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Searching For Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Your Tax Rebate Check

Published 3/6/08 (Modified 3/14/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated - The IRS has released the official 2008 Economic Stimulus Payment Schedule.

Also, read about the prospects and chances of an Obama stimulus check for 2009.

Based on the substantial traffic and comments I've been receiving for the article I wrote explaining and breaking down the details of the 2008 Stimulus Rebate Package, it's clear that everyone in the United States is concerned about their rebate checks. Everybody wants to know how large their own tax rebate check will be and when they can expect to receive it.

There are many questions to be answered and I've been trying my best to respond to them all. While most questions have been straightforward, others have been slightly more complicated with issues relating to Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy filings, or issues relating to wage garnishment and student loan liens. But I will continue to do my best to answer your flurry of tax rebate comments and e-mails.

Visit The IRS Website For The Official Source Of Tax Rebate News and Updates

While I can't necessarily state that all answers that I provide are definitive, I do try my best to answer accurately based on research and reasonable information. One thing I have noticed is the vast amount of misinformation and speculation that is available on the internet. There seems to be much conjecture and rumors surrounding the tax rebate, particularly as it relates to timetable and the order that the checks will be sent out. I wish to remind readers that the only definitive source for tax rebate news and updates is the official IRS Economic Stimulus Payments Information Center (official website). There, they've done a pretty decent job of addressing the seemingly endless stream of tax rebate inquiries, even providing answers to popular tax rebate questions (Tax Rebate FAQ). The IRS tax rebate website provides stimulus check payment hypotheticals and answers questions pertaining to Social Security recipients and veterans living on disability. They post updates regularly and understandably so. Here's a quick link to some of the official tax rebate questions and answers for various filing scenarios:

  1. Single without children
  2. Head of Household, with children
  3. Married, with children
  4. Married, without children
  5. Married Filing Separately, with or without children

Here's the official information release for recipients of alternative types of income:

  1. Recipients of Social Security Retirement Income or Disability
  2. Recipients of VA Benefits, Disability, or Survivor Benefits

If you still have unanswered questions, please continue to post comment questions to my original Bush Tax Rebate article. I will try my best to diligently answer each one as best as I can. Keep in mind that while I do have a legal and financial background, you will be best served asking your own tax professional or hired attorney the more substantive tax and legal questions, particularly when it relates to more delicate legal issues surrounding bankruptcy and liens. My informal opinions should only be viewed and regarded as general background information rather than seen as authoritative financial advice.

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141 Responses to “Searching For Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Your Tax Rebate Check” 

  1. Amber says:

    When I filed my taxes, I recieved my federal back in the form of a check. I recieved my state in the form of direct deposit. Will I recieve my rebate in the mail or would it be deposited?

  2. Heather says:

    My husband just recently started paying child support for another child and isn't behind in any payments. Will he still get a rebate check or will it go to the other childs mother?

  3. Mary says:

    I am doing a 100% chapter 13 repayment. I have back taxes figured into the payments. I recieved a tax refund this year from my 2007 taxes (as I am paying 100%, I don't have to give it to the trustee). Will the IRS remember that I am in a ch 13 or will they keep the rebate?

    My boyfriend owes about $1000 on his child support which he's been paying back monthly along with his regular payment. If he's already in this payment plan, will they still send his ex the rebate?


  4. JACKIE says:

    I am hoh with 2 qualifying childredn with wages for 2007 that were 25000.00 to 27000.00 I am wanting to know what my rebate would be

  5. nikki says:

    I earned 17898 for last year and I also have an 8 month old son that I claimed on my taxes. I owe student loans and my home state refund was intercepted and put towards my loans, but my federal refund was not, and neither was the stat refund i recieve from the state I worked in and I did receieve both of those. My question is will my stimulous rebate get intercepted? and What about the 300 for my son? will that go towards my student loans as well? And will his refeund come as a seperate check or will it be combined with mine?

    Thank you

  6. Heidi says:

    I thought I had clicked the "efile" button on my Turbo tax, but when I checked this morning apparently I had not, or there was an error with the system. THus, my taxes were filed this morning, and it's April 29th. Does this mean that I will not be receiving the Economic Stimulus check at all, or that it will be delayed due to late filing?

  7. Phil says:

    I am personally behind on child support. My Income tax check gets sent to my arrears. Will this stimulus follow that path, and get sent to my owed child support, or will I personally be getting it? Any help please?

  8. Missy says:

    I received a notice that said i might be eligible for a stimulus check and I also check online and used the calculatoer to see if i qualified and i did. I qualified for 1800.00. I used direct deposit into my fathers account will my check be mailed or will it go to the same account. So far I have not received anything into the account. I am starting to think that i will not be receiving one.

  9. Delores says:

    My soon to be ex spouse filed for bankruptcy in Nov 2007 and it was finalized in Dec 2007 - Chapter 7. Will they have anything to do with us getting our rebate checks? We filed taxes together and it went to Direct Deposit in my account. Our divorce is not final yet.

  10. b.kouroubacalis@verizon.ne says:

    Where did the money come from for the Presidents tax rebate?

  11. STEPHANIE says:


  12. Mary says:

    Do any outstanding credit card debts (that are close to charge off) affect the stimulus check? We have some bills that we are working on getting paid off

  13. mish says:

    we already received our 2007 tax return via direct depost, but we did not send in the 8453-OL form. Will we still get our stimulus payment via direct deposit?

  14. Ashley says:

    I was wondering how muhc would i get back mine was 14,517.00.Some websites say 300 and some websites say 600. So please tell me what u think thank you

  15. Angela says:

    My husband and I filed joint,yet he is the primary provider,and according to his ssn we should have recieved the payment by now,due to that fact we has direct deposit..But I don't know a single person that has recieved their payment yet..I just don't know whats going on,and frankly it's heartbreaking..We were really looking forward to that money in order to travel home to see our family before he deploys =*( I just don't know what to think..

  16. kristina says:

    i will not be recieving money cause im on social security disabilityand im a dependant on my fiance's income tax, but im confused about my 4 year old son, because im on SSD, he is also on it and he is also a dependant on my fiance's income tax, cause he filed head of household, does my son get 300$ and does it go by my sons SS# or my fiance's when it comes to the day that its paid. i couldnt find any info on my current situation so im really confused..i hope everything i said made sense :( thanks in advance,

  17. Karen Pinney says:

    I was told by the IRS that our bank rejected the direct deposit for our tax rebate.We put the correct routing number & account number on our tax return,so I don't understand why it wouldn't go through.The bank said they don't get any notice saying when one doesn't go through,it just won't work.The IRS said they won't try to submit it again.I think they entered the wrong information & it isn't fair that it will be delayed by at least a month now.

  18. k says:

    Me and my husband filed jointly and have three kids all under the age of 17. I have a sallie mae student loan that is very past due, and according to all of the payment charts say that we should have gotten our check on may 2nd, but still nothing. Is it possible that they used the check to pay off the studen loan?

  19. Christina says:

    My husband and I filed our taxes through H&R Block and recieved our money on their bank card. I was wondering if that would be considered direct deposit or will i recieve a check for the stimulus rebate?

  20. Jesse Henley says:

    Dear Raymond,

    You're probably the only one who can answer this question for me. I think that because it is a little controversial, people may be reluctant to disclose ulterior motives behind the exclusions of certain demographics. The question is, why are single and joint filers, who make in excess of $80,000 being excluded from receiving rebates?
    It seems to pose a socialistic agenda whereas we need to take and/or diminish any incentives from producers. Maybe I am overanalyzing this too deeply, however, I cannot help but think of how unfair it is to that particular demographic.
    One may argue that if someone makes that kind of money, they do not need the rebates, or some may assume that they are essentially self-employed with many tax benefits not available to employees. While that may true, has anyone consider that they can just as well be higher paid executives within an even higher tax bracket?
    There are just too many questions left unanwered. Perhaps you can shed some light on this issue or maybe direct me to another source.

    Thank you.

    Jesse Henley

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