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Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package?

Published 2/4/09 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Tax Cuts, Social Spending, and New Jobs - But What About Stimulus Checks?

A second economic stimulus package for 2009 is on the way and from the looks of things in the news, it appears newly minted President Barack H. Obama and his Democrat controlled House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are determined to ram the lucrative spending proposals through the legislative meat grinder no matter what, much to the chagrin of skeptical and deficit-weary Congressional Republicans.

As Congress debates the wisdom and intricate details of the current version of the 2009 economic stimulus package, it's clear that something needs to be done very soon to jumpstart and save our suffering economy before we spiral into a full blown economic depression. The unemployment rate is rising fast and everywhere you turn, there seems to be a never ending stream of unemployment and layoff news being announced everyday. The stock market has already shed more than half of its value since its peak in 2007, and billions to trillions of dollars worth of wealth have already been eliminated from the economy. Major banks and financial giants like Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase, once the financial pillars of our economy and the lifeblood of our credit industry, are now clinging onto U.S. government bailout money for dear life - hoping to still be in business at the end of every quarter.

With its almost limitless resources, it's clear the federal government must intervene somehow and put this broken economy and financial system back on track to prosperity. But the question is - what should be the government's role in all of this? More specially, what method should the government take to effectively jump start the economy to life again and ease the suffering on Main Street and Wall Street? Should the 2nd economic stimulus package continue to focus directly on sparking consumer spending by featuring a second round of free stimulus checks to consumers - perhaps for amounts much higher than the previous 2008 economic stimulus checks? Or should the plan this time around focus more on longer term indirect measures like job creation, infrastructure investment, and tax credits?

Current 2009 Economic Stimulus Package Focuses Less On Stimulus Checks - And More On Job Creation, Infrastructure Projects, and Tax Cuts

Before Barack Obama was elected president and during his 2008 Presidential election campaign, he supported implementing additional economic stimulus measures in 2009 - and even whispered at the rumored possibility of a second round of stimulus checks for taxpaying consumers in 2009 before tax day.

Whether a second stimulus check was a real possibility or not, the mere mention of a second round of stimulus payments and the prospect of getting more free government money certainly made my greedy ears perk up, but much of my optimism and enthusiasm were quickly dashed when Obama finally came into power. Almost immediately, he signaled a different stimulus proposal shift that favored a more multi-pronged approach of using tax cuts, tax credits, and pet projects, rather than relying on the 2008 economic stimulus check tactics of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Instead of just distributing free bailout money to the masses and hoping the funds will naturally trigger a huge surge in consumer spending activity to put the economy back on its feet again, Obama's stimulus package focuses more on middle class tax cuts and massive increases in government spending to fund various infrastructure investments, green energy projects, financial aid to states, and social education initiatives - designed to create jobs and put people back to work.

The current 2nd economic stimulus plan laid down by President Obama for 2009 is a whopping, super-sized $825 billion economic rescue package containing staggering spending initiatives and ambitious tax cuts, and sprinkled with dozens of pork-based proposals and suspect social initiatives within hundreds of pages of legislation. The current package contains $300 billion worth of aggressive construction projects designed to improve the country's���� infrastructure and create millions of new artificially generated jobs in areas like health care, renewable green energy, school upgrades and repairs, and transportation related improvements. The package also contains about $200 billion worth of state social assistance provisions designed to help keep state sponsored health and unemployment programs well funded - to offer a measure of cushion for those people who have been recently laid off due to the economic down turn. Along with the state assistance portion are other safety net type provisions to help fund and keep afloat local food stamp programs, food banks, state sponsored health care, and governmental health insurance plans for those suddenly unemployed.

The other primary feature of the current Obama economic stimulus plan is the series of tax cuts and tax credits offered to qualifying individuals and small businesses. Under the tax cut portion of the stimulus deal, small businesses suffering losses because of the economic downturn and recession would receive more favorable tax loss write off terms.

For individuals, the current 2009 economic stimulus package offers pretty generous tax cutting proposals. The plan highly favors low and middle-income working families since the idea is that these income groups are more likely to spend and invest their tax savings rather than save the money. In terms of stimulating the economy, increased consumer spending is good, and consumer saving is bad. Nicknamed the "Make Work Pay Credit" by President Obama, the proposed tax credit is supposed to reach close to 95% of workers, and benefit even working tax filers without any tax liability - typically very low income workers. Here is a basic overview of the stimulus plan's Make Work Pay Credit:

  • Middle Class Tax Credit: Under the plan, there would be a tax cut amounting to $500 a year for individuals, and $1,000 for couples. The economic stimulus would be issued in the form of a tax credit, and would be limited to those making $75,000 or less ($150,000 or less for married workers filing joint tax returns).
  • Low Income Tax Credit: For low income taxpayers, there would be an increase and expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit to provide a refundable tax credit for low income assistance. The expansion would affect even working tax filers without any actual net tax liability - typically very low-income workers - and allow them to potentially qualify for free stimulus tax refund credits.
  • Child Tax Credit: For those who have children, a temporary increase in the child tax credit would result in larger tax refunds.

Should The 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan Be Re-Written Or Re-Packaged To Contain Major Provisions For A Second Economic Stimulus Check?

It's too bad the eventual 2009 stimulus plan probably won't contain another round of hefty stimulus check payments to ordinary consumers like the ones that were dished out last year. While the 2008 stimulus tax rebate wasn't much (only a few hundred dollars in my case), some additional government handouts in higher dollar denominations would still have been greatly appreciated by individuals like myself and put to good use. Plus, as an American consumer who embraces the virtues of capitalism, I feel I would have made a better decision for myself as to how best spend my portion of the stimulus money pursuant to what's in my own best capitalist self interest.

Overall, I think President Obama's administration is probably right in its revised efforts to focus more on job creation, offering greater tax cuts, and enhancing safety net protections to help suffering Americans survive the economic downturn for the long term. Offering greater financial assistance to struggling state unemployment programs (many on them on the verge of running out of funds), and stimulating growth with more job building projects is a proven way to stabilize the markets and improve consumer sentiment. However, I'm still a bit disappointed that the President and Congress have not explored the prospect of an enhanced second stimulus check further.

At least for now, President Obama's administration seems to have given up on the idea of using government stimulus checks en masse again to jump start the economy. Instead, Obama's advisers have indicated that they would prefer searching for viable ways to get government stimulus money into the hands of American taxpayers quickly that would not require or duplicate the tax rebate checks of last year. Apparently the $150 billion spent in 2008 in the form of stimulus payments to consumers proved to be quite an economic failure and pointless exercise of futility in terms of actually stimulating the economy to any extended degree. But perhaps the reason it didn't work properly the first time around was because too little money was given out to substantially change consumer spending habits to forcibly inject money back into the economy again (simply compare the $150 billion spent last year to the $800 billion-plus worth of spending being proposed for 2009).

Perhaps The Problem With The First Stimulus Checks In 2008 Was That They Were Too Little To Make Much Of An Impact

I have mixed feelings about the prospect of yet another around of direct stimulus checks to consumers. On one hand, I understand that there are many struggling American families getting hammered by higher living���� costs, and suffering from the ills of unemployment and layoffs. However, I'm not entirely convinced that the idea of handing out free money to families will really solve all of our economic woes and jump start the economy at its core. But yet I still wonder if perhaps we gave up on the idea of stimulus checks too early and that maybe, the concept is still workable. Maybe the amounts issued in 2008 were simply to small to change anyone's spending habits as initially intended - after all, only about $150 billion was spent in 2008, when the current 2009 economic stimulus proposal's already ballooned to a whopping $850 billion.

I know when I received my tax rebate stimulus check in early 2008, the check only amounted to a few hundred paltry dollars - not really enough for me to go on a greedy spending spree. So instead of spending it and doing my part to stimulate the economy, I ended up doing what most people probably ended up doing with their tax rebate check - putting the money in a bank and depositing it into a high yield savings account. Of course, my plans for the money would likely have been very different if the amount wasn't something low like $300, $600, or $1,200, but rather something as high as $10,000. If the stimulus check issued to me was indeed worth upwards of $10,000, I would very likely have saved a small portion of it but ended up plowing a sizable portion back into the economy by spending it on major expenditures like a new wide screen plasma TV set, new home appliances, or even a new car.

What If The Entire Economic Stimulus Bailout Package Went Towards 2nd Stimulus Check Payments? Would This Actually Stimulate The Economy?

Almost all polls among ordinary American consumers show overwhelming support for a second stimulus rebate check. After all, who would really oppose it? Who would be opposed to receiving free stimulus check money. Think the prospect of getting a second stimulus check worth as high as $10,000 as a consumer bailout is impossible? Well it's probably unlikely, but it's not out of the realm of financial or budgetary possibility, at least based on the fiscal numbers alone.

On CNN Money, a very interesting question was proposed in regards to the bank bailout and economic stimulus packages. If instead of bailing out these credit crisis-stricken banks (who probably deserve their fates due to the risky mortgage bets they greedily placed into subprime loans), we just gave all of the bailout money to taxpayers in the form of a massive consumer cash stimulus. How much would we each get if the entire current economic stimulus proposals were issued out to consumers as a second round of stimulus check payments? The second important question to ask is - would this actually stimulate the economy for the necessary extended period of time to get it going again?

To arrive at the figure, CNN Money took the total amount of the bank bailout package of $700 billion and added that to the proposed 2009 economic stimulus spending estimation at the time of $819 billion - resulting in a total bailout package of $1.519 trillion (that is quite a staggering figure). Dividing that number by 156.3 million, the total number of U.S. workers who filed federal income tax returns in 2008, that number equaled $9,718.49 per U.S. taxpayer, or roughly the equivalent of a juicy $10,000 cash bailout payment for each qualified tax payer. Now that's stimulus with oomph! With $10,000 in our pockets in the form of instant windfall economic stimulus checks, it's very likely that the tremendously high amount would be sufficient to incite a major change in spending activity than a measly $600 check ever could.���� People would probably go out and actually start stimulating the economy by buying cars, purchasing TV's, paying for college studies, and going on vacations.

As a dose of devil's advocate inspired reality though, while it's very possible that $10,000 checks in every working taxpayer's hands would probably send the economy skyrocketing, it's also possible the growth could be short lived and not actually get to the true root of our current economic problems. The massive surge in consumer spending probably won't do much to solve the lingering fundamental issues surrounding our current credit crisis, which centers around a failed banking system and a failed home mortgage lending market. But then if repairing the banks and injecting confidence back into our home mortgage and credit lending markets are our primary objectives - I'm not sure the current economic stimulus proposals by President Obama, which are focused more on tax cuts and job creation and most prominently, aggressive social spending programs - will actually accomplish those goals. At least for stimulus checks, they could be able to help alleviate some of the immediate economic suffering being felt by ordinary consumers - many of whom are fighting to stay alive, with a great deal currently resorting to desperate emergency fund measures like 0% credit card offers, balance transfers, and risky high interest payday loans.

I'm curious as to everyone's opinion on the wisdom of a second stimulus check (if it ever happened). What's your take? Would substantially higher stimulus checks of $1,000, or possibly even as high as $10,000, actually encourage you to spend the money (thereby stimulating the economy) instead of merely saving the amount or using it to pay down debt? How would your decision compare to how you actually spent your previous 2008 tax rebate stimulus check?

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392 Responses to “Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package?” 

  1. Magnolia says:

    dear mr. president, i hope we will get some kind of help for low-income families. Because my job cutting like crazy. i work for a restaurant and my hours it varies. i hope and pray we will get some of stimulas money so we can pay the rent and bills and etc.

  2. REDANGEL says:

    i agree with a lot of the ppl. if u can even find a job in this day and age, they use the shit out of u, then they want to bitch when u want a lunch break. wtf, i have to beg to eat now. every year the things get more and more out of hand. i think that we should all get a hefty check, without the ppl there would be no government, no business, no gross income for OUR country. so what if OBAMA says he is going to create new jobs and what ever else he is promising, it doesn't mean it is actually going to happen. individuals break the law every day, what makes anyone think that a business won't do it to. i have personally had my managers go into the computer and cut my hours just to save a few bucks, and I'm spost to just trust that OBAMA is going to make sure that all the ppl laid off is going to have a job waiting for them in a few months. i doubt it. i just want a stimulus check, OBAMA cant promise me i'm going to have a job here soon, and all laid off Americans feel the same way. we all have bills, broken vehicles, and mouths to feed. a supposed promised job, when ever they feel like getting to the bill, is not going to help the ppl. HELP US NOW, not later. give us our money. some days i cant wait for the world as we know it to end, I'm tired of the government using the ppl to make the world go round and not even give us some incentive to keep moving forward.

  3. Brudele12 says:

    It is time to bailout the people the common middle class people. Mr. President I think you send a stimulus check of 10,000. plus give all working and retirees that make below 150.000 a tax break. Look after all we are the people that worked to build the rich and famous and they got all the tax breaks. The little guy here needs some help, with the people loosing there jobs and unemployment is high there bills continue on. You have helped the banks, now please lay some cash on us. I think you will find that the people will spend there money so fast and that will stimulate the economy quickly. Oh, Mr. President you surely need to raise taxes on those whom make over 200,000. a year. It is there turn to pay for the past eight years we have had to pay now its there turn.

  4. MIKE says:


  5. Michael says:

    Why don't we start using our brains and stop thinking that somehow the money they give back to us is a gift. Why do we need a stimulus check at all? I have a better idea... how about they shut down the federal reserve (a private institution controlled by the big banks), stop the income tax entirely, and let the "free" market actually be free. The government steps in and breaks people's legs and then gives you crutches and says, "well, if it weren't for us, you wouldn't be able to walk". we need to shut down all these ridiculous buerocracies in the government that waste money, pull our troops home, stop spending so much overseas, shrink our global empire, and worry about ourselves. We CANNOT solve our problems by stimulus packages or checks. Let me ask everyone something, where does the money come from? Obama talks of spending billions and billions to "save" the economy and yet still try and cut taxes? You can't cut taxes and spend more. Where do we get the money then? We print it. We borrow it from China and other foreign countries. The government needs to employ the same common sense principles that the typical consumer should employ. You can't pay off credit cards by taking out more credit cards. Sure you can fix the problem now, but eventually you have to pay it all off. THE ECONOMY NEEDS TO CRASH. The sooner we realize that, the shorter the recession will be. The more debt we rack up to prevent the crash will only prolong it by decades. All these big companies are getting bailed out because they made horrible business decisions. What happens when no one wants to buy a companies' product? They go out of business. What happens when a company makes stupid decisions to make a quick buck... they go out of business. Why? Because the market requires that. The government steps in to save the day, but all they are doing is fighting against what should happen thus making it worse. I could go on and on, but the point is, stop looking for the free ride people. Let's take back the country that we have let go because we follow like sheep instead of standing up for what is right. The root of the problem is as simple as this... we do not have sound money. Our money is backed by nothing more than credit. It doesn't exist. It's not backed by gold or anything else of value. Every civilization from the start of mankind falls starting with the debasement of it's currency. The value of the US dollar is dropping. If you don't fix that problem, then I don't care if they hand out $1 Million stimulus checks to everyone, we will hit a major depression and it will last a whole lot longer than if we were to just accept the fact that the market is calling for a recession and just let it happen. Get the government out of the way.

    God bless us all.


  6. md says:

    Hello well I see alot of diffrent opionions here. Everyone voices there input not one is right nor wrong. I feel what not one person mentioned was yes we will get a tax cut in are weekly pay checks but the thing is we wont see the measly 12.00 becuase either pica or social security tax will take it anyways. The more in are pay checks just the few measly dollars a week here goes social security taken it. So workers will not see it then to hear when we get old for retirement their might not be a thing called social security. So many business have outsourced some of you Americans just dont understand why most towns u go throughout the states are run down. Why becuase the factories or buisniess ran over seas becuase they can pay people lower rates and it cost less to be there. So bring in more business why to have them eventually run over seas like the others.We need the states to put an end in outsourcing and keep the business here. Other thing yes we are the ones that put ourselfs in debt yes and we should be the ones getting out but u need to look at all aspects. We had a great paying job for years didnt expect it to run across seas. No one can count on having this happen. Didnt expect robots to take over alot of the workers jobs either. So how can anyone judge anyone for the position there in even the president. No one has a magic ball to say what will happen in the future. What job pays enough to keep us going. We go back to school why to try and get a better job there's all the loans we owe afterwards. The biggest thing many people go through other termoil through there lives what set ones back. Examples death, divorice, become disabled. Things like these puts many americans behind not becuase they go out spend for un neccessary things. We strive to maintain our ability but what happends where let down becuase why the buisness left us here standing others wont hire becuase to many our standing in line. The goverment is now having to lay off so where do we stand now. U wanna talk about stupid parts of the stimulus plan these towns get money for fixing there roads okay when they are not being done who is fixing our vehicles becuase the towns are not doing there job or doing it right. Lets put a slab here and there well now there fixed wrong becuase weeks later here comes the big bump we go through, out goes the tire. So many thing just look around see what changes have been made in ur communitites nothing much hummmm. Yes so what a store was brought in can they really hire that many people in one community no. Who can afford to go shopping now a days so was this a good investment nope. Lets try and find ways to cut cost for a buisniess and bring them back here. My family works very hard for what we all recieve and the thing is what I am upset with here take my husband job work hard for the clients getting the food to them to work there a year and no they do not do the 30,60,or 90 day evaluations then get u a raise. He works for minumum wage still a year later. Year comes still no evaluation nor pay raise. We no people are hurting to pay the people so we put up with it. But honestly its unfair and for the gentlemen above whom had to think he did everything better then others well guess what maybe hopefully not u wont be in situations like other Americans have gone through why ones are in debt or are now going into debt. Like the head said we Amercians put ourslf in this situation we shouldnt cry well I am sorry didnt no I would go through a divorice either and thing is I didnt think I have to take abuse for anyone to be in this situation now.

  7. Susie says:

    If you use the money to pay down debt or save, you can still buy things. You will have a little more to buy things. It still stimulates the economy because your savings are good for the banks. You have to think these things through, before opening up you mouth and going "blah,blah,blah"

  8. Heather G. says:

    I really hope and pray that President Obama will reconsider a second stimulas check. We poor class poeple could really use this money to help pay off medical bills,get out of debt,and help our families with thier bills as well.I truly believe our President is already doing a wonderful job in office in the short few months he has been there and I support him 100%. Thank you for all you have done and for all you have yet to accomplish Mr,]. President Obama!!!!

  9. princess says:

    i agree u people should just be glad u r getting something it is extra money that u did not have so get over it and grow up!!!!!!

  10. dawn says:

    We're making our own stimulus check. Just a suggestion, get a second and third job, maybe even a forth! My husband and I are in debt, oops, we did it again, we're bailing ourselves out. We're from Ohio, high unemployment, we have gotten part time jobs on top of our fulltime jobs. It's hard to work for a good wage then turn around at 5 pm and go to an $8 an hour job, but we made the debt, now we're paying for it. Do my children miss us? Yes. Do we miss going out or even relaxing? Yes. But, I was brought up to take care of my own problems. Don't get me wrong, if President Obama or my bank would offer up a reduced interest rate on my home mortgage(not modify the principal) that we would qualify for, we would apply, but we purchased the house, and the toys. I beleive when you invest....home, stocks, etc. you take a risk, you know you can lose it all, why should someone else pay for your actions?

  11. bamagirl says:

    ok, I've read all these post and I can say wow.. I feel for all of you. My husband makes $7.00 an hour, I make $80.00 a week, and we still pay our bills. No we dont get to go to the recent concerts or the new theme parks, but our 9 yo has everything he needs. The stimulus check last year that we was suppose to of got, we didnt because the federal government said we owed money, which of course we never received a letter stating we owed money before hand only a letter saying they took it. We live on a very fixed income and I could careless about the government sending me money. I really dont see how it would help us anyways. How is sending money that my son will be paying for when he gets older. All this money they send out will have to be repaid somewhere somehow. And I do not want my son having to pay for our debts. Obama isnt the person people thinks he is. He is not for the hard working americans, nor the low income americans, but hey who is. No one in those offices cares about us little people. We are living and thats it. I just pray someone will make things better for our future adults.. We usually have a $5.00 a week to make it to the next week and I drive a 1983 pickup truck, my husband walks too work so I can use it to get to my job. Pay check to pay check and still we are happy. Our son doesnt miss out on nothing. we have each other, adn we go to parks and spend time together. Which is something alot of children dont have. Mine knows that I will get him anything he needs and I have never let my son down. If we can make it without a bailout then I know these BIG COMPANIES could have made it without one either. thanks for letting me shout out. OH yeah one more thing, the government needs to quit helping out these other countries, and start worrying about us. GOD BLESS THE TROOPS AND VETERNS AND THE COPS. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  12. rithy says:

    most american who voted for obama really disappointed when their stimulus check not give them but they give only those big company who give away their employees bonuses and then ask the govt again for bailout. do u know how much they get from govt???? 787 billion dollar and other trillion dollar, 700 billion bailout remain from bush admin??? do u think if obama give away to hardworking american 10 000 dollar. what gonna happen? i think that if he does, everybody can pay mortgage for couple money , pay credit card, property tax ..... and money from their paycheck they can spend on other thing so do like this economic can back up on track cos they want people to spend their money not those big company? anyways, i voted for old guy anyways.

  13. hesitantebony says:

    I have been unemployed since June 2008 and trying to stretch every dollar of my unemployment comp benefits which can be more than depressing since I have to consider high utilities and food since I've been told my benefits are too much for me to get food stamps. I haven't paid my mortgage in so long, I fear that not only will I lose my home of the past seven years, but will be rendered homeless. I can no longer afford the luxury of a home telephone or propane fuel to cook with so I was reduced to a two-burner hot plate to prepare meals. Bernie Madoff is probably eating better in prison than I am in the land of the free.

    It even more utterly depressing that 1000 people show up for one job offer in this ecomonic crisis. I have worked all my life and have paid more than my share of taxes. Now I can't even afford to go to the grocery store, pay car insurance, and the other mounting bills that I don't even open anymore. Since I don't have a telephone, I don't have to worry about the collection agencies calling me. I desperately need to see a dentist, but who can afford health insurance. Each night I go to sleep with a throbbing toothache that I am in no position to take care of since the going rate for a tooh extraction range from $175 to nearly $300 despite the fact that it's already loose.

    I am currently driving my 1999 without a valid tag or liability insurance because I can't afford it. And you must have insurance in order to get a tag. I pray that I do not have an accident or get stopped by the police since I could end up in jail for either infraction. I also rely on public transportation for destinations of more than three miles and only drive in my immediate neighborhood.

    No one can tell me that a stimulus payment wouldn't help those who are in situations such as mine. There are many hard-working Americans who are in desperate need of a bailout, but it seems that our hard-earned tax dollars continue to go to the banking and car industry who continue to live high on the hog while throwing us the intestines.

  14. hesitantebony says:

    Does anybody out there feel me?

  15. Raymond says:


    We all feel for you. You are most definitely not alone as the hundreds of blog comments tallied here can attest to.

    Americans are still suffering....President Obama and his administration seem to be working hard as we speak to guide us through this terrible economic recession, but troubled waters are still ahead. Hang in there! Take it day by day...Tomorrow is another day and the sun will shine again.

    I think if the situation does not improve in late 2009....the President may very well consider stronger measures. Who knows, maybe even a round of Obama stimulus checks. Right now we are only riding on Obama's clouds of optimism...eventually reality will make things clearer and we'll find out whether current economic stimulus package measures are working...and whether more aggressive measures will be required.

  16. hesitantebony says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Raymond. But there's a heavy cloud of gloom and doom in my weather forecast despite trying to remain optimistic. I realize that my situation is not unique and we all deal with crisis in various ways, but my tolerance level for pressure is zero even though I am trying to deal with it..

  17. jim1999 says:

    i have read alot of crap from u dumb ass republicans, serena in particular. all yall dats talking shit probably had shit gave to u from ancestors long before u new, so stop trying to down da less fortunate folks.

  18. land_of_the_free_my_azz says:

    No body is getting anything for nothing. We get a stimulus check and we pay for it in the end or our kids do...it doesn't matter. I am thankful to say I still have my job, but I took 2 paycuts that slashed my income in half, I divorced my abusive husband, and sold any and all nice items I had. Last years stimulus check was spent on food,clothes and medication for my daughter. I doubt it stimulated anything, as it wasn't spent on a sinlge America made item, are there affordable America made items even out there??. Would I love another Check?????Hell yeah. I am busting my ass day in and day out. I work 78 hours a week. I make shit pay but put up with a lot of abuse in my job. My daughter is able to be with me at work during the weekends, but during the week I have to shuffle her between my sister and mom because I cannot afford daycare. I am barely keeping up with my mortgage and basic needs. We do not have a cell phone, cable, or goodies! I have to bake cookies or brownies for my daughter to have a snack then we eat a lot of noodles and hot dogs for meals. I do not qualify for any assistance because its only 2 in my household. And what really pisses me off about that.........cun guzzling gutter sluts that shit out tons of kids, sit on there lazy asses, and we pay for it!!! why not give the stimulis checks only to those of us hard working citizens? If you get state assistance you already get money, every damn month. Help us out...hell I would be happy with $100, thats more noodles and dogs for me!

  19. MARCUS WADE says:

    Obama is a man just like everyone else. he can only
    do what he can for the American people. Were all going
    through a tough recession right now but im very sure that he'll
    make it right. Obama's doing a real good job right now all it takes
    is one step at a time. The main question is do the american people get
    a secondary stimulus check and if so , when do we get it?

  20. Geraldine says:

    I am looking for the 1040A tax form for verterans serviving spouse. I am wondering if there is a place to order a form or get one of those forms.

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