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Review - Trading Eminis With Trading Concepts Inc.

Published 10/19/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

For those curious or willing to take on the challenge of learning a new investment methodology, Trading Concepts Inc offers a home study package on how to trade Emini futures.

Eminis are electronically traded futures that are much smaller than existing futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The claimed advantages to trading Emini contracts include greater liquidity and flexibility. The most popular Eminis are those that track popular stock indexes such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq 100.

The home study Emini Trading System course provides a wide assortment of preparatory material, including a 250+ page comprehensive manual, 4 professionally shot video tapes (50+ page manual), 3 hours of professionally recorded audio cd's (50+ page manual), unlimited phone/e-mail consultation, free unlimited access into the members area, and a free day of market training.

It Does Take Personal Effort and There Are Risks

Trading Concepts Inc. claims that the average student will take roughly one to two months provided they are prepared to spend between five and eight study hours on the course a week, to learn and actually begin using and profiting from Emini trading.

The company's website does acknowledge that while futures and options trading offer potentially significant rewards, day trading does involve high risks and you can lose a lot of money. As always, please do very thorough research, and be careful.

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17 Responses to “Review - Trading Eminis With Trading Concepts Inc.” 

  1. Ernesto says:

    I wanted to know if your charts are in candlestick form?
    I watched the free dvd and I got a bit confused because
    most of us use candlesticks for charting especially
    the e minis.

  2. Luis says:

    Hi Ernesto, I used to have the question, but since I got the course, everithing clear up, everithing is the same, using cadle charts or bars charts, I'm really happy with the course.

  3. Biff says:

    I am at the point of making a final decision on ordering the TC course.
    Anyone have any issues/concerns with the materials?

  4. Lisa Garfied says:

    To day is May 21st, 2009.
    I Would love to hear a reaction from somebody who has recently joined TC - purchased the Trading Concepts Inc course.
    How long have you been trading futures? How long have you been trading with using the TC course principles?
    Do you find that this course to be helpful? Has it help you to improve your futures trading results?
    Have your odds of positive consistent trade results improved since taking this course?
    Do you feel the $2500 investment in this course was worthwile and would you rcommend it to your brother/sister?
    Thank you for your HONEST answers and I will be more than happy to exchange my experience trading E'Minis with various Tech. methods.

  5. Luis A. says:

    Lisa, it is totally worthed, I been trading for about 2 months, been having the course for about 7 months, and I trully can tell you that have been the best thing that I have done on my futures trading approaching, the videos that He post every day are the key for the success, but also the undestanding from begin to end of the course, I have done the invest back already.

    Good look with your decision.

  6. RT says:

    I purchased the course and I can say that it is essentially another smoke and mirrors scam. It may come as a surprise to some people that he does not even use this system to trade! Just sits back using hindsight and then points out where the entries and exits would have been. Professional traders don't sell educational systems, because they are too busy and too succesful. Waste of money. Do not recommend.

  7. GH says:

    Unfortunately I'd have to agree with RT. While trading is about individual effort and willingness to put in the hours, it would be nice if the mentor is actually a successful trader. Now, I'm not saying that he is not, but all kinds of yellow flags have to go up when the only the main approach to mentoring is a bunch of marked up charts AFTER THE FACT. That's an industry wide trick. Don't fall for it.

  8. Scott S. says:

    I have had the Trading Concepts course for over 10 years and I have made a ton of money with what is taught in the program. Todd Mitchell is a great teacher and the trading principles he teaches have changed my life. So, for any negative comments that have been made about Todd Mitchell and Trading Concepts I really can't understand that one bit. Anybody out there that is truly serious about their trading MUST take the Trading Concepts program, it's truly a life changer.

  9. DRV says:

    I purchased the Trading Concepts course and do not recommend it. The guy who peddles the course does not trade for a living, he sells educational materials. The service is crap and the system's entries and exits are a joke. I am at a loss at the positive comments here. If you bought ten years ago as some of the responds seem to suggest, when the course was selling at a fraction, that may make sense. Otherwise, stay away. Trading concepts is not a reputable firm.

  10. David Adams says:

    As a long time trader at both the retail and institutional levels, I find the negative comments perplexing. The material is fairly straight forward and certainly in the realm of mainstream trading. Further, Todd has a Emini trading room where you can see him and an associate trade this system effectively.

  11. chris rognon says:

    I would like to contact RT, GH, or DRV. I am considering purchasing the course. Please contact me at tbonds1234@yahoo.com

  12. mario says:

    does anyone have any news on top dog trading, been looking bto purchase but need some feed back???????

  13. Ric California says:


  14. Tom Maryland says:

    I am student of Todd since August 2009. This message is for those who talked bad about Todd method...did you actually trade with the method has been taught in the comprehensive manual? or you just too eager to jump in the trade and get yourself killed. This is not the holy rail you looking for. Trading is take times to observe(learn) and build up the skill inside. I've learned so much from this course. It would be nice if Todd talk more about psychology with this course.

  15. DH says:

    I've been a student for six years. Trading Concepts' methodology is sound and consistent. I consistently make money trading the Mini S&P 500 week after week. You have to be disciplined and patient in this business. Trading is a business. This is not Las Vegas.

  16. AL says:

    I have studied and traded using the Trading Concepts' methodology. I know the method real well and spent hours and hours studying the method and watching his daily videos. When I bought the course he told me that his winning percentage is over 70%. There are a couple of setups that he teaches that work. The rest of the entries are subjective and you will loose money using these entries (and lots of it because the stops advised are too big in relation to the profit targets). The daily videos are supposed to be live but that is bunk. The only person he is fooling when he says they are live is himself.

  17. Roger J says:

    I purchased his course in 2009 and was new to daytrading. The emini is not an easy one to trade, and using 3min charts with his wide stops and no confirmation on reversals is crazy and will blow up your acct. Todd also did not honor his committment to providing a one on one daytrading session with him. After various trading rooms, and thousands of hours of chart work I now use KwikPop software overlaid on TradeStation and trade the TF using a .5 and .75 Range chart. What a difference. Todd just launched a new marketing blitz complete with "rare and secret" interviews, all the typical scam language. Guess he needs the money and figures guys like me have moved on. Stay away from Trading Concepts and Todd.

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