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Zero Percent Credit Card Offers

Published 1/29/08 (Modified 12/19/13)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated Compilation Of All The Best 0% Intro APR Balance Transfer Offers Below

If you are searching for a promotional balance transfer card, or if you are looking to eliminate some high interest debt by shifting your balance over to versatile credit cards that offer zero to low interest rates, then you've definitely come to the right place. The following list is a good starting point for credit card arbitrage and 0% intro APR balance transfer seekers looking to borrow interest free money or to make a profit. Below is my compilation list of the best no interest balance transfer offers available from all issuers. I am always on the lookout for new and better balance transfer credit cards so do check back for future updates.

As a general matter, taking on a 0% balance transfer goes beyond just requesting your balance transfer check. Getting the 0% credit card loan is relatively easy - the trickier part is learning to properly micro manage the transferred balance details from credit card application to promo expiration. But once you familiarize yourself with how to make a 0% balance transfer and understand the benefits and risks of balance transfer cards, you will find the procedure rather straight forward. As with all financial vehicles, the key is to understand the ins and outs before taking on the responsibility and assuming the inherent, but controllable risks involved.

Balance transfer offers are uniquely versatile in that they can serve numerous functions including balance transfer arbitrage and high interest debt reduction. For those struggling with high interest credit card debt but still maintain a decent credit score, shifting debt onto 0% APR balance transfer cards to hold back the burden of high interest rates while gradually working towards paying off debt is always a viable safety net option. Personally, I've taken advantage of balance transfer offers numerous times before, usually to weather through unexpected financial emergencies. Of course I always strive to pay back the full balance transfer amount at the end of the offer period.

All of the individual balance transfer credit card deals listed below offer introductory 0% APR interest with no annual fee. I have also listed the length of the balance transfer promotional period for each offer and indicated whether any balance transfer fee applies.

Best 0% Intro APR Credit Card Offers for Balance Transfers

  1. Citi Simplicity® Card - fee: either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater - 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 18 months.
  2. Slate from Chase - no fee on transfers made within 60 days of account opening, after that balance transfer fee will be either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater - 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months.
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  1. Peter says:

    You left out a really good credit card. The Disney Rewards Visa from Chase. See (link).

    Not only is there a $15 Disney Gift Card sign-up bonus, but it has 0% balance transfers for a year with a cap of only $50. 0% on purchases for a year. Plus, if you are a Disney fan, Disney vacation packages are always 0% for 6 months and you accumulate crdit card rewards (at 1%) toward Disney dollars.

  2. Jill Warner says:

    Great entry, thanks:)

  3. Silverppmy says:

    Nice long list of 0% balance transfer credit card offers. I had no idea there were so many such deals out there. I've been thinking of transfer a few high interest debts to another credit card with a 12 month balance transfer period. I'm glad you included credit card choices that also offer No Fees for 0% balance transfers.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I like this long list of 0% credit card offers for balance transfer interest rates.

    However, what ones do you recommend as the best 0% balance transfer credit card deal? You can email me if you want. I'm thinking of making money from balance transfer arbitrage and am trying to figure out which 0% credit card offers are worth applying to. I'm hoping I can get at least a $10,000 credit limit with my credit score.

  5. Susan T says:

    My boyfriend and I have been trying to figure out which 0% balnce transfer card to go for. He's got some high APR crdit cards he's been trying to get rid off. Whatever happened to all the good 12 month balance transfer offers without transfer fees? I guess the credit crunch situation eliminated them all perhaps?

  6. Holly says:

    I have a question for you guys - has anyone noticed no balence transfer offers on their credit card available ?
    we refinanced our house a few months ago to take advantage of a better rate - and paid off some bills - I was going to consolidate some accounts to a low interest card to take advantage of the savings and get down to one bill -
    Our credit is in the 730 range - so that is not teh problem - but when I went to transfer the balances - there are no offers available on any of the three majors we keep open
    Has this happenned to anyone else - does anybody know why ?
    Just a curiosity thing - I hav my theories on this but would love to know who else has had the same problem ?

  7. Lisa says:

    As my husband so sensibly reminded me after I proudly told him I transferred one credit card debt to a credit card with a 0% on the balance transfer for 12 months, and a $90 balance transfer fee...

    "You paid the interest up front, dear".

    Remember everyone, look at what your transferring and do the math. If it is a very large balance transfer, say $6000, then the fee to transfer it may be worth it. But, it may be more worth while to find a very low interest rate for balance transfer with no fee or a very low fee if you debt is say, 2000. Again, you need to get out your calculator.

    Advanta Business card, as of Aug. '08 gives you an initial credit limit cap of $2500 (doesn't matter what you're score is) and will only transfer a balance up to this amount, plus the $90 BT fee. This could be worth it though if they raise your Credit Limit after a couple of months of good standing, and then allow you to use the introductory Balance Transfer offer of 15 months.

  8. Raymond says:


    Piggybacking on what Lisa mentioned, I want to point out that there are 12 month 0% APR balance transfer credit cards available with capped balance transfer fees. Oftentimes the maximum cap limit is only $75 or so. That amount is very little, especially if you are transferring a large amount. For example, if you are transferring a $5000 balance, a 3% balance transfer fee would amount to $150. Likewise, transfering a $10,000 balance would lead to a potential 3% balance transfer fee of $300.

    Compare that to a capped balance transfer fee of $75 and things don't look as bad.

  9. Kuan says:

    Most update news by Oct 2nd, 2008:
    Any applicant tries to apply Chase Cards be AWARE!!!!
    They recently just remove the max cap fee for balance transfer.
    If you think you are paying $75-$99 transaction fee per transfer, then you are wrong now. They unlift the max cap charge. Now, they can charge as that 3% of total amount you request to transfer. Buyer be aware!!!

  10. naga says:

    Try Associated Bank Visa which offers 12 month 0% APR with no balance transfer fee.

    It is handled by Citibank

  11. 0 Balance Transfer Cards says:

    Excellent list of 0% balance transfer credit cards. I am also always looking out for the best deals and have started a similar blog to yours but for the UK market! I am quite annoyed that I have been turned down for a citibank credit card despite having bank accounts with them and good credit rating. Credit crunch for you I guess!

  12. Larry says:

    Thanks for the tip on Associated Bank. I googled the name and got the Citi Bank site. No transfer fee for 12 months 0%. Good deal

  13. Sarin says:

    Anybody aware of a card with 0% APR for 12 months and which does not charge 3% of the balance transfer as a fee. A flat fee of around $75 would be ideal. I cant see any of these offers anymore...

  14. Peter says:

    Associated Bank, mentioned in the post right before yours, is still available at (link)

    US Bank has a bunch. Here's one, for example: (link)
    And here's one from Bank of America: (link)

  15. Debi says:

    FYI....If you live in Michigan the Associated Bank will not accept your application. I just called to ask a few questions then she asked where I live and it's a no go for people in Michigan. I'm looking into the others.....

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