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My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation

Published 1/6/08 (Modified 1/2/12)
By MoneyBlueBook

For those who haven't seen it before, MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" is one of the many things in television pop culture today that is seriously messing up the minds of kids today, leading them down the path of excessive consumerism and obsession with wealth and entitlement. The MTV reality TV show follows and documents the 16th birthday celebrations of upper class teenagers. Now these are no ordinary birthday parties. We're not talking about a day at Dave and Busters or the bowling alley. On this program we have stretch Hummers, horses, live dancers, famous rap stars, decked out ballrooms, and budget rolls in excess of $300,000. Everything is paid for in cash or with quick obligatory swipes of the parents' trusty Amex Black Cards or Visa Black Cards, indispensable and exclusive tools of the trade. You won't see any "paltry presents" like Apple iPods or Gap clothing here. Instead, the doting parents of these spoiled rotten kids prefer to give them top of the line BMW's and Land Rover's, capped with red bows on top to quench their material thirst. The show, although quite entertaining, proclaims the non-stop need to spend, spend, and spend to the utter collective delight of all luxury car dealerships and luxury boutiques everywhere.

Spoiled Bratty Kids Come In All Sizes

The show features spoiled teens of all race, nationality, and even sex - black, white, Persian, and even shockingly, a few teenage boys among the mostly teenage girls. The show follows the same template, tracing the excitement and expectation of throwing a "sky's the limit" 16th birthday bash. We get to know the teen as she brags about her wonderful lifestyle and how much she owns in the way of material possessions. The majority of these "daddy's little girls" stomp their feet and pout until their rich dads buy them the dream party that they want. The mothers that usually accompany these prissy little girls are no different - encouraging and stoking their behavior. In one episode, one mother even ended up trying on the same expensive dress that her daughter was trying out, sending the daughter into an angry and competitive tail spin tizzy of materialistic proportions.

The Excessive Lavishness Knows No Bounds

The show always starts with an elaborate ceremony usually complete with stretch limos and servants to hand out the official decorative invitations to chosen members of the teen's high school in a manner befitting a royal coronation. The party usually takes up an entire decked out ballroom, with servers, dancers, and show-stopping celebrity singers. $75,000 jewelry and dresses line their wardrobes, adding to the excessive opulence. Throughout each episode, the birthday girl's teenage guests scream and "woohoo" about the historical nature of the event and how it will go down in history as the best party ever and how everyone will always remember this - to the collective eye rolling of every single television viewer in the United States, myself included.

The end of each episode is never complete without the mandatory birthday girl walking outside with her guests in faux both-hands-to-the-cheek amazement at the ridiculously expensive luxury car awaiting her. While the girl drives away in her birthday present, her throng of friends and guests are left hollering and cheering her on with lavish love, admiration, and envy at her fortune.

It's Really Entertaining But Also Really Sad

The alarming thing is not that these teeny boppers expect to be thrown lavish over-the-top birthday parties, but it's that their wealthy parents are so boastful and encouraging of such a superficial lifestyle. The show proudly shows off the birthday teen's opulence and extravagance, seemingly suggesting that such actions are perfectly normal. There are never glimpses of the ordinary masses, as the birthday teen's friends and guests are almost always all filthy rich as well, with material throngs and possessions of their own. We never see any bitterness or ridicule by the guests or outside observers as the critics have all been effectively filtered out.

The show is admittedly quite entertaining, but not for necessarily the right reasons. It instills the wrong values in children and younger viewers today, particularly those approaching their 16th birthdays. Rather than preaching hard work and dedication, the show encourages feelings of material entitlement in the nature of "if you loved me you'd buy this for me".

However I must admit, My Super Sweet 16 is terribly funny and interesting to watch. But when I laugh at the foot stomping, pouty girls in the show, I am doing so in the same manner that I would while watching a celebrity train wreck such as the salacious paparazzi antics of Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I laugh because it's so stupidly funny, but at the same time I feel sad for them - for the type of persons their own parents have groomed them into one day becoming.

As for my own 16th birthday way back when, I got an ice cream cake custom baked by my mom. I rented a few Nintendo games from Blockbuster, invited 4 close friends over for a video game sleepover party, and partied like a rock star at home. I grew up just fine, although getting a luxury sports car as a present would have been nice. :)

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74 Responses to “My Super Sweet 16 - Messing Up and Spoiling Kids For The Next Generation” 

  1. beth says:

    hello im
    english from england for a start in the uk we dont make a big deal of 16th we have 18th abd 21st , can i say daddys girl
    lol your a stupid american not all americans are stupid just ones like you who are spoiled brats i am one a bit but im planning to go to norway for mine but ive got work experince on my birthday so no school !! and my birthday is december too

  2. xxxxIHateThisShow says:

    I was watching an episode with this bitch named Marissa. And this bitch had to be the most spoiled girl on the show ever. She kept bragging about how hott she was but she was ugly as shit. She was so obssessed with pink that she had her dogs colored with pink. And she was so upset when she didn't get the band that she wanted. Talk about a spoiled bitch!!!!!

  3. Raymond says:


    I totally hear you on your annoyance at these My Super Sweet 16 Girls...but you've got to admit, it's such fun entertainment.

    I wish there was a way to fast forward the MTV show into the future for us to view how these 16 year old girls all turned out 10 and 20 years down the road when they're all 26 and 36....I wonder what type of adults they turned out to be...oh wait, we already can....I think the show's name is "Cops".

  4. PARTY says:

    i having my sweet 16 this year
    im sorry for all you people who cant afford famous artists such as Paramore, Jesse McCartney, 3OH!3 and much more
    these girls have a lot of money and can spend what they want with the money
    what else are you going to do when you have so much excess money

  5. bob says:

    It's just capitalism.
    If someone worked hard enough to earn that money they deserve it.
    So jeez everyone quit being jealous socialists, and get up off your asses and work so you treat your kids like this.

  6. Banner says:

    bob and PARTY totally missed the point. It has nothing to do with jealousy and everything to do with teaching children personal and financial responsibility. Even if I had all the money in the world I would never raise my kids that way. I would rather spend my money in investments and charity rather than flush it down the toilet with some spoiled 16 year old.

  7. mialy says:

    am haeving a super super super super super sweet six teen in you you you you you you you you you you you you you are all coming its going to be better then all of u's's's's's

  8. Me says:

    "It's just capitalism.
    If someone worked hard enough to earn that money they deserve it.
    So jeez everyone quit being jealous socialists, and get up off your asses and work so you treat your kids like this.

    Hey bigger idiot only idiots like yourself trat their kids like this regardless of their income status.

  9. DC says:

    I actually got a band for 16th, but it consisted of paying a buddy 50 bucks to bring his band and play, and honestly it was great

  10. daddysangel-x says:

    i LOVE this show!
    i get up at 11am on wednesdays and watch it constantly :] i think they are spoilt but the show is fantastic and really entertaining, i would LOVE a party like that! those girls are really lucky to be able to afford that! i was watching one with a girl called stef the other day and i think she was incrdibly lucky, she was diagnosed with cancer a while back and got a sweet 16 for free! (not because of her cancer) but she thought it was impossible to have one because of her cancer, but then she did :D:')
    i wonder what i will get for my sweet 16th!

  11. D says:

    I can't really say anything about it because it's there money what they do is up to them, i don't feel sad or jealous for/of them because they wanna party like that there gonna do it. all i can say is i don't get the concept because you turn 17, 18, 19, 20, etc. once so why is sixteen so special? i know you get to drive but other than that...I mean my best birthday was sitting at home with my girlfriend watching movies thats about it and that wasn't even my sixtenth birthday. anyway the only thing is one day there parents won't be able to pay for everything for them and when it happens it'll be a really big change when they can't afford that big honda or jaguar or whatever.

  12. Anon says:

    You guys are just poor little losers. You have no idea the advantages that money have. You just slate these kids because you jealous that you could never afford it or because your parents could never afford. I am getting a car when i turn sixteen and yeh i will have a HUGE party because i can and i want to show my friends a good time.

  13. Anon says:

    So you CAN have a huge party and show your friends a good time AS LONG AS YOU REMEMBER WHO IS PAYING THE BILLS! If you think people are losers, please know that you are the naive one who thinks world of money can satisfy the big ego that YOU apparently have at such a tender age.

  14. zlbabygirl9 says:

    i'm going to have a sweet 16 party that is going to be the best in the world

  15. InDefianceOfPuppetMasters says:

    Super Sweet 16 is an obscene concept, yet it is merely a reflection of an even more obscene USA culture.

    The show is predicated upon the reality that America has transformed itself into a highly indebted, consumerist nation, that produces mostly worthless financial instruments and utilizes US dollar hegemony to compel other nations to produce the various goods it greedily consumes.

    MTV created Super Sweet 16 in order to encourage conspicuous consumption among the newest generations of up and coming consumers.

    The kids are not to blame for their vacuous inclinations to overindulge. Not even the parents, who themselves are victims of a longstanding Big Media brainwash machine, that attempts to suggest that material things are the only avenue to happiness.

    No, the real culprits are corporate America and advertisers in cahoots with Big Media to promote shallow icons and misguided ideals. The true culprits are the political puppets who allowed America to export its production capacity offshore, leaving the country as little more than a large populace of insatiable consumers incapable of producing most of the goods they now covet.

    MTV is at the vanguard of the great American brainwash machine, attempting to convince us each and every hour what should matter in this world. MTV defines what is "hot," sending zillions of repetitious messages of what we should think is beautiful or desirable, in everything from body forms to music tastes.

    Naturally, MTV favors rap/hiphop as a music genre since it is that music that specializes in sending endless consumerist messages to buy bling-bling in every manner, shape, and form. The advertisers love rap/hiphop more than any music genre since it generally reveres conspicuous consumption as the ultimate good.

    With many millions today losing their homes, unable to afford health care insurance, and finding it more difficult to feed themselves, naturally, Super Sweet 16 embodies all that is wrong with the society. It is far past time to fix an American Empire that is in rapid decay, thanks to the worst priorities and ideals.

    The public needs to protest loudy, not to the political puppets who work on behalf of corporate America; rather they must make their voices heard on Wall Street, which is where the true leaders of the nation reside. A massive protest is necessary, sooner than later, in order to let corporate America know that we will no longer passively accept this very corrupted and immoral status quo.

  16. flgirl says:

    I especially like that the people who claim to have received expensive cars, are having big parties and think that others are jealous of them clearly do not know how to spell nor do they know how to write a complete sentence. So instead of worrying about what you do and do not receive for your birthday, try asking someone to buy you a dictionary, so you know how to spell. So when your parents are broke due to the bad economy you know how to write a resume when you need to get a job and support yourselves.

  17. huthuthut says:

    you ladies might be rich, but you're definitely dumb as fuck.

    hell, jealousy much and daddy's girl can't spell shit. yes, daddy is spelled with TWO D's.

    you kids are gonna grow old, spoiled and dumb. i know i know, you're rich, but i don't think you're gonna be smart enough to function in this world.

  18. Down With the Wealthy says:

    This is to all of you spoiled, rich, little brats. All of you chlidren have no sense of reality you receive everything you want throughout your life, you have no sense of money and you expect everything to given to you, and if you don't then you act like your getting screwed over, honestly i laugh because they'll never know how to function in this world.

    for example i've seen a 6 year old boy get a brand new laptop for no reason at all, he did absolutly nothing yet received a new laptop? Give me a break, im 16 years old and i actually have a job, i mean ok i make 100 a week (which is while working minimum wage) and i actually have to save up my money to buy a laptop

    These "rich kids" believe that money makes everything better, and anyone more poor than them or "below them" is just jealous of them and their wealth... news flash to all rich people ... Money can't buy you happiness, sure it can buy you your fancy sports cars and have yourself a big party for no reason on a yacht or in some luxurious mansion or estate, but thats not happiness, and to the teens who have never worked a day in their lives and think they never will, Mommy and Daddies trust funds wont always be there for you forever and when they run out your actually going to have to work and your gong to have no clue as to what to do when you work , and if u keep those spoiled "i get what i want attitudes" your gonna be fired so fast its not even funny...

    Ok maybe it is funny lol

    Honestly it's because of the spoiled, rich, snobby people such as yourselves that so many foreign cultures hate America, they think all of us Americans are like you and quite frankly i take that as an insult. If most of you weren't such Smug, Money Hungry assholes then maybe most of the world wouldn't hate the Americans

    And one more thing, i've noticed that a large number of wealthy Americans", despite popular belief, are actually friend-less, those "friends" aren't friends with the person, just their money, and if by some miracle that money runs out what happens? Oh My God most of the "friends" left.. shocking

    I for one abhor the Upper class of America, I love being middle class because i actually have to work for what i want and in the end i feel accomplished, what do wealthy people feel when they are finally able to purchase that "thing" they wanted for a long time??
    The Answer? They Don't, in fact they don't do work at all

    Please any "wealthy" people reading this, Feel Free to leave a response, I'm always up for a discussion with the wealthy, near-illiterate youth of America :D

  19. Eddie says:

    im a guy... i am 21 i had a HUGe sweet 18 valued over 3 million dollars. my dad don the 57 million dollar lottery. i knew that my fortune wasnt going to last very long so i did the party more than 100 people came and it was great. but i still havent forgotten i have to still work and develop some kind of work ethic. i still know and value that im like a normal person live everybody else and and im no better than the person next to me.

  20. MTV makes me sick says:

    MTV is simply a network managed by imbeciles, producing shows created by imbeciles, catering to an audience of imbeciles. It is a paradigm of lowest common denominator entertainment, endlessly pumping mind junk into the population, and it is undeniably a key contributory factor to the dumbing down of the population.

    In the old days, when great men of vision and morals controlled the Hollywood studio system, they would refrain from placing certain lowbrow entertainments in front of the public because they believed that there should be minimum intellectual and cultural standards in all that they produced.

    But there are no more standards in Hollywood today other than the standard of making a buck, no matter how crappy the entertainment concepts happen to be. Someday, historians will probably examine this point in American history and describe it appropriately as a cultural Dark Age, despite the paradox that it appears to be a Golden Age in terms of technology. It is certainly a very interesting paradox that, as Americans become increasingly literate regarding computers, genetics, robotics, etc., they are becoming increasingly stupid regarding humanities, history, languages, and social sciences.

    Anyway, if there is true justice and Hell in this Universe, then all MTV execs and producers will be forced to spend the rest of eternity, each and every day, viewing the abject sh-t they purvey on their idiot network, no matter how nauseated it makes them.

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