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Federal Tax Brackets 2010

Published 10/7/09 (Modified 6/17/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Federal Tax Brackets 2010

Death and taxes. You can try to fight them both tooth and nail, but at the end of it all, it's a losing proposition. Especially when it comes to taxes, the government is going to want its fair share cut of your salary and business profits one way or another, whether you like it or not. Rather than engage in tax evasion and possibly live the remaining years of your life on the run as a tax fugitive from the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might as well confront the issue of taxes head on. All we can do is try our best to understand how income taxes work and take reasonable steps to minimize their effects on our financial lives as much as possible.

One of the most introductory ways to plan for the effects of income taxes is to recognize how the various marginal rates are applied to the corresponding tax brackets. Because the United States does not yet currently engage in a flat tax system, our taxable incomes are broken down into different taxation ranges with specific taxation percentages assessed depending on where they fall along the tax bracket spectrum. Although our 2010 tax returns won't be filed until April 15, 2011, for planning purposes, it's always good to find out the new changes to the tax code as early as possible. Let's examine some of the upcoming tax rate changes that are being projected for 2010 and compare them to the previous year's 2009 tax brackets.

Projections Of New IRS Tax Rates Have Historically Been Extremely Accurate

Year after year, even before the official IRS income tax brackets are released, a select number of tax experts have gotten together and crunched a determinative number of officially released statistics by governmental agencies - to project and extrapolate the upcoming year's tax brackets. Year after year, the tax rate predictions released by these groups have yielded results in advance with near 100% accuracy. Such an income tax bracket projection ahead of time is possible because many of the major tax code numbers are pegged to officially released inflation statistics - including the standard deduction, the personal exemption, the actual income ranges of the tax brackets, and contributions limits for the investment retirement accounts (both the Traditional and Roth IRA account).

One of these tax prognosticating groups is the Tax Foundation, a Washington D.C. think tank which collects data and publishes research studies on federal and state tax policies. The other notable group operates under the auspices of the Wall Street Journal and is comprised of a merry band of private tax professionals and economists - namely William E. Massey, a senior tax analyst from the Tax and Accounting arm of Thomson Reuters; George Jones, a senior federal tax analyst from CCH; and James C. Young, an accounting professor from Northern Illinois University. For numerous years now, both the Tax Foundation and the Wall Street Journal group have consistently released to the public very accurate, albeit unofficial, early bird peaks at the following year's projected income tax brackets based on available financial data - well in advance of the official IRS releases. If you're eager to get a head start on tax year 2010, read on.

IRS Tax Rate Schedule Updates For Tax Year 2010

This year, citing a very sluggish economy and extraordinarily low inflation rates for 2009 to which upcoming 2010 tax rates shall be pegged to, the Tax Foundation and associated experts are predicting very little year to year change for the 2010 federal tax brackets. If there's anything good that came out of this global economic recession that has been plaguing us for the entirety of 2009 - it's that the combination of low gas prices, depressed consumer spending, and high jobless numbers with so many people filing for unemployment - have enabled inflation rates to stay quite low during the span of 2009 - at a mere 0.19%. Just compare that to the incredibly high inflation rate of 4.26% during the previous year of 2008 when gas prices were skyrocketing, and it's clear the recent sudden and precipitous drop in inflation has been extremely unprecedented.

As a result of low inflation, for the most part the 2010 tax bracket ranges will likely stay relatively unchanged. As noted by the tax pundits, for the very first time since the IRS started to index the official federal income tax rates to inflation during the mid 1980's, taxpayers will get virtually no significant benefit from inflation in 2010. As such - year 2010 tax brackets, standard deductions, personal exemptions, and even retirement account contribution limits will see very little (if any) alterations from prior year numbers.

I will update the table below to reflect the official IRS tax rates for 2010 if decidedly different numbers are ultimately released by the IRS. However, with tax bracket projections by the experts having enjoyed a near perfect accuracy rate for quite a few years now, I don't have any reason to doubt that the displayed figures below will ultimately wind up as official.

Federal Income Tax Brackets For 2010 - Based On Taxable Income Ranges

Tax Rate
Married Couples Filing Jointly
Most Single Filers
10% Not over $16,750 Not over $8,375
15% $16,750 – $68,000 $8,375 – $34,000
25% $68,000 – $137,300 $34,000 – $82,400
28% $137,300 – $209,250 $82,400 – $171,850
33% $209,250 – $373,650 $171,850 – $373,650
35% Over $373,650 Over $373,650

Beyond some slight numerical shuffling of the taxable income ranges, there will not be too many significant tax changes from 2009 into 2010. Here is a breakdown of the projected changes (if any) for 2010 as they compare to the prior year:

  • Personal Exemption: No change. For the very first time, the standard exemption for 2010 will not be going up and will stay unchanged at $3,650, the same as it was in 2009.
  • Standard Deduction: No change, except for Head Of Household filers. The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly will remain unchanged at $11,400. For those filing as single, the standard deduction will remain at $5,700 as well. However, Head of Household filers will see a slight increase by $50 - from $8,350 (year 2009) to $8,400 (year 2010).
  • Overall Tax Bracket Thresholds: Will increase across the board for all tax filing statuses, albeit at a significantly lower amount compared to past tax year increases.
  • Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Amount: No change. For tax year 2010, the current gift tax exclusion limit of $13,000 will stay the same. Often overlooked by most taxpayers, the gift tax stipulates that gift givers must pay a special tax on gift amounts that exceed a certain amount per year.
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits: No change. Despite the fact that IRA and Roth IRA contribution limits did not rise in 2009 in response to strong inflationary pressures in 2009, there will still be no corresponding change in the maximum contribution limits to individual retirement accounts for 2010. The standard IRA contribution limit for 2010 will remain unchanged at $5,000. The catch up contribution limit for those 50 or older will remain at $6,000 as well.

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436 Responses to “Federal Tax Brackets 2010 | Income Tax Brackets 2010 | Money Blue Book” 

  1. Norm says:

    All this whining, from everybody. Opportunity is not equal. Just because someone works hard and studies doesn't ensure they will be well off, and just because someone is not "rich" or able to make ends meet doesn't mean they are lazy and didn't try. If you do have money, that doesn't mean you have handled your finances well. How many millionaires have filed bankruptcy?

    My step son is challenged. He has a very hard time learning, and was held back twice, and struggled to get through a special program in his high school to help kids with challenges. Thank you to everyone whose taxes made that happen for him. I guess that includes me, I have not and will not be bringing any children into this world, and yet 80 to 90% of my property tax goes to the school. I'm not whining about that. I'm proud about that. I do live in a state with a high property tax. I think it should be lower, but I choose to live here none the less.

    I really don't think this county is falling apart because someone is paying 25% for their income of $137,300 and someone else pays the same 25% for the first $137,300 and then 28% for the $50,000 they make above that. Stop whining that you pay more tax then other people because you make more. You don't. You pay the same tax for the same amounts you make as everyone else. And the other half of you stop whining because someone makes more money then you.

    And stop whining that letting Bush era tax cuts that are ALL READY SET TO EXPIRE, that Obama is raising your taxes. I mean jebus, compare those rates to Reagan era rates. Oh, I know, you were paying 35% and now it's going back to 38%. I'm sure you will have to go on welfare as a result.

    All I hear from pretty much everyone here, is "me me me". You're all selfish. Our tax system is not perfect, but it's pretty good. This country will be just fine, so let's help the less fortunate along the way. It does the soul good.

  2. trex says:

    How much MORE in taxes did YOU pay in 2009 so EXXON/MOBIL, and GE didn't pay ANY taxes on over $35,000,000,000.00 IN PROFITS right here in the USA?

  3. Oh my god says:

    Its absolutely pathetic the ammount of complains being given out here...

    You have people who are making 100k+ complaining that they are being taxed more than the people making 10k a year. The whole "only 50% of people pay taxes" is bullshit. The fact that some of you think the income tax is a gift to some ppl who are getting returns and are not paying taxes? You dont know what's going on then. Everyone pays taxes. The only people that dont are those under 10k (its actually under 9750 i believe), and if they're under 10k they probably arnt living on their own, and they are probably kids... And those making under 16k (roughly) for married couples. That's still them making under 8k each, aka not enough to live on.

    Even if someone recieves a Refurnd, its because the ammount they are being taxed is not as much as what has already been taken out of their check. They have already paid their income tax requirements throughout the year.

    As for the people complaining of their 38% tax on their 350k... Stfu. Simply put, stfu. First of all, you act like you're paying 133k in taxes.. you're not. You pay 38% on a portion of that 350k. And if its such a struggle for you to have to pay that tax, then you have issues with your life style.

    The income tax isnt soley for the purpose of social security for those who give up and wanna be lazy in life. If you arnt aware (and i'm sure most of you arnt by the responses) social security is capped. You are only taxed for social security at a max of 100k (about, varies per year) of your income. After that cap, you no longer pay social security on your income. Exe: make 150k, you only are taxed social security on 100k. As for the actual INCOME tax, that pays for damn near everything in the country... Army, navy, FBI, FDA, TSA, FDIC, FCC, and the list goes on... The firedepartment, police, animal control, coast guard, national guard... Highways, traffic signs, traffic lights... You want to stop paying taxes? You want all that to go away? Dont bitch and complain when you get hit by a drunk driver, dont bitch and complain when someone wants to go 100MPH on a residential, and there is no police to stop him... When another country just decides they're gonna set their army all over our country, and we cant do a damn thing about it because we had to disband ours because we couldnt afford it anymore..... dont bitch and complain.

    Im currently a student, paying ~5k a year, with student loans. I go to a State school, and am currently in the process of a 3 month job interview/internship, while still working full time. After getting the job, and after graduation i will be starting at 55k a year. So all you "i have 120k in student loans because i went to harvard for a psychology degree and now only make 40k as a jr high school councilor"... stupid.

  4. moderate Bill says:

    Don't blame White House and don't blame the small business owner. Blame the extremely rich who make a mess of things and then convince us to bicker and point out scapegoats!

    I've lived in both extremes and the more money you have, the smarter you get about hiding it. Money is being hid by the rich in offshore accounts, tax havens and transferring jobs to overseas factories and call centers to skip out on paying a decent wage and taxes for workers in the states. The result is low US employment and higher taxes to cover the money going into these tax havens.

    The government is supposed to see that there is an even spread of wealth and that all American citizens get a fair chance.

    You can blame the extremely rich for this immigration crap too. Working class people and small business owners mow their own grass but the rich hire Mexicans to babysit and tend their yards and once the economy tanks, they want to send them all back home like they came for the hell of it. Most people on the US continent came here for opportunity. I agree that there should be stricter measures in place to stop the influx of immigrants but without work, there would be nothing to come for.

    I say shut down income tax and use sales tax as a means to tax across the board. It is not likely that someone will fly overseas to buy toilet paper and everyone who wants to buy something will be subject to the tax. That includes illegal immigrants and the extremely rich.

  5. Sean says:

    Look at the end of the day you people can all argue all day and have descent points. But lets not fight americans against americans. The real problem is that we are shipping all of our jobs off seas. Lets fix that and up the import tax. That means more money in everyone's pockets in america from upper to lower class. AND means that we don't have to support as many unemployed. Hence removing the need to tax people so bad. ... And since everyone has a descent point then I'll chime in as well. I think that doctors are the only profession that if rich shouldn't be taxed more. All the rich wall street people are making thier cash illegally somehow so why not tax the crap out of them

  6. TimT says:

    @Sean: Upping the import tax is a good way to totally kill the economy. Go Google "Smoot-Hawley Tariff". Passed in 1930, it went a long way toward making a normal recession into the disaster of the Great Depression. If you want to bring "our jobs" back to the US, we need to do the following: 1) Get rid of the corporate income tax. We have the second highest corporate income tax in the industrialized world. And thanks to Obama and company, it's about to get bigger. (For you "progressives", i.e. Marxists, evil corporations don't just eat corporate taxes... they pass it on to consumers, ie. US) 2) Get rid of the damn labor unions. Yeah, sure, they had a purpose at one time. That time has passed. Our companies have to add a huge cost to their goods to pay for inflated union wages and pensions. And the unions themselves have just become a branch of the Democrat party. 3) Get rid of the minimum wage. When the government mandates you pay more for someone than the job is worth, the job goes away... to Mexico perhaps. Your last line about all the "rich wall street people making cash illegally" shows your total ignorance and shows how you're putty to be molded by the Democrat Socialists. Pure wealth envy. Do you have a 401K? Guess what? You're one of the wall street fat cats!

  7. MadVirgo says:

    Wow. This has been a veddy interesting discussion. Everyone is quite passionate about what he/she believes...but perhaps we're all a little 'jaded' because we speak from where we standing in life right now. Many have said we should run the government like a 'business', but the responsibility of a government is so much more dynamic than a typical business; I would think it'd be hard to compare them one-to-one. As for TimT's comment about corporate taxes--they may be %39.2, but you'd be loathe to find any corporation that pays them. There are enough loopholes and exemptions and such, that corporations aren't losing as much $$ as you would think--I'll refer to this 2004 article that talked about the concern of corporations supposedly not paying their fair share: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A34787-2004May17.html

    As for me, I guess I'm still on the fence about all this. There are no easy answers, and most of us on here have no complete, concrete solutions. I'm sure the FairTax proposal probably has problems that aren't quite apparent to its supporters. My hope is that we'll find a REAL way to stimulate services and need so companies can start making some revenue and be able to employ some folks. We may never have the %4-5 unemployment rate again, but we may be able to do as well as can be expected.

  8. DemDamnDems says:

    Sorry I am responding to a post left by Miss Swan way up in the list here but I can't read things like that and not say anything. Your hands are the hands in my pockets, your meal was one I provided, your medicine was paid for by me and the funny thing is you probably drive a better car then I do, you probably have a designer purse. That is what the problem is, the priorities of the less fortunate is what makes them "less fortunate". Do you think all of the American people that are well to do or even Middle Class did not work hard or prioritized? Do you not believe that people that work hard should be rewarded? Did you not get as many stars in kindergarten as the other children that worked for them and is the resentment that you carry to this day what fuels your rediculous flame that is going to burn this country. The well to do stimulate the economy, if you tax them, they will not spend. Who are you or anyone that is not actively working on making their situation better to expect a handout. What makes you think that I would not love a hand out, I would, but I believe in working for what I have and earning it. I am not opposed to helping the truly needy however I think there need to be stipulations one being time contraints. American people helping should not be their indefinite source of income. We need make sure they are avidly working towards some sort of goal. Another big thing I believe in is, if you want our services you must pass drug tests. The only part of the country that should be under the Socialist rule that you are a proponant for should be pople like you, the ones that accept that hand outs. The working class of America should not be subjected to the same lifestyle, living conditions and healthcare that people with their hands out are subjected to. To put it bluntly I think you are a disgrace as are all the rest of you that believe what you believe... I hope you like your dinner " I BOUGHT IT"

  9. Bill says:

    I grew up & live in a small town of about 9,000 people. What was once a nice town of hard working, mostly 'middle class' folks who took pride in their town and their neighborhoods has been pushed right into the toilet.


    Loss of industry, and thus jobs, and ever increasing government welfare programs.

    Scum landlords have continued to buy up every available house in our town, and surrounding towns. They then bring in Section 8 / Welfare tenants from Philly, New York and NJ. These people are all on welfare or disability, and basically none are employed. And we are talking several hundred such people in a small (!) town.

    Along with the change in demographics has come the drugs, home burglaries, and violence that these trash bring with them. I've had at least a dozen homes in my neigborhood broken into in the past 2 years. And when the police catch the crooks, it's always the same result. It is one of the out-of-town imported, unemployed blacks (don't like to even mention color, but that is the sad fact of the crimes).

    I've worked my ass off to have a decent home, and to provide for my family. I don't mind paying taxes per se, but when I see this level of government free-loading, and what it has done to my town, all for the personal benefit of a few shit head landlords, it makes me want to scream.

    It is no wonder we have accumulated the national debt we have. Raising taxes even further on the ever dwindling supply of working men and women is not the answer. It is a simple cash flow problem, coupled with a lack of government to have the balls to make the welfare free-loaders get off their ass and/or stop pumping out more welfare babies to keep the money coming in. Maybe if they were forced to work they would be a little ingenuity in their respective communities. Adversity can bring new ideas to life. Complacency while sucking on the government teat only begets further complacency.

    Stop giving so much to those who have no desire to work - get them off their asses and get them work. Tax them like you tax the rest of us. If they did not get their housing, healthcare, and food basically handed to them, they would be forced to find or create work, not sit around, do / push drugs, and cause crime and violence.

    I am sick and tired of seeing these people get all these hand outs while I bust my ass to keep my family afloat.

    Get Obama out of office before he sinks us so far we cannot recover. Socialism is not the answer.

    Cut back on the government subsidsidies to the lazy scum - correct the cash flow issue.

    How about this for a new program: any Welfare, Disability, WIC, Section 8 or other government program recipient that is convicted of any drug or weapons related crime is no longer able to recieve ANY government subsidies for a period of, say, 10 years?

    In the end the only thing that will change is how the government will continue to milk the life out of the working class, while continuing to increase its socialist programs. Why? Because the working class can't fight back, and it creates more "feels good" to keep supporting the welfare-teat-sucking machine.

  10. JES says:

    DUDEINTAMPA....I think my point about the 'free' cell phones was that they are NOT free. A previous poster said that certain people get free cell phones. Certain people do get reduced rates, certain people do get a free phone that can be used for emergencies only. There are people in this country that cannot afford a cell phone through no fault of their own......I think we can afford to give them one that can be used to call 911. It's probably an old one noone else wants anyway. Now, I assume that system is being abused like every other system we have in place, in both public and private industry.

    Let's get rid of social security? Maybe we should reform it, but I can tell you that a vast majority of people do not even contribute to their 401K's enough to get the full match from their employers. No social security? You will be supporting them some other way then.

    And if a worker is only taxed on the first 40 hours of work, and if by that you mean all payroll taxes, then yes, I can see how the employer would hire fewer workers and make the ones he has work longer hours. Actually, it happens a lot already......since when you take into account health insurance, disability ins., etc., etc.....it is already cheaper to work your employees longer hours than it is to hire someone else to work those hours. It is happening now whether you realize it or not.....I speak from personal experience.

  11. FinanceLoans says:

    "It would be thought a hard government that should tax its people one tenth part." -- Benjamin Franklin

  12. Dan says:

    heres my plan, may not be perfect, but its worth consideration at least..

    1) fewer tax brackets, including stopping FICA and medicare and SS and what other payroll deductions the government takes out -- 10% of the first $20k, 18% on the next $30k, 25% on everything else, unless you make more than $3 million, which would be 50%. come on, even then youre still pulling in a quarter million per month..
    2) with these taxes, the government spends 20% on military, the rest will be used for its various programs, including payroll of $40k per federal employee, at most. 10% of what is now left goes to national debt. anything left over can be used as payroll for those 'feds' that 'should be' making more than $40k. bet they find ways to cut costs now..

  13. Mayor Curley says:

    There shouldn't even be an income tax. We survived without one prior to 1913.

    Did you see the mentality at the beginning of this article:

    "the government is going to want its fair share cut of your salary and business profits one way or another, whether you like it or not. Rather than engage in tax evasion and possibly live the remaining years of your life on the run as a tax fugitive from the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might as well confront the issue of taxes head on."

    "fair share?" "long arm of the IRS?"

    How obnoxious is the government going to get and how long are we going to take this sh--?

    Land of the free? Yeah, right.

  14. confused says:

    Everythime I read the comments to articles like this I always see comments that assume that the rich are rich because they worked harder, tried harder, made better choices etc. This is simply not the case. this idea that many of you have of the poor is plain inaccurate. Most poor people I know have AT LEAST

  15. confused says:

    Everythime I read the comments to articles like this I always see comments that assume that the rich are rich because they worked harder, tried harder, made better choices etc. This is simply not the case. This idea that many of you have of the poor is plain inaccurate. Most poor people I know have AT LEAST one full time job, many have two. Especially in this economy the cooments about education being a cause for poverty are not vaild. A degree promises nothing except student loans, especially now. I don't propose robbing the rich to give to the poor, but I do believe that a person working two jobs should not be scraping by financially;but many are. Getting mistreated everyday by people who think you are valueless is just as stressful as pandering to stockholers. Stress is stress. Why should one put uf with 8 hours a day of abuse only to still not be able to pay bills while the other is able to buy their third sports car and go on their second vacation this year. Then we complain that the quality of work the people do is poor. How hard would YOU work to make someone else rich while bearly getting by yourself, and how loyal would you be to a company that will lay workers off as they make record profits? I think those that create jobs here in the US should be rewarded but that ANYONE works full-time should earn at least a living wage that would be a "fair share".

  16. Val says:

    Perhaps if you "35%"-ers who make 7X what I make a year, (with $28K in student loans, which means I can't pay them off until 2020+, with 2 children to support) were to take a pay cut down to the next bracket down, since you CANNOT run your businesses without your WORKERS, and pay them a FRACTION more, then this "burden to redistribute wealth" problem will fix itself.

    The doctors that I work for, instead of giving their staff of 20-year-plus nurses a raise for reducing costs by >$40K over last year, decided to buy a (now useless) $50K+ MICROSCOPE for a pathology company that we no longer have dealings with.

    Having the money because THE GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT'S HOW MUCH YOU CAN CHARGE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD GASOLINE BECAUSE THEY WORKED IN A FACTORY FOR 40 YEARS LIKE MY FATHER (of 8 children, never on welfare) does not, will not, and, unfortunately, can not make you smart enough to deserve to keep it, no matter HOW many years you went to college.

    MediCare is a GOVERNMENT institution, and allows doctors to charge as much as a person makes in Social Security COLA's, which is taxed, which means they need tax relief, which means reform.

    If MY taxes go up so my father can afford his meds, and yours go up so your relatives can afford theirs, and you complain about it, then God has no forgiveness in his heart for you.

    Don't believe me? Look up "corban" in the Bible. And SHAME on you.

  17. American says:

    Cliff notes for the people who are just joining:

    The rich blame the poor
    The poor blame the rich
    Everyone blames the politicians

    Remember guys...we are all Americans...be nice. We all need to get along.

  18. Robert E says:

    Gwen - to tax the rich as much as you are calling for, what is the incentive for anyone to work extremely hard and become rich? There is none using your line of thinking. So please move to Cuba where the hard working and the lazy like yourself are all treated the same.

  19. Colonel Lingus says:

    I tend to agree with JD up from the top, but it should never take a masters or doctorate degree to figure out what my tax is!!!!!!! 70,000 pages and counting please people!!!! You have got to be kidding me!! A "Fair Tax" would tax people based on what they consume. If I choose not to drive much and walk to work or ride my bike I should not have to pay for the development of a massive transportation project. If you want to have 5 kids and live large then great but no one else should ever be expected to pay for your sorry ass because you wanted to have 5 kids but couldn't afford them!!!! It's funny how many people walk around in this world not thinking about the consequences nor the costs of their conspicuous consumption all in the name of curing their utter boredom with life. Governments think it's their job to "stimulate" but that's just a fancy Harvard way of saying we are robbing from another generation to pay for this generation so we can stay in office. All the gubment can do is "TAKE" (also known as theft) from some to fund their projects and bring home the bacon so they can be their constituency's hero. We will never have entrepreneurship in this country that we once had until the government get's a beat down to a more manageable and affordable size. Mean time it's just gonna be business as usual, punish savers aka: (Real Capitalists) who see the investing power of their money go away with inflationary fiat money creation out of debt. Now all we are left with is a bunch of people chasing the next "Bubble" to put their money into before the speculative herd decides to dump their money into it. It's sad really, Guess the best investment is really the individual....

  20. Unnecessary says:

    There are a lot of great points on here, but I just wanted to comment on a particular thing that was said by Josh (posted last year), which I found to be unnecessary. Josh: You obviously have no knowledge of what goes into studying literature, unless you, yourself have experienced it. It is not easy, and people don't choose it, so they can be lazy and not have to work. Lit studies is just as vital to our society as "the hard stuff" as you put it (i.e. financing and engineering) and can be financially rewarding if the right paths are taken. Without programs such as these, there would be no journalist, writers, or commentators who keep society at large educated on what is happening in our government and the world. You wouldn't be able to wax poetic about these things if you didn't have people who contribute to the publications and articles that I assume you read (not all of those writers are engineers and financiers).

    On another note, it's is very narrow in scope to assume that everyone who is struggling, in the entirety of the U.S. population, do so because there are lazy, pregnant at a young age, or hopped up on drugs. Of course, there are countless people who fall under this category, but to say everyone, is just plain ridiculous. If anything, it makes the stances I've seen on here against the poor very convenient. "It's all their fault, so we don't have to care about them." And it is common knowledge, that college graduates are currently experiencing a hard time finding jobs. All that education means nothing if the jobs aren't there.

    All this said, I am not a socialist, I have no children, I'm a college graduate (studied literature, which lead to journalism, no surprise there), and I'm on the high end of the single 25% bracket. Insinuating that everyone who disagrees with you is either socialist, a weak sympathizer, or themselves lazy and poor, just displays a seriously sad level of ignorance when it comes to how you feel about your fellow man.

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