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My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation

Published 1/6/08 (Modified 1/2/12)
By MoneyBlueBook

For those who haven't seen it before, MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" is one of the many things in television pop culture today that is seriously messing up the minds of kids today, leading them down the path of excessive consumerism and obsession with wealth and entitlement. The MTV reality TV show follows and documents the 16th birthday celebrations of upper class teenagers. Now these are no ordinary birthday parties. We're not talking about a day at Dave and Busters or the bowling alley. On this program we have stretch Hummers, horses, live dancers, famous rap stars, decked out ballrooms, and budget rolls in excess of $300,000. Everything is paid for in cash or with quick obligatory swipes of the parents' trusty Amex Black Cards or Visa Black Cards, indispensable and exclusive tools of the trade. You won't see any "paltry presents" like Apple iPods or Gap clothing here. Instead, the doting parents of these spoiled rotten kids prefer to give them top of the line BMW's and Land Rover's, capped with red bows on top to quench their material thirst. The show, although quite entertaining, proclaims the non-stop need to spend, spend, and spend to the utter collective delight of all luxury car dealerships and luxury boutiques everywhere.

Spoiled Bratty Kids Come In All Sizes

The show features spoiled teens of all race, nationality, and even sex - black, white, Persian, and even shockingly, a few teenage boys among the mostly teenage girls. The show follows the same template, tracing the excitement and expectation of throwing a "sky's the limit" 16th birthday bash. We get to know the teen as she brags about her wonderful lifestyle and how much she owns in the way of material possessions. The majority of these "daddy's little girls" stomp their feet and pout until their rich dads buy them the dream party that they want. The mothers that usually accompany these prissy little girls are no different - encouraging and stoking their behavior. In one episode, one mother even ended up trying on the same expensive dress that her daughter was trying out, sending the daughter into an angry and competitive tail spin tizzy of materialistic proportions.

The Excessive Lavishness Knows No Bounds

The show always starts with an elaborate ceremony usually complete with stretch limos and servants to hand out the official decorative invitations to chosen members of the teen's high school in a manner befitting a royal coronation. The party usually takes up an entire decked out ballroom, with servers, dancers, and show-stopping celebrity singers. $75,000 jewelry and dresses line their wardrobes, adding to the excessive opulence. Throughout each episode, the birthday girl's teenage guests scream and "woohoo" about the historical nature of the event and how it will go down in history as the best party ever and how everyone will always remember this - to the collective eye rolling of every single television viewer in the United States, myself included.

The end of each episode is never complete without the mandatory birthday girl walking outside with her guests in faux both-hands-to-the-cheek amazement at the ridiculously expensive luxury car awaiting her. While the girl drives away in her birthday present, her throng of friends and guests are left hollering and cheering her on with lavish love, admiration, and envy at her fortune.

It's Really Entertaining But Also Really Sad

The alarming thing is not that these teeny boppers expect to be thrown lavish over-the-top birthday parties, but it's that their wealthy parents are so boastful and encouraging of such a superficial lifestyle. The show proudly shows off the birthday teen's opulence and extravagance, seemingly suggesting that such actions are perfectly normal. There are never glimpses of the ordinary masses, as the birthday teen's friends and guests are almost always all filthy rich as well, with material throngs and possessions of their own. We never see any bitterness or ridicule by the guests or outside observers as the critics have all been effectively filtered out.

The show is admittedly quite entertaining, but not for necessarily the right reasons. It instills the wrong values in children and younger viewers today, particularly those approaching their 16th birthdays. Rather than preaching hard work and dedication, the show encourages feelings of material entitlement in the nature of "if you loved me you'd buy this for me".

However I must admit, My Super Sweet 16 is terribly funny and interesting to watch. But when I laugh at the foot stomping, pouty girls in the show, I am doing so in the same manner that I would while watching a celebrity train wreck such as the salacious paparazzi antics of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I laugh because it's so stupidly funny, but at the same time I feel sad for them - for the type of persons their own parents have groomed them into one day becoming.

As for my own 16th birthday way back when, I got an ice cream cake custom baked by my mom. I rented a few Nintendo games from Blockbuster, invited 4 close friends over for a video game sleepover party, and partied like a rock star at home. I grew up just fine, although getting a luxury sports car as a present would have been nice. :)

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74 Responses to “My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation” 

  1. lindsay says:

    i love this show so much

  2. rick says:

    I just watched a Super Sweet Celebration compilation that showcased birthday parties for several girls in one show. I honestly felt like choking each and every single one of them. It is despicable how some of these girls treat their parents and how bratty they are. These girls set a horrible example for the current generation of teens. Seriously, don't these TV execs know better? I understand that most of them do and are concerned with TV ratings mostly but that's just plain wrong to go about the way they do.

  3. Ashley says:

    Must be nice to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a kid for one night when there's millions of less fortunate people out there with nothing. Some of those kids think the less fortunate is jealous of them. No we're not jealous, if I had the money to throw a party like that I'm sure I would, but not as materialistic and flashy or for status, and I won't talk to my parents like that, because if I did throw a tantrum over a dress, car, jewelry THE $3,000 CENTERPIECE I didn't get, I wouldn't be here right now, I would be dead. I don't understand the parents. They let their kids run over them letting their 16 yr olds dress like strippers when their are perverts out there. Next thing you know they could end up missing. AND allowing other kids to grind on eachother on the dance floor so other parents can throw a fit. I hate the quote that I hear in many of the episodes, "If I don't get this car, dress, celebrity, my party will be ruined." and parents say "No, budget give her whatever she wants." The parents really need a reality check and say NO! You want a big party go get a job and throw it yourself. I'd love to see an episode with the kid doing all the work on a budget and I bet the party would be just as good. Just because (Sweet 16 show parents) you got the money, doesn't mean that you should spend it like that, not saying that there's anything wrong with a party, tomorrow is not promised to you or your family anything could happen. I wonder if any of those kids can survive as an average American, walk in our shoes for a day, no, month. Think they could do it?. I can't imagine what their wedding would be like. Bridezilla's all of them! I'm only 24 call me old school if you want, I don't care, I know how to have fun without all that going on and I'm happy.

  4. Kelexis says:

    they crazy

  5. A.L says:

    Them girls are just greedy little Bitches and milk their parents for every penny to spend on themselves . They never give their parents the benefit of a chance their so mean ! I hate the way that they cry for every little thing they don't get or what goes wrong with their party arrangements . For my sweet sixteen i had a cinema day with my friends and then a little party in my house afterwards them girls go way over the top with their crazy roman and egyptian themed parties . Each and everyone of them deserve a slap across the face their so bad !

  6. Beeshka says:

    Well i ca n speak for all the teens out there when i say that i am disappointed with all you people out there bashing these kids out there for trying to have a good time on their 16th.. i mean you only get to have one in your whole life time.! and another thing what you dont realize is that these kids will never HAVE to work..

    For my 16th i will admit that i got a new Honda ridgeline.. but i have had to work to pay for gas and insurance... so shame on you all! you are just mad because u had to learn the hard way the value of a dollar

  7. jelousy much? says:

    Just cause you cant afford shit like that
    dont mean that you can go around and saying shit
    wanna bet you wouldnt complain if your parents had money?
    and wtf
    why do you people feel sorry for us
    and are greatful that you dont have money
    we have everything we want
    so why esactly do you feel sorry for us?
    shouldnt we feel sorry for you

  8. REALLY!!!! says:

    I dont understand this. if you have money that is good for you. do what you want with it like have a big party and go shopping!!! i would love to be able to do that!!!! but i cant and thats okay and they can and thats okay!!!! i dont think it is right to be bashing these kidds. i actually think everyone of you are jealous of them! i think it makes you feel good to try and tear these teens down just so you can feel better about your life. well get a grip! its not their fault their parents have a lot of money. so what they get what they want thats their life and you should have no input on it!!!! all you people who got a lot of money and who have awesome parties good for you!! your living your life to the fullest and your taken whats given to you and using it to your advantage instead of letting it sit their!!!! and everyone else just shut up cause no one likes listening to you complain about your lives and bash someone elses!

  9. Experience says:

    I once saw this program in MTV and felt funny about it because here in India i've never heard or seen any party of this sort being thrown for their Kids at their 16th birthday. I'm aware that the Kids & teens in countries like US are thought the value of money as they earn it from thier part time jobs. But here in India this trend has started but still teens are not compelled to take up a part time job unless their family is poor. Yet Kids of the wealthy and not so wealthy grow up knowing the value of the money because they are not pampered like these Sweet 6Teen's until they Graduate. Now i see my friends who are brought up very wisely by their parents earn good, they spend their money sensibly and also save for party's. But me on the other side have been pampered and got all that i've demanded after foot stomping and crying, sometimes i got things easily from my parents. I dont balme my parents because they were helpless, they loved me so much. But after growing up and getting a decent job i'm facing the consequence because what i earn is not enough to satisfy my growing needs and sometimes i doubt if i could live a good life without my parents financial backup.

    I feel bad for those kids who are pampered and spolied because life aint bed of Roses, anything can happen tomorrow and they arent prepared to face that. On the other hand shows like Sweet 6Teens create a negative impact on the kids who watch them.

  10. lynn says:

    Why in the name of fuck is it surprising, no, shocking, that boys are spoiled little shits too? Boys are raised with an automatic sense of entitlement because they have penises.

  11. pharmacystudent says:

    Experience is right. Anything CAN happen tomorrow and they'd not know what to do with themselves. I don't feel bad for them, they can spend whatever they want to. They keep the economy running, even if its crappy right now. They can also pout and stomp their feet and hell, throw away diamonds here and there. But if they'd ever act like that with me, I'd fuck them up. So yeah, let them be. If one day they get dropped in the hood or mommy and daddy made a wrong financial move, I'll just be laughing.

  12. anonymous says:

    I do not blame the kids but the parents. I've heard of families that led extravagant lifestyles, never thinking that anything would go wrong, now they're on welfare, they never gave to charity, helped communities, or remembered that it's not their money in the 1st place. God blessed you with it for a reason if you didn't/don't use it wisely HE can take it away from you. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT! There is nothing wrong with enjoying your riches, just remember your blessings are a gift, use it wisely!

  13. SIOBHAN:) says:


  14. Derka Derp says:

    " For my 16th birthday, I got an ice cream cake custom baked by my mom. I rented a few Nintendo games from Blockbuster, invited 4 close friends over for a video game sleepover party, and partied like a rock star at home. I grew up just fine, although getting a luxury sports car as a present would have been nice."

    You spoiled son of a witch! For MY 16th birthday, my parents gave me half a cookie crumb! And I grew up just fine! See? SEEE!?

  15. Beth says:

    Our family didn't make a big deal out of my turning 16. Why should they have? It's not an accomplishment, it's something that is going to happen anyway. I don't feel deprived in any way. If anything, I'm glad my parents didn't sugarcoat things and prepared me for the real world by teaching me the value of hard work and dedication. Some parents need to wake up and realize that their job is to prepare their children, especially their teenagers, for the harsh realities of life, instead showing their love by spoiling them rotten. The real world isn't going to treat them that way, resulting in a huge unwelcome wake-up call.

  16. Lisa says:

    I agree with what has been said, I watch the programme and wonder how the parents have actually brought their kids up to be like that.
    Even if someone was rich they could still be a nice person overall, but the ones on the programme seem so spoilt i don't think i'd even want to be their friend. Especially if i got told i couldn't go to the 'biggest party ever' because i was ugly. It's quite ridiculous, but certainly entertaining to watch...and laugh.

  17. Dadysgirl says:

    WTF is all of your problems
    I'm 17 I had my sweet sixteen last year and it was big I got a bmw from my dady and range rover from my step dady all of u are just so jelouse get over your selfs stop being jelouse I feel bad for u guys who have no money you don't get to do all that crazy stuff and are u all that stupid I now I don't get to see my dad thats why I'm so wealthy he's always working so he's never home and I love it !! Party 24/7 and wow u say your sorry for us I feel sorry for u guys its so sad how your sweet sixteen was just a cake your moms made that most suck haha I love being rich

  18. paige says:

    hello dadysgirl i was just woundering if you could add my email its flopsey07@hotmail.com. and talk to me about what you did for your super sweet sixteen. my daddys rich but he works all around the world and gets me whatever i like but its my 15th birthday soon and i told him i wanted a party like my super sweet sixteen because i just so love the show but he said why and wont let me get one until i tell him a propper ansew. so i was asking if you have any ideas to get him to plan me one

  19. Abhorred says:

    Super sweet sixteen: I know you're sheltered from capacity, but humour me if only for the duration of this open letter written in response to the worst thing I have ever seen on a television. (And that's saying something.) Sometimes I wonder if sometimes you wonder how we live in the shadows of privilege. These socials may be 'clutch', the bland cameos 'sick', but I swear, I've had better nights than you could ever imagine with a bottle in a playground. And it makes me reconsider what this pursuit is; the ceaseless demands of 'where's my larger slice'? A material quest for superficial conquest then a trickling down of glitter and infantile screams for those desperate enough to forge your acquaintance? But I have an inkling that, for all the chatter of aspiration (supplemented by inherited acquisition), the objective here is exclusivity; and the logical corollary is that, once the quota fills, the gates create the criminal. Triumph over the trivial, but your need is their needs; your satisfaction parasitic on their desire, and now this enterprise is insidious. Your cutesy well-wishing and paper hearts mask a hatred that will never content itself with anything less than broad strokes of malinformed, dick-eyed rhetoric. You want us to both drown and die of thirst. The problem for us all is the power. Because each action of social domination has an equal and predictable reaction; were you raised at all? The barn seems like a privilege you missed. Didn't you sleep through those years on the laurels of your dead ancestors, equally vapid parents replicating their empty mores via compromise, armed with a chequebook and stomach-pump? Fuck. You made me care in a whole new way.

  20. DebbyDoes says:


    Are you some sick pedophile or something? Or are you seriously a kid reaching out to get more info on how to plan a sweet 16 party? So many sickos on the Internet these days...making me hyperviligant and paranoid!


    That's incredibly deep...not sure these kiddies on this blog post are really understanding your philosophic musings though....too verbose for them!

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