywhere.

Spoiled Bratty Kids Come In All Sizes

The show features spoiled teens of all race, nationality, and even sex - black, white, Persian, and even shockingly, a few teenage boys among the mostly teenage girls. The show follows the same template, tracing the excitement and expectation of throwing a "sky's the limit" 16th birthday bash. We get to know the teen as she brags about her wonderful lifestyle and how much she owns in the way of material possessions. The majority of these "daddy's little girls" stomp their feet and pout until their rich dads buy them the dream party that they want. The mothers that usually accompany these prissy little girls are no different - encouraging and stoking their behavior. In one episode, one mother even ended up trying on the same expensive dress that her daughter was trying out, sending the daughter into an angry and competitive tail spin tizzy of materialistic proportions.

The Excessive Lavishness Knows No Bounds

The show always starts with an elaborate ceremony usually complete with stretch limos and servants to hand out the official decorative invitations to chosen members of the teen's high school in a manner befitting a royal coronation. The party usually takes up an entire decked out ballroom, with servers, dancers, and show-stopping celebrity singers. $75,000 jewelry and dresses line their wardrobes, adding to the excessive opulence. Throughout each episode, the birthday girl's teenage guests scream and "woohoo" about the historical nature of the event and how it will go down in history as the best party ever and how everyone will always remember this - to the collective eye rolling of every single television viewer in the United States, myself included.

The end of each episode is never complete without the mandatory birthday girl walking outside with her guests in faux both-hands-to-the-cheek amazement at the ridiculously expensive luxury car awaiting her. While the girl drives away in her birthday present, her throng of friends and guests are left hollering and cheering her on with lavish love, admiration, and envy at her fortune.

It's Really Entertaining But Also Really Sad

The alarming thing is not that these teeny boppers expect to be thrown lavish over-the-top birthday parties, but it's that their wealthy parents are so boastful and encouraging of such a superficial lifestyle. The show proudly shows off the birthday teen's opulence and extravagance, seemingly suggesting that such actions are perfectly normal. There are never glimpses of the ordinary masses, as the birthday teen's friends and guests are almost always all filthy rich as well, with material throngs and possessions of their own. We never see any bitterness or ridicule by the guests or outside observers as the critics have all been effectively filtered out.

The show is admittedly quite entertaining, but not for necessarily the right reasons. It instills the wrong values in children and younger viewers today, particularly those approaching their 16th birthdays. Rather than preaching hard work and dedication, the show encourages feelings of material entitlement in the nature of "if you loved me you'd buy this for me".

However I must admit, My Super Sweet 16 is terribly funny and interesting to watch. But when I laugh at the foot stomping, pouty girls in the show, I am doing so in the same manner that I would while watching a celebrity train wreck such as the salacious paparazzi antics of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I laugh because it's so stupidly funny, but at the same time I feel sad for them - for the type of persons their own parents have groomed them into one day becoming.

As for my own 16th birthday way back when, I got an ice cream cake custom baked by my mom. I rented a few Nintendo games from Blockbuster, invited 4 close friends over for a video game sleepover party, and partied like a rock star at home. I grew up just fine, although getting a luxury sports car as a present would have been nice. :)

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74 Responses to “My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation” 

  1. Y says:

    Those shows make me sick. I grew up in a really poor neighborhood. I'm 15 now and we finally got a house and got outof our debts. I remember playing with my friends in my neighborhood\ town and we went to one of my friends apartment, the only one that had a TV, a really tiny, old one, and watching those rich kids on MTV. I always wished I was one of them, but now I relize that I should have felt sorry for them. I had (have now too) great friends, we played outside until like 11 in the summer playing games and picking cherries off the trees and I always had a great family ( my friends, my parents were never around much) Those kids are gonna be crackheads when there older. ( if they aren't already.)

  2. ppl get a life says:

    i completey agree wit jealous n reall yu all need to stoop complaining n get a life. no one talks shit about u cause ur broke get a life n if you dont like rich ppl thats ur problem but u dont have to post ur thoughts on the internet.

  3. This show is lame says:

    What really gets me is that all their guests love them. They are such spoilt little brats, you would honestly think that no one would want to even show up to their party. Guess they are coming for the big party and not for the spoilt brats. These kids will never truly understand the value of money when everything is handed to them.

  4. mary says:

    they don't get a CAR they get a BMWm Hummer cars that cosy over 50,000 or more. More than most familes make. GIRLS?BOYS get rid of gum you all look ugly with that wad in your mouths. I would make all these brats work a few weeks in a homeless shelter, or wood kitchen for a few months. I love to see any of these brats lose some of the money they freely throw away. How many cars have thee kids go throw after they crash them. But Mommy and Daddy will keep buying them. I feel sorry for these 16 year olds they have no idea Christmas if she talked the way to me I would have taken the new car away. some day when she might not have any money she might have begged for that car.

  5. Peggy says:

    My sweet 16th birthday party was the BEST birthday ever. I had just failed my drivers license test. I wanted to go home, up to my room and cry. When we pulled up the driveway, all my friends popped out from behind the house. It turned me around instantly. I never had so much fun. The next day I got my license and was hired for my first job. I never had a surprise birthday party since then, and I am 50 years old. By the way, my parents had me pay for my first car...and I'm glad for it because I learned responsibility.

  6. Mairi says:

    After thinking very hard, I remembered what I got for my sixteenth birthday last year. My grandmother and my mother pitched together to get me a cherry hope chest (which I put together myself), my father got me a cook book to go in the hope chest, and my boyfriend bought me a video game.
    Honestly, I'd rather have a $15 cookbook filled with love than a $100k car meant to make up for bad parenting. My daddy loves me more than theirs do.

  7. Tonya says:

    True story My youngest sister says to me, i want a nice car, i don't want to be driving my jalopy after college, I say , apply to one of the top accounting firms,they pay very well. She says, gosh, that means i have to really work long hours and everything. She says to me, well Sherrie (mutual friend) has an Infinity coupe, and i say well Sherrie lives in a house that her father paid off for her and Sherrie DOES works for a top investment firm, so she can afford the Inifinity.

    With all this, my sister still does not get it and THIS is the damage that this show is doing to the youth. They think that all these things fall from the sky. There is a disconnect in their brains about how someone (whether it was father, mother, stepdad, grandfather, great grandfather, great great grandmother, whoever in these spoiled kids family) worked hard and earned this money that these kids on TV are spending.

    i have nothing against people having luxurious things, hey , i want them for myself, but at least i know that the money for these things have to came from somewhere, usually from me going out in the world and making the wealth on my own. These kids watching the show really do not realize this.

  8. Hope says:

    I am a teenager and I absolutely think it's ridiculous how much money these kids spend on their parties. These kids who get whatever they want don't realize that there are less fortunate people out there who need our help. I think that all those kids need a reality check and need to understand the value of a dollar, but I don't think that gives anyone reading this to call them bad words or say rude things about them because in the end, no matter how much money we have, we are all people with feelings.

  9. Hope says:

    one more thing, "ppl get a life" you sound dumb using that abbreviated grammar and you could prove your point a whole lot better if you used real words.

    p.s. the point of this blog post is so that people can post their thoughts on the internet and you are posting your thoughts to so that makes you a hypocrite (that means someone who tells people not to do something but does that thing themselves.)

  10. Hope says:

    one more thing, "ppl get a life" you could prove your point a whole lot better if you used correct grammar

    p.s. the point of this blog post is so that people can post their thoughts on the internet

  11. Laura says:

    The selfish nature of the show's 'stars' gets me every time. They seem to think that being envied is the best thing to have. Being envied does not inspire true friendship or love, just bitterness and bitchiness. The girls never seem happy when they're at their parties, just stressed to the hilt that people are going to overshadow them somehow with a better dress or fitter boyfriend. If that is all that matters to someone they are never going to be happy, no matter how much money they have. Call it jealousy on our part, but that kind of rich lifestyle seems more trouble (and dissatisfying) than it's worth.

  12. Shafaf says:

    they r not spoilt its just their mom nd dad my dad gave me a lx570 on my 15th bday nd i live in bangladesh i thought america was a rich country

  13. calypso says:

    nothing wrong with rich people spending money. it's just how the world is. it's unfair, so deal with it :)

  14. Lisa says:

    Wow, my birthday party budget was 20$ lol
    Calypso, yeah, you're right, people are entitled to have their own richess, but they shouldn't brag, and the parents shouldn't be like that, they shouldn't teach their children that everything in life will come in a plate of gold, and that they have to work for things, and earn them.
    I hate the show!

  15. Lisa says:

    I'm a teen. Someday they will be broke and their parents won't be able to buy them what they want, they'll have to find a job. OMG, A JOB?!?!?!?! THAT IS SO SCARY!
    Anon, I am not jealous of you, I prefer to have a small party at my house, be with my family, be with my really close friend watch some movies that have this huge party where I invite 400 people that most of I don't even know.

  16. Lisa says:

    I'm a teen and I prefer to get something that expresses love, like when I was younger we used to just put together somethings and give them to each other in bags as birthday presents. My birthdays were at home. Maybe the budget was $20. Now the budget is still the same. Just a cake and maybe we give some presents, I prefer to have that than spend the night with so-called "friends" that'll disappear as soon as your wealth does.

  17. Matty says:

    I think what I did for my 16th birthday outweighs the thousands of dollars spent on their parties I went solo in a cessna 152 yeah they had a nice party but I bet they could never pass the exams and fly a plane on their own on their 16th birthday

  18. Nick says:

    I'm a 16 year old guy and I probably have more nice expensive things then most adults. Yes both my parents drive luxury cars, and yes we live in a nice house. However I don't brag about this stuff because I would sound like a douche, and no one really cares.

  19. Chloe says:

    Not every teen that has a sweet 16 that's over the top dosent mean that their complete brats. I'm about to have one and I may have money but I go to a inner city school and I know not to act like a brat round them

  20. shelley says:

    ATTENTION, WANNABE CELEBS! QUIT YOUR BRAGGING! unlike you lot, there are people who cannot afford a massive tacky bash for a 16th birthday! and for your information if i was wealthy, the mony would go to more important things, like...........university tuition!the l;ast time i got an expensive present was for my 18th, which was a Nintendo Wii, and a copy of pokemon battle revolution! sure money can buy a lot of things, but judging by some cases, it can't buy a functional moral compass!

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