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Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package?

Published 2/4/09 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Tax Cuts, Social Spending, and New Jobs - But What About Stimulus Checks?

A second economic stimulus package for 2009 is on the way and from the looks of things in the news, it appears newly minted President Barack H. Obama and his Democrat controlled House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are determined to ram the lucrative spending proposals through the legislative meat grinder no matter what, much to the chagrin of skeptical and deficit-weary Congressional Republicans.

As Congress debates the wisdom and intricate details of the current version of the 2009 economic stimulus package, it's clear that something needs to be done very soon to jumpstart and save our suffering economy before we spiral into a full blown economic depression. The unemployment rate is rising fast and everywhere you turn, there seems to be a never ending stream of unemployment and layoff news being announced everyday. The stock market has already shed more than half of its value since its peak in 2007, and billions to trillions of dollars worth of wealth have already been eliminated from the economy. Major banks and financial giants like Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase, once the financial pillars of our economy and the lifeblood of our credit industry, are now clinging onto U.S. government bailout money for dear life - hoping to still be in business at the end of every quarter.

With its almost limitless resources, it's clear the federal government must intervene somehow and put this broken economy and financial system back on track to prosperity. But the question is - what should be the government's role in all of this? More specially, what method should the government take to effectively jump start the economy to life again and ease the suffering on Main Street and Wall Street? Should the 2nd economic stimulus package continue to focus directly on sparking consumer spending by featuring a second round of free stimulus checks to consumers - perhaps for amounts much higher than the previous 2008 economic stimulus checks? Or should the plan this time around focus more on longer term indirect measures like job creation, infrastructure investment, and tax credits?

Current 2009 Economic Stimulus Package Focuses Less On Stimulus Checks - And More On Job Creation, Infrastructure Projects, and Tax Cuts

Before Barack Obama was elected president and during his 2008 Presidential election campaign, he supported implementing additional economic stimulus measures in 2009 - and even whispered at the rumored possibility of a second round of stimulus checks for taxpaying consumers in 2009 before tax day.

Whether a second stimulus check was a real possibility or not, the mere mention of a second round of stimulus payments and the prospect of getting more free government money certainly made my greedy ears perk up, but much of my optimism and enthusiasm were quickly dashed when Obama finally came into power. Almost immediately, he signaled a different stimulus proposal shift that favored a more multi-pronged approach of using tax cuts, tax credits, and pet projects, rather than relying on the 2008 economic stimulus check tactics of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Instead of just distributing free bailout money to the masses and hoping the funds will naturally trigger a huge surge in consumer spending activity to put the economy back on its feet again, Obama's stimulus package focuses more on middle class tax cuts and massive increases in government spending to fund various infrastructure investments, green energy projects, financial aid to states, and social education initiatives - designed to create jobs and put people back to work.

The current 2nd economic stimulus plan laid down by President Obama for 2009 is a whopping, super-sized $825 billion economic rescue package containing staggering spending initiatives and ambitious tax cuts, and sprinkled with dozens of pork-based proposals and suspect social initiatives within hundreds of pages of legislation. The current package contains $300 billion worth of aggressive construction projects designed to improve the country's���� infrastructure and create millions of new artificially generated jobs in areas like health care, renewable green energy, school upgrades and repairs, and transportation related improvements. The package also contains about $200 billion worth of state social assistance provisions designed to help keep state sponsored health and unemployment programs well funded - to offer a measure of cushion for those people who have been recently laid off due to the economic down turn. Along with the state assistance portion are other safety net type provisions to help fund and keep afloat local food stamp programs, food banks, state sponsored health care, and governmental health insurance plans for those suddenly unemployed.

The other primary feature of the current Obama economic stimulus plan is the series of tax cuts and tax credits offered to qualifying individuals and small businesses. Under the tax cut portion of the stimulus deal, small businesses suffering losses because of the economic downturn and recession would receive more favorable tax loss write off terms.

For individuals, the current 2009 economic stimulus package offers pretty generous tax cutting proposals. The plan highly favors low and middle-income working families since the idea is that these income groups are more likely to spend and invest their tax savings rather than save the money. In terms of stimulating the economy, increased consumer spending is good, and consumer saving is bad. Nicknamed the "Make Work Pay Credit" by President Obama, the proposed tax credit is supposed to reach close to 95% of workers, and benefit even working tax filers without any tax liability - typically very low income workers. Here is a basic overview of the stimulus plan's Make Work Pay Credit:

  • Middle Class Tax Credit: Under the plan, there would be a tax cut amounting to $500 a year for individuals, and $1,000 for couples. The economic stimulus would be issued in the form of a tax credit, and would be limited to those making $75,000 or less ($150,000 or less for married workers filing joint tax returns).
  • Low Income Tax Credit: For low income taxpayers, there would be an increase and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit to provide a refundable tax credit for low income assistance. The expansion would affect even working tax filers without any actual net tax liability - typically very low-income workers - and allow them to potentially qualify for free stimulus tax refund credits.
  • Child Tax Credit: For those who have children, a temporary increase in the child tax credit would result in larger tax refunds.

Should The 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan Be Re-Written Or Re-Packaged To Contain Major Provisions For A Second Economic Stimulus Check?

It's too bad the eventual 2009 stimulus plan probably won't contain another round of hefty stimulus check payments to ordinary consumers like the ones that were dished out last year. While the 2008 stimulus tax rebate wasn't much (only a few hundred dollars in my case), some additional government handouts in higher dollar denominations would still have been greatly appreciated by individuals like myself and put to good use. Plus, as an American consumer who embraces the virtues of capitalism, I feel I would have made a better decision for myself as to how best spend my portion of the stimulus money pursuant to what's in my own best capitalist self interest.

Overall, I think President Obama's administration is probably right in its revised efforts to focus more on job creation, offering greater tax cuts, and enhancing safety net protections to help suffering Americans survive the economic downturn for the long term. Offering greater financial assistance to struggling state unemployment programs (many on them on the verge of running out of funds), and stimulating growth with more job building projects is a proven way to stabilize the markets and improve consumer sentiment. However, I'm still a bit disappointed that the President and Congress have not explored the prospect of an enhanced second stimulus check further.

At least for now, President Obama's administration seems to have given up on the idea of using government stimulus checks en masse again to jump start the economy. Instead, Obama's advisers have indicated that they would prefer searching for viable ways to get government stimulus money into the hands of American taxpayers quickly that would not require or duplicate the tax rebate checks of last year. Apparently the $150 billion spent in 2008 in the form of stimulus payments to consumers proved to be quite an economic failure and pointless exercise of futility in terms of actually stimulating the economy to any extended degree. But perhaps the reason it didn't work properly the first time around was because too little money was given out to substantially change consumer spending habits to forcibly inject money back into the economy again (simply compare the $150 billion spent last year to the $800 billion-plus worth of spending being proposed for 2009).

Perhaps The Problem With The First Stimulus Checks In 2008 Was That They Were Too Little To Make Much Of An Impact

I have mixed feelings about the prospect of yet another around of direct stimulus checks to consumers. On one hand, I understand that there are many struggling American families getting hammered by higher living���� costs, and suffering from the ills of unemployment and layoffs. However, I'm not entirely convinced that the idea of handing out free money to families will really solve all of our economic woes and jump start the economy at its core. But yet I still wonder if perhaps we gave up on the idea of stimulus checks too early and that maybe, the concept is still workable. Maybe the amounts issued in 2008 were simply to small to change anyone's spending habits as initially intended - after all, only about $150 billion was spent in 2008, when the current 2009 economic stimulus proposal's already ballooned to a whopping $850 billion.

I know when I received my tax rebate stimulus check in early 2008, the check only amounted to a few hundred paltry dollars - not really enough for me to go on a greedy spending spree. So instead of spending it and doing my part to stimulate the economy, I ended up doing what most people probably ended up doing with their tax rebate check - putting the money in a bank and depositing it into a high yield savings account. Of course, my plans for the money would likely have been very different if the amount wasn't something low like $300, $600, or $1,200, but rather something as high as $10,000. If the stimulus check issued to me was indeed worth upwards of $10,000, I would very likely have saved a small portion of it but ended up plowing a sizable portion back into the economy by spending it on major expenditures like a new wide screen plasma TV set, new home appliances, or even a new car.

What If The Entire Economic Stimulus Bailout Package Went Towards 2nd Stimulus Check Payments? Would This Actually Stimulate The Economy?

Almost all polls among ordinary American consumers show overwhelming support for a second stimulus rebate check. After all, who would really oppose it? Who would be opposed to receiving free stimulus check money. Think the prospect of getting a second stimulus check worth as high as $10,000 as a consumer bailout is impossible? Well it's probably unlikely, but it's not out of the realm of financial or budgetary possibility, at least based on the fiscal numbers alone.

On CNN Money, a very interesting question was proposed in regards to the bank bailout and economic stimulus packages. If instead of bailing out these credit crisis-stricken banks (who probably deserve their fates due to the risky mortgage bets they greedily placed into subprime loans), we just gave all of the bailout money to taxpayers in the form of a massive consumer cash stimulus. How much would we each get if the entire current economic stimulus proposals were issued out to consumers as a second round of stimulus check payments? The second important question to ask is - would this actually stimulate the economy for the necessary extended period of time to get it going again?

To arrive at the figure, CNN Money took the total amount of the bank bailout package of $700 billion and added that to the proposed 2009 economic stimulus spending estimation at the time of $819 billion - resulting in a total bailout package of $1.519 trillion (that is quite a staggering figure). Dividing that number by 156.3 million, the total number of U.S. workers who filed federal income tax returns in 2008, that number equaled $9,718.49 per U.S. taxpayer, or roughly the equivalent of a juicy $10,000 cash bailout payment for each qualified tax payer. Now that's stimulus with oomph! With $10,000 in our pockets in the form of instant windfall economic stimulus checks, it's very likely that the tremendously high amount would be sufficient to incite a major change in spending activity than a measly $600 check ever could.���� People would probably go out and actually start stimulating the economy by buying cars, purchasing TV's, paying for college studies, and going on vacations.

As a dose of devil's advocate inspired reality though, while it's very possible that $10,000 checks in every working taxpayer's hands would probably send the economy skyrocketing, it's also possible the growth could be short lived and not actually get to the true root of our current economic problems. The massive surge in consumer spending probably won't do much to solve the lingering fundamental issues surrounding our current credit crisis, which centers around a failed banking system and a failed home mortgage lending market. But then if repairing the banks and injecting confidence back into our home mortgage and credit lending markets are our primary objectives - I'm not sure the current economic stimulus proposals by President Obama, which are focused more on tax cuts and job creation and most prominently, aggressive social spending programs - will actually accomplish those goals. At least for stimulus checks, they could be able to help alleviate some of the immediate economic suffering being felt by ordinary consumers - many of whom are fighting to stay alive, with a great deal currently resorting to desperate emergency fund measures like 0% credit card offers, balance transfers, and risky high interest payday loans.

I'm curious as to everyone's opinion on the wisdom of a second stimulus check (if it ever happened). What's your take? Would substantially higher stimulus checks of $1,000, or possibly even as high as $10,000, actually encourage you to spend the money (thereby stimulating the economy) instead of merely saving the amount or using it to pay down debt? How would your decision compare to how you actually spent your previous 2008 tax rebate stimulus check?

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392 Responses to “Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package?” 

  1. Diane says:

    My husband and I are in our early sixty and we would like to have the money in our hands.I was lay off and his hours were cut. Now we are trying to keep our home and pay bills.We can't even pay for oil to heat our home,but we are told we make to much money to get help from any of the government plans, but they can help out all these banks so they can pay out bonuses to they ceo and go on trips. As thet say the rick get richer and poor get poorer.The blue calor work get's to pay taxes.

  2. not sure says:

    Just curious, for those who got hit during this financial massacre by Divorce, Death, or some other form of unseen tragedy, wouldnt this give bill collectors and debit collectors new fuel? How bout people in these situations could just submit their bills in leu of the check to make people honest about paying their debt, giving credit companies and banks the money, therefore stimulating the economy with the debtor paying the bill? How bout a tax credit for those guys who show up to your house when you dial 911?? After all, if it wasnt for them, you or a loved one may not have to worry about this stuff ever again. Just a thought, we need to keep people honest. We have a great country but really, there are alot of people who couldnt manage $10,000.00 worth a flip. I heard an interesting topic on the radio. If you win the lottery and are on welfare, should you get to keep it? I say Yes! Right after you pay the government back every cent you have recieved! Fair, Yes! Same thing with debt. Mabye give a seperate check all together, not subject to collection, just in a smaller sum?

  3. linda in alabama says:

    I thing Obama need to think back on times he was a child have hard his family had and help the poor people. The people that voted him in office are poor people that want thing better. My husband and I live on a check he get because he is disable his check is 880.00 mouth. We need a second stimulus to help us . But to give a check for 300.00 will not help. Obama will not read this so I hope that that someone will.

  4. GOD Fearin West Virginian says:

    I totally agree with Self Reliant's veiws. The Goverment has been tring to take over everything that this country fought and stood for when it was started. Way back when. If people would brake out their Bibles and dust them off. Turn to Revelation and read, they would see that all of this has been fortold. People open your eyes, one little check from the government is not going to get us out of any mess that we are in. The hole is just being dug deeper and deeper. My state is a coal mining state. We have been doing well up untill Obama's election. Now, they have blocked passing permits and all of our men are being laid off. What are they to do when unemployment runs out and they can't even get a job at McDonald because of the non Americans that have flooded this market here in West Virginia in the last 4 months. (wonder whats up with that) So i say save and pray, save and pray, save and pray. Put you faith and trust in your creator he is the only solution to this disaster. I feel so sorry for the people that were already strugling. They are the ones that need help. But we will all be feeling this. Just wait untill your power bills out weigh your house payments, and a gallon of milk will be worth more than gold. They took prayer out of schools and the education system went to pot. So now we can see what is going to happen when our dollars are not In God We Trust anymore. Has anyone noticed that on the quarter that In God WE Trust statement used to be in front of the president and now it is behind him. Soon it will not even be there at all.

  5. VICKI says:


  6. Jennifer says:

    Would I like a stimulus check? Yes of course. I would also like to say that if it was a big check (10,000 or so) that I would go spend it and do my part to stimulate the economy. Truth be told though, I wouldn't spend it. I would pay off my debt and hold onto the rest. Then I would also save the amount every month that I am no longer paying to my debt. I think our economy is scary. I think that the majority of us will hold onto our money if ever given to us. I don't mean to be a mood breaker or to avoid any anti Obama/Take care of myself discussions but I want to be honest. I have 5 children, a home I can afford and a few loan payments that my household would be better off without. I would pay off my debt definatley but I think things have gotten so scary that I am grown up enough to know better than to make irrational purchases. I can want to buy things all day long. I can look at my babies and know better.

  7. Tyler from la says:

    This government is a joke. Obama is ruining this great country and making a bad name for Americans. The world's economy is crashing and other countries are blaming the US. We as Americans need to stand up and stop this from progressing any further. You all talk about money, don't you know that all this money there printing is going to cause hyper inflation and not to mention our taxes are going to sky rocket out of control. Is that what you people want. Does it not bother you that our kids and grand kids are going to be the ones who have to pay the price of our mistakes, but i guess if its not you that has to pay the debt it doesn't matter. Right?
    No? You don't want our kids too have pay the price? Then stand up for whats right. We need to stand up and stop obama from tryin to control and destroy this country and keep from making our kids and grand kids future a living hell!

  8. Sketcher says:

    FOR MR SELF-RELIANT AND OTHER LUCKY PEOPLE... why did you not answer the question on how lucky you are to still have a job and no major health expense... some people have been very responsible... bought affordable homes... saved money then were struck with an illness or lost a job and out of work for a year... if my husband lost his job... we could survive for 1 year with savings...I cannot be the main bread winner even with a college education... we have 2 cheap cars, no payment... a reasonable house payment... cheaper than rent... and we still could only survive one year with no jobs after you count utilities and food and gasoline.... less if we had a medical emergency... life is expensive... to run a household we need $2500 a month...that covers gas&electric, mortagage, property tax, gasoline, food(no dining out), house insurance, car insurance, vehicle tax... we sit in a house with the thermostat on 52 in the winter because gas is too expensive to use(but much better off than Diane above and many others)... the only luxury we have is internet access at $29.00 a month... my husband and I are very responsible... we don't have fancy cars or big screen TVs, I never go to the doctor.... I have fear everyday something could happen and what will we do?

    I understand what Obama is trying to do...if you were to receive stimulus check you don't have to take it you know.... if you were to get one and do not like the "socialist ways" than burn it.... also request that you no longer have medicare and social security tax taken out of your pay check.... obviously capitalism has failed us and every few years it does... but so does every other system in the world from socialist to communism. A combination of the 3 would probably be best..

    Buying American is a great idea but it is hard to do so when 90% is made in China because the capatilist wanted to make more profit. And yes socialist buy from China also but capatilist did it first to widen their profit margin... they also send our jobs to China and India and Mexico... I buy local as much as possible and I hope it helps but I don't really know that it is making a difference.

    Yes people make bad decisions.... I would like to see someone on this message board though to offer a plan that would work... everyone complains about the stimulus but no one offers the plan they think will work... I really haven't a clue personally... I have to wait and see... but please all of you who believe Obama's plan is wrong altogether or it just is not enough please give us your stimulus plan....

  9. painter jeff says:

    Dear Neko and Bluelight and others i didnt havent time to read who related to them,

    I agree totally. I was in my early twenties and filed chapter 7, lost my business (house painting) and now work for bigger painting companies making half the pay because of illegal immigrants working 100 hours a week for a few hundred dollars.

    They send all that money to their countries...this is fact and not stemming from any type of discrimination. I am close to be evicted, I was let go from my job and then the owner lied to unemployment about the conditions of me leaving, and now im appealing. In the mean time mt girlfriend who is an artist isnt selling any art, work is very hard to find, I need about 4 thousand a month to survive and save money for our future..I currently make around $1500 if im lucky. I never went to college, never joimed a union, but even they are laying off hundreds and thousands. Ive never seen things this bad and never saw it coming, maybe I was naive..maybe I didnt pay attention to politics until bush's last term..when reality hit home.

    Thats just the reality of my sitiuation, I do have hope for the future, with out that why bother. I believe that all that money given to big banks should have been give to the homeowners who refinanced themselve's into debt. The banks convinced everyon it was a good thing to do, people like money, its adjusted into your mortgage so why not. I dont blame them. I never owned a home and might not ever at this rate.

    I feel very lucky that I do not have any children to feed. I dont know how I would do it, most likely I would have to join the welfare program if i did. I understand the logic of bailing out US companies to save our economic growth. But those companies cant exist wqithout our money. Jobs are good but if those jobs are only paying what I made as a teenager working for a fast food company..what good is it. That pay is for just that, children who need spending money. I need grown up money to survive. At least 20 an hour. If we bail out these companies and they create a million 8 dollar an hour jobs what good is it. A selcted few will given discustingly high salaries and they in turn will hire mexicans (ilegal) to maintian thier mansions.

    I am not very good with words but I think you get my point. This is from my point of view as a blue collar worker in america. Which used to be the back bone of the country. I believed in the land of opportunities..now I believe its luck. Your either lucky enough to be rich or not. I have worked very hard to bring myself out of poverty and now I am going right back into it. Im not alone I know but mine is but one voice, and I hope it matters.

    Hate to be doom and gloom but look around, its not all roses anymore. I think we need to use our power as the true dictators of government we are supposed to be and start demanding what we need. I dont mean start getting violent, but we have to do more than be blind consumers. I have woken up in the past few years to realize my mistakes in life and put effort into improving it. As our country seems to be doing now. I voted for Obama but not with out a grain of salt. He talks the talk like all the rest, and in the end the greed seems to take over our leaders' agendas. How do we go about trusting any of them?

    I dont mind working for my money, I dont like the idea of a hand out but i must admit, I am looking for it. Opportunity = money. Nothing new. And like blue said, its our money after all.

    The one says your children will be paying for ir...not if they starve first. Wake up.

  10. Ken Perry/Portland ME says:

    Hi, Ken in Maine again. For Blog author Sketcher, take a look at the idea I posted above. It is not a complaint, but the beginning of an idea that has the potential to work. It is time the Federal Government increased the minimum wage to something on the order of $12.00/hour, a proven livable wage. With the additional legislation protecting consumers from price gouging by merchants and service providers that I proposed, this recession would disappear in a hurry. like I said above, it would in fact shock you how fast Americans would gain financial traction. Think about it, talk to your representatives, and push it until it is not possible (or wise) politically for them to resist and deny. Thank you all for reading.

  11. Sketcher says:

    That is a good idea but it will never happen when you actually need a hike in minimum wage. They wait 10 years then give you an increase that would have worked 10 years ago. Those reps who have their campaign funds promised from corporations will never vote for a reasonable minimum wage increase. In the city that I lived you had to make the minimum of $13.45 an hour to live above the poverty level and that was barely above. So I agree sounds like a great plan but people must organize in order to push this through. Also we need to give an increase to food servers and stop taxing them 8% on tips. Thats ridiculous, they work harder and longer than any Senator or Congressman I have seen.

    But I will write my Senator and Congressman without insulting them and see what response I receive.

  12. ricky waters says:

    I blogged this idea when they first started bailing out the banks,then the car makers. I ran the numbers at that time and found that the Federal government could nearly pay off the personal debt of the All AMERICAN CITIZEN TAXpayers and too heck with the big companys that made their own beds and should be allowed to sleep in them.

  13. Serena says:

    The goverment does NOT need to give out free money to those who are "needy". So people can get lazy and stay on the welfare system, when people who made good decisions and saved money and did not spend their money on stupid greedy things like flashy cell phones, car loans, or designer purses. People that worked hard and are fortunate enough to have money should not have to put it into the pocket of those who are "less fortunate"- - its called tougen up and deal with life. Money isn't everything, and I'm a 20 something young woman who works in a technical career as a hairstylist and loves it, is paying off student loans, has a cheap get by cellphone, a small one room apartment that i decorated cute, a beater car with liability insurance, saves my money in case i would lose my job so i have something to fall back on while times are rough! I don't spend my time obsessing over MONEY I have fun with my friends and live my life! THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA WE ARE SO GREEDY AND/OR LAZY AND MAKE DUMB DECISIONS. and YES i work for a multi-billion dollar corporation and my hours got CUT but I am still happy and i Still get by so quit whining!!! amen!!!

  14. Serena says:

    I don't think that people that made good decisions and are fortunate enough to have money should have to put it in the pockets of the "less fortunate"- - so they can get stuck in the welfare system and get lazy! It's called TOUGHEN UP AND DEAL WITH LIFE. STOP BEING GREEDY- you don't need a fancy car loan, a fancy cellphone or a huge house to be happy!! I don't have a "perfect" life but I am damn happy! I am a young 20 something woman who has a technical career (hairstylist) and I love it! Yes I pay student loans, I have a cheap get-by cellphone, a beater car with liability insurance, a cute small one room apartment that I have decorated really nice, a full time job, no health insurance- - I SAVE my money so if I, heaven forbid, lose my job, I can GET BY if things are rough. MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. You do not need stuff like that to be happy I love my job I love my friends and I love my life so you little WHINERS should maybe start making BETTER CHOICES and downgrading on expensive things and looking more into the LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE. And start putting at least SOME of your money into savings. That's all I have to say. . .

  15. James M. LaFoe says:

    if poop ever becomes valuable,the government will repossess your butt.

  16. Lostallfaith says:

    Just a thought. Why doesn't the "bailout" money that the government is giving to the banks, go to us. We have the money, we pay out bills and the banks get their money, the economy is stimulated from there. To the person that said that we are pathetic: Once you move out from Mommy and Daddy's basement, Please oh please update us on how your doing in the Real World.

  17. Just a cashier says:

    SHOW ME THE MONEY!! I'm a single girl, making a little over $7 an hour, no family nearby, depending on the kindness of my boyfriend for room and board and occasional help with my bills. I'm behind 2 car payments, behind on credit card and loan payments, receiving threatening letters from bill collectors AND my doctor ordered me to have Lab work done 6 mos. ago...hasn't happened yet. Like too many others, I have no health insurance and must choose between my health and paying delinquent bills. I can't afford college and with my work, I really don't have the time anyway!!
    Yes, maybe I'm a bit of a whiner, but it seems that's what these comment pages are for...or, is that personal diaries and journals? Same diff, right?
    But I've gotta say, I've read some very intelligent views from some of my fellow Americans on this page. All we can do anymore is hope...that's all we have.

  18. JoAnn says:

    I was under the impression that help would be available to those making $250,000.00 and less. So far the 2 stimulus package have cut off at the $150,000 mark for married couples filing jointly.

  19. Renee says:

    Honestly. who can save right now. We have 4 children. I'm thinking dental work, car repairs, clothes for growing kids, stock up on some food and supplies...........

  20. Renee says:

    BAILOUT THE WORKERS!!!!!!!!! Give us a chance.

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