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Federal Tax Brackets 2010

Published 10/7/09 (Modified 6/17/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Federal Tax Brackets 2010

Death and taxes. You can try to fight them both tooth and nail, but at the end of it all, it's a losing proposition. Especially when it comes to taxes, the government is going to want its fair share cut of your salary and business profits one way or another, whether you like it or not. Rather than engage in tax evasion and possibly live the remaining years of your life on the run as a tax fugitive from the long arm of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you might as well confront the issue of taxes head on. All we can do is try our best to understand how income taxes work and take reasonable steps to minimize their effects on our financial lives as much as possible.

One of the most introductory ways to plan for the effects of income taxes is to recognize how the various marginal rates are applied to the corresponding tax brackets. Because the United States does not yet currently engage in a flat tax system, our taxable incomes are broken down into different taxation ranges with specific taxation percentages assessed depending on where they fall along the tax bracket spectrum. Although our 2010 tax returns won't be filed until April 15, 2011, for planning purposes, it's always good to find out the new changes to the tax code as early as possible. Let's examine some of the upcoming tax rate changes that are being projected for 2010 and compare them to the previous year's 2009 tax brackets.

Projections Of New IRS Tax Rates Have Historically Been Extremely Accurate

Year after year, even before the official IRS income tax brackets are released, a select number of tax experts have gotten together and crunched a determinative number of officially released statistics by governmental agencies - to project and extrapolate the upcoming year's tax brackets. Year after year, the tax rate predictions released by these groups have yielded results in advance with near 100% accuracy. Such an income tax bracket projection ahead of time is possible because many of the major tax code numbers are pegged to officially released inflation statistics - including the standard deduction, the personal exemption, the actual income ranges of the tax brackets, and contributions limits for the investment retirement accounts (both the Traditional and Roth IRA account).

One of these tax prognosticating groups is the Tax Foundation, a Washington D.C. think tank which collects data and publishes research studies on federal and state tax policies. The other notable group operates under the auspices of the Wall Street Journal and is comprised of a merry band of private tax professionals and economists - namely William E. Massey, a senior tax analyst from the Tax and Accounting arm of Thomson Reuters; George Jones, a senior federal tax analyst from CCH; and James C. Young, an accounting professor from Northern Illinois University. For numerous years now, both the Tax Foundation and the Wall Street Journal group have consistently released to the public very accurate, albeit unofficial, early bird peaks at the following year's projected income tax brackets based on available financial data - well in advance of the official IRS releases. If you're eager to get a head start on tax year 2010, read on.

IRS Tax Rate Schedule Updates For Tax Year 2010

This year, citing a very sluggish economy and extraordinarily low inflation rates for 2009 to which upcoming 2010 tax rates shall be pegged to, the Tax Foundation and associated experts are predicting very little year to year change for the 2010 federal tax brackets. If there's anything good that came out of this global economic recession that has been plaguing us for the entirety of 2009 - it's that the combination of low gas prices, depressed consumer spending, and high jobless numbers with so many people filing for unemployment - have enabled inflation rates to stay quite low during the span of 2009 - at a mere 0.19%. Just compare that to the incredibly high inflation rate of 4.26% during the previous year of 2008 when gas prices were skyrocketing, and it's clear the recent sudden and precipitous drop in inflation has been extremely unprecedented.

As a result of low inflation, for the most part the 2010 tax bracket ranges will likely stay relatively unchanged. As noted by the tax pundits, for the very first time since the IRS started to index the official federal income tax rates to inflation during the mid 1980's, taxpayers will get virtually no significant benefit from inflation in 2010. As such - year 2010 tax brackets, standard deductions, personal exemptions, and even retirement account contribution limits will see very little (if any) alterations from prior year numbers.

I will update the table below to reflect the official IRS tax rates for 2010 if decidedly different numbers are ultimately released by the IRS. However, with tax bracket projections by the experts having enjoyed a near perfect accuracy rate for quite a few years now, I don't have any reason to doubt that the displayed figures below will ultimately wind up as official.

Federal Income Tax Brackets For 2010 - Based On Taxable Income Ranges

Tax Rate
Married Couples Filing Jointly
Most Single Filers
10% Not over $16,750 Not over $8,375
15% $16,750 – $68,000 $8,375 – $34,000
25% $68,000 – $137,300 $34,000 – $82,400
28% $137,300 – $209,250 $82,400 – $171,850
33% $209,250 – $373,650 $171,850 – $373,650
35% Over $373,650 Over $373,650

Beyond some slight numerical shuffling of the taxable income ranges, there will not be too many significant tax changes from 2009 into 2010. Here is a breakdown of the projected changes (if any) for 2010 as they compare to the prior year:

  • Personal Exemption: No change. For the very first time, the standard exemption for 2010 will not be going up and will stay unchanged at $3,650, the same as it was in 2009.
  • Standard Deduction: No change, except for Head Of Household filers. The standard deduction for married couples filing jointly will remain unchanged at $11,400. For those filing as single, the standard deduction will remain at $5,700 as well. However, Head of Household filers will see a slight increase by $50 - from $8,350 (year 2009) to $8,400 (year 2010).
  • Overall Tax Bracket Thresholds: Will increase across the board for all tax filing statuses, albeit at a significantly lower amount compared to past tax year increases.
  • Annual Gift Tax Exclusion Amount: No change. For tax year 2010, the current gift tax exclusion limit of $13,000 will stay the same. Often overlooked by most taxpayers, the gift tax stipulates that gift givers must pay a special tax on gift amounts that exceed a certain amount per year.
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Contribution Limits: No change. Despite the fact that IRA and Roth IRA contribution limits did not rise in 2009 in response to strong inflationary pressures in 2009, there will still be no corresponding change in the maximum contribution limits to individual retirement accounts for 2010. The standard IRA contribution limit for 2010 will remain unchanged at $5,000. The catch up contribution limit for those 50 or older will remain at $6,000 as well.

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436 Responses to “Federal Tax Brackets 2010 | Income Tax Brackets 2010 | Money Blue Book” 

  1. DUDE says:

    Most people are pointing out the facts that the rich work much harder to get to be rich....I would agree we this in 1950s.....I would say there is a small minority of rich that do: do it the correct and responsible way.........Those that started a small business to make it really big company yes I say awesome....For the Father that plays with his son in sports and that child takes off in a sport or dance or music.....Awesome......

    What really bothers me are those who get their money by spectulating or gambling with the economy.......Or the new millionaires/CEO who take a job get bonus' than crash the company.....I have no pity on them......This is the cause of our econmic failures.....

    We as americans are paying for these rich that lost their money in this gamble...Sorry but they should not get the bail out money.....If that is the case than I am going to go to Florida Lotto and ask for my money back as well as Hard Rock Casino.....

    I say tax the goods not my pay........Lets just say you live in a state that charges 7 cents on a dollar for a purchase......With the states 7 cents than add say another 7 cents for the federal government on the dollar....I would approve that......So it would be 14 cents on a dollar total tax....So if you buy a Ford Focus yes there is a tax but is not as bad as when you buy a high dollar car........Also don t have any write off for churches and depolmatic means....Its the same all across the board....

  2. FedUpGeeze says:

    How about those of us on a FIXED INCOME who have worked all their lives, paid off their homes, and are now retired. We are out of luck when it comes to "tax breaks". When taxes go up - we have LESS money in our pocket and no way to replace it. Gas prices increase along with the cost of electricity, water, groceries, insurance and all the other "daily expenses" that we have to pay just to maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Those costs increase, but not our income. The same Government who raised taxes is the same Government who said "no cost of living adjustment required" to Social Security.

    So where does OUR "backfill" come from? Eat less? Drive less? Sit in the dark? Go without insurance? Don't take a vacation? What should I and my family do without so that someone who doesn't work or who isn't even a U.S. citizen can have a free ride?

    I worked and paid taxes for over 50 years, and I'm still being taxed on my retirement income. I have never been on welfare and I've never taken a dollar of unemployment. There's work for those who want to work. I didn't spend those nights and weekends on the job, and weeks away from my family so that someone too lazy to work or some illegal alien can have the same lifestyle that I, and my contemperaries worked a half-decade to achieve.

    If you want something - EARN it. You will appreciate it more and no one can belittle you for owning it. I held two jobs while going to college. It was tough, but I did it and I'm a better person for it. My "reward" for those sacrifices is to pay MORE tax to support those just too lazy to put forth any effort to take care of themselves beyond going to the welfare system with their hand out.

    How people who have never paid a cent into the system, or who have never served in the military or who can't even speak English or vote can have the gall to say "its my right" is beyond all reason. What is even MORE unreasonable is that our Government listens to them.

    Shame on this Government and shame on those who are willing to "do whatever it takes to milk the system". How these people can look themselves, let alone others in the face without feeling shame and remorse is beyond my comprehension.

    When the U.S. is broke and our economy is in the tank, what are all these folks who sucked us dry going to do? I'll tell you - they'll MOVE ON to the next "free ride", and the hardworking, tax paying citizens of this once great nation will be left holding the bag.

  3. Lauren says:

    I am in the 28% tax bracket. My husband & I work very hard and spend time away from our kids to do it at jobs that do no require a college degree (although we both have them). We pay FULL price daycare fro 2 kids (which is $470 per week) to be able to work. Last year, we paid 20K+ for daycare and got $200 (yes, two hundred) in a tax credit. My brother in law and his wife are on every government aid imaginable and pay 1% of their income on daycare and get an earned income tax credit of $8000. We are waiting to have a 3rd child so we can afford the daycare , they have 3 already. It irriates me to no end. Something must be done - there are way to many people sucking the money out of the government just because they can while the rest of us support them.

  4. KenC says:

    Okay...enough whining. There is something that can be done, but most do not have the guts to do it. It soes not matter what party you are in...this year of 2010 and in the elections of 2012, vote every SOB out of office regardless of whether they are Repubican or Democrat...then throw Obama the Muslim/Socialist out of office. Try to elect people who have business experience, stay away from lawyers and career politicians (crooks and criminals). We may just get an inexperienced congress that believes in the Constitution...bottom line, we could not elect people who would perform more pooorly or be less honest than those who are in office, and we may just get a shot at filling those seats with people that care about us....hell, we couldn't do any worse!!!

  5. john says:

    Making under 150K is nowhere near rich. I mean you can go to college for 6 years be a pharmacist and make 115k+ easy, physical therapist, speech pathologist..70k+ easy probably way more working overtime which is common in med field....some kinda of engineer or programmer 70k easy. coupled with your debt though that is def nothing. There is no reason to make less than 30k in life. I dont understand people who cant comprehend that. even most 2 year degrees at a community college will net you more than that. If you are at the point where you have a kid and family yada yada now you messed up...

  6. William says:

    Just a thought of the current administration about sharing the wealth. Look at this year tax returne between George Bush vrs Obama in donations and whom the donation are given, Then compare Cheyney vrs Biden. Dont ask me to share until the standards are equal.

  7. Allison says:

    Lauren, You indicate you are in the 28% tax bracket - which means you make somewhere between $140K to $209K. If your sister and her husband are getting an $8K earned income credit, they make less than $43K. You resent them? They pay less in child care? Send your kids to where their kids go.......Quit your jobs so you can government assistance. Then tell me how much jealous you are.

  8. Allison says:

    Oh, and to Lauren, If the government wasn't helping them out - maybe they should move in with you. After all, families should take care of each other - and the govt. should stay out of it.

  9. Allison says:

    Lauren, I also would like to say that many people that resent government aid to the "poor", expect the families of these people to take care of them vs. the govt. Are you willing to let your sister and her family move into your home? If not - then what is your solution? If they make less than $45K and have 3 children, I imagine it is very difficult to make ends meet. Are you or any of your other family members willing to take them in? We all know you work hard - I imagine your sister does too? What is the answer if government doesn't dole out some money every now and then to help people? More crime, more people in the streets, poorhouses?

  10. Josh says:


    I'm sure you didn't realize it, but you are exactly right! People who "need a helping hand" should go to their family for it. And if not them then their friends. Or their Church. Or their community. Taxpayers in Iowa should not be supporting Laura's in-laws. They should be supporting themselves! That is exactly how it was for the first 200 years of our country. You know the time whn America grew from nothing to the greatest nation this planet has ever seen? America, and its people, prospered because all Americans were ingrained with a deep sense of self-reliance, accountability and entrepreneurship. Starting in the 60's, that all started to fade away.

    There used to be real penalties to pay for not working hard and making poor decisions in your life. You didn't have enough food on the table, or clothes on your back. You certainly didn't have a flat screen TV, an XBox, iPhone and $200 sneakers. Go through any government housing project and tell me how many of those you find. A lot. Before the 60's, Welfare was paid for by the people who lived in your town. And everyone knew exactly who was taking their money. That was a very big motivator to get off of welfare and make something of your life.

    Nowadays you just get your government housing, food stamp debit card, welfare check, WIC payment, EITC all anonymously. Checks just magically show up in the mail every month. It's not from your friends, or family, or neighbors. Its from some nebulous entity called "the Federal Government". What's the harm in ripping them off anyway?

    If there are no serious consequences for failure then you will continue to get more failure. I always come back to a story I saw on TV about 5 years ago to illustrate this point:

    A few months after Katrina, the state wanted to bulldoze a Housing Project. Not sure what the reason was. It doesn't really matter. But CNN was doing a report outside the place where all the residents were protesting. The reporter told a story about how he had talked to several residents whose families had lived there for 3 or 4 GENERATIONS. I think he was trying to make us feel bad that they were bulldozing their family "home". It sure made me feel sad, but not for the reason he intended.

    Is government really helping "the poor" by creating a system of dependence that keeps generations of people destitute with zero ability to care fro themselves or their families. Allison, please tell me how we are winning the war on poverty? It may make people like you feel good at cocktail parties to say how compassionate you are and always support the big-government politicians who want to keep raising taxes and giving more money to the poor. But be honest with yourself and realize your ego is the only thing that is helping. All of these hand-outs are destroying "the poor" and sentencing them to a life of institutional poverty.

  11. John T. says:

    The bottom line is this: The more government gets involved in our personal lives, the more screwed up our lives get, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our finances. Government "aid" begats more aid begats more aid, and on and on and on the vicious cylce goes. After a while people (not ALL, but alot) become too dependent on this "aid" to the point where they come to EXPECT IT. They come to the point where they DEPEND on it, and figure it into their overall planning, NOT trying to "eventually" "get ahead" but merely using it as "free" money and an excuse NOT to become more responsible with the finances that they DO HAVE. Our forefathers WARNED us that "helping" the poor was really no "help" at all. You create an "entitlement" society, where , over a long period of time, more and more people come to expect more and more "help". Living WITHIN OUR MEANS is a lesson that this country has ever-so-gradually gotten away from. We have become an absurdidly materialistic society. No matter if we have the money or not, everybody is trying to keep up with everyone else, and everyone else's lifestyle. People think that they have the "right" to live like their neighbor does, no matter what. And if they "can't", government "should" step in and "help" them live better, for in their minds, this "rich" person next door OBVIOUSLY did something underhanded or illegal for his wealth and DOESN'T DESERVE to live "better" than they do. Unfortunately it seems that OUR society REALLY IS BECOMING MORE SOCIALISTIC right in front of our eyes folks, and that is scary. That is, the "end" result SHOULD BE THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY, no matter what your talents, or anything else. It is mindboggling to think that this nation "of the people, by the people, and for the people" could every-so-gradually over the centuries become EXACTLY what our forefathers DID NOT WANT: a socialist nation. Why? How? Because of the ever-so-gradual increase in DEPENDENCE on goverment. Each succeeding generation, consciously or unconsciously, coming up with ways for government to "help" "make" things better. And this help costs money.

    America IS the most prosperous, the most blessed nation on earth. For the most part, EACH generation has lived better than the one before it. But now I believe we have reached an inflection point, where we are SO prosperious ("rich " by comparison to the rest of the world), that g-e-n-e-r-a-l-l-y America and the Americans who live in her, have truly become spoiled and entitled. Yes, I know I am generalizing, not "everybody" is, but enough are. They see this person or that person getting "help" for THIS or THAT, and then they themselves feel that they too, are "entitled" to this "help", thus creating this vicous cycle we see ourselves in TODAY, creating an "entitlement society" and g-e-n-e-r-a-l-l-y over years and decades and centuries, LESS PRODUCTIVE, and yes, more "lazy" people.

    "Living within your means" means EXACTLY that. It means EVERY DECISION in your life should be measured on simply "Can I afford this?". This includes the kind of home you buy, the kind of car you drive, the kind of clothes you wear, and YES FOLKS, the number of kids you have. Now I'm sorry if this offends some people, it probably does, but those ARE the brutal facts of life.

  12. John T. says:

    I would like to also add this:

    You see what is happening in Greece as we speak? You might think I'm crazy for saying this, but I believe it IS at least possible that that could be coming to America.

    For those of you who DON'T know, here's a quick summary:

    Greece, as a country, is broke. Their government is broke. They have come to the rest of the world for a bailout, through the IMF (International Monetary Fund)(by the way, 17% OF THAT AID comes from........... yes, the USA, OUR TAXPAYER MONEY). As a condition FOR that aid, the Grecian government MUST make cuts in it spending, including its "help" for the common man, to balance their books. They MUST.

    The people in Greece don't like it. They are rioting in the streets. Burning storefronts, etc. , causing havoc.

    How did they get to that point? by the country as a whole NOT LIVING WITHIN THEIR MEANS, the government NOT LIVING WITHIN ITS MEANS, the people becoming "entitled" to a standard of living that has PROVED to be unsustainable.. They are angry that their lives MUST adjust to a new reality, NOT necessarily "poverty", but nonetheless, a change in lifestyle.

    Sound like somewhere we know?? Now I'm not saying that this could happen next week, or next month, or even next year. But, SOMETIME in our future, if our economy keeps faultering, and unemployment keeps going up and up, our "entitlement" society could see some of those events play out here in the good ol' USA. People will riot in the street, blaming government and everybody else around them who "has money" for the situation that they will find themselves in.

    OUR country is broke. OUR government is broke. WE go to the rest of the world for a bailout EVERY YEAR. Just this year ALONE we have gone to the rest of the world for 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS. Why? Why do we (as a country) spend OVER AND ABOVE what we bring in? to support our lifestyles. Period. And, I believe, as is the case in Greece, our "lifestyle" WILL EVENTUALLY CATCH UP with us, and PROVE to be UNSUSTAINABLE. Over the years our society, again with the help of government "AID", has become "used to" an unsustainable standard of living. We have become "used to" living HIGHER that what our MEANS would/could say, all with BORROWED MONEY from overseas countries. And if/when our society gets a financial slap in the face, (which in my opinion, is what we deperately NEED), like Greece, they are NOT gonna like it.

    Think about it.

  13. Marci says:

    To FedUpGeeze, I am sorry to hear about what you are going through. My mother-in-law is in a similar position, but my husband and I make enough to help her out (unlike Lauren's sister, my mother-in-law worked hard and makes good decisions, so helping her out is no problem because she is the type of person that you want to help).

    If we have to, she will move in with us.

    But for the record, my mother-in-law does a lot of household chores for me. Frankly, I think I owe her more money than I give her considering what she does for my husband and I. Somehow, I doubt that Lauren's sister would move in with Lauren and immediately take over (and do a great job) on ALL household chores! Somehow, I have a feeling that Lauren's sister would moan, cry, and complain that it was too hard and that her sister should give her more money......

  14. Marci says:

    John T - you are completely correct and it scares me!

    I will be voting this election season!!!!

  15. Deb says:

    Folks... Read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki.. Also.. get Brian Tracy's Success Mastery Academy.. the first will make you think... the second will set you on fire with optimism and an understanding of your potential. You do not need to be rich, but you do need to have hope and a plan for a better future.. these two items will give you a great push in the right direction. Creating a bias for action and steps to make you UNSTOPPABLE!!! No matter what your age.. do this. If you are young.. "If I knew then what I know now..." Don't have to say that in 30 years.. Thinking and working toward a better future for both you and I.

  16. whitey says:

    For those of you who are "rich" and think you have it so bad having to help pay for all the programs the "poor" are using. Well guess what, those of us who are working "poor" pay for the same programs out of our paychecks. Guess where the money I paid in state and federal taxes went last year. The same place as yours. Into HUD, WIC, health care, etc. And guess what else. I am among many that make just enough that I can't get any of it even if I needed it for my family.
    Oh and also amoung many "rich" and "poor" alike I have utilities and bill and have a college degree which equals student loans. Don't think that only the "rich" have those and us "poor" are all uneducated unqualified layabouts who get handouts to pay for everything. We pay the same bills. Only difference is that it's out of a smaller paycheck. And most of what used to be called your working poor now make too much to get any help even if and when needed due to the way our nation as a whole has gone.
    How many of us can still remember when the 15% tax bracket started with anyone who made 23000 or 24000 a year with a spouse. In less than 5 or 10 years its gone down to 16750 now puts you in the 15%. Yet with the cost of living going up as incomes go down that amount may just barely sustain a two person family without needing help or going on utility budgets so that during the months when they don't use as much they can bank up funds with the utility companies for the months they do.
    I have had friends come to me for help because when they desperately needed it due to cut backs in hours or work they went to try and get it and were told that if they need assistance to work even less hours or quit their jobs in order to be able to get it. Since when did things get that bad that in order to get the help your family may need you have to give up what little you may already not have or work 24/7 so that you don't have to in a job market where many people are now lucky to have one 20 hr/week job?
    And if you are in the higher end of your tax bracket think about this. 15+% out of the top amount you can make and be in the bracket still leaves you after taxes in the 15+% income bracket. 15+% out of someone who makes the lowest amount to be in it puts them in the next lower income bracket after taxes come out. But they are still seen as being in that 15+% beause everything you make is seen as the amount before being taxed.
    Oh and it gets better. Some of us are in one of those generation that's paying for SSI and being told that it probably won't even exist by the time we're old enough or infirm enough to be able to get it. That's money that some of us will never get the chance to see any of it back with the way things are going. And yes I know people who get it and don't deserve it. I also know people who do deserve/need it and its been denied to them or the nursing home's found a way to take it all before they ever see it thanks to our high cost of health care.
    So the moral is most of this is we are all in the same ocean only some are in nicer boats. You want to see a change stand up to the government we as a people elected and make this country "for the people, by the people" again. Not run by politicians some of whom are richer than some of the corporations that the common person works for these days.

  17. whitey says:

    And one more thing. For those who say well you just didn't do good at your education choices or how you did this that or the other. I was in the top precentile. I was on honor roll. I went into a degree that has a continuing future. I had friends who did the same. Friends who now work minor jobs because the jobs aren't hardly there anymore even for a college grad. Or they only want someone with a modicum of experience coming into the field. Hard to get job training when you need a job in that field to get trained in it. Oh and some companies don't see an internship as counting. It's almost better anymore to go to trade school than college.
    And for those who worked their way up. Be glad to still be there. My whole family was taught to work their way up. Most of them did. And sevaral of them among many people are right back at the bottom now because someone higher than them decided it would be better for the corporate paycheck to move to another country. Thank you government for helping plant that idea in businesses heads. Or it was cheaper to higher two less experienced people to do the job than pay for income and benefits for someone that had dedicated years to the company. Couldn't you have just told them they were getting a pay cut at least until things started looking up again financially? With the way the job market is most people would still stay because it would mean that they wouldn't be on the unemployment line somewhere. And those that didn't weren't serious about taking care of themselves and their family anyways. So then yes people could have the right to say it was all that persons fault they are right back on the bottom.
    Some of the people on this site need to open their eyes to reality. How many jobs, good jobs, jobs that required an education were cut just as quickly as ones that didn't because of the overall economy. Because of the tax incentives to move elsewhere (ie outside the US). Because of so many other reasons. Yet you blame the person as if it was their fault. As if they went into the corporate office and suggested it themselves.
    Wake Up people. This isn't just on an individual level. It's the whole system that needs an overhall. Why are we rewarding companies that lay off half or more of their employees by giving them money and tax breaks for saving a few bucks or worse moving away from the people that live in the area that government is supposed to be running. It may be saving a few bucks for the companies but its not saving the government that then pays those stimuluses to the companies. That then has those people said companies laid off begging to recreate jobs that we once had or new jobs and needing help in the process until it does.
    It's hard to get a good job when there aren't many jobs in general and no one's working creating them. We should reward the companies that create jobs. That bring them in. Not the ones that take them out. It's more expensive to reinvent the wheel than it is to fix it. But somewhere someone got the idea it would be good to just tear down the wheel and start over again or had to because someone else did it before them.

  18. Tim says:


    I have to tell you Josh that I have read every comment on this web page and I have to tell you that you are exactly on the money with everything. I am a hardcore conservative that's had just about enough of these socialists, communists, and Marxists making ignorant comments that makes them sound like they were in Joseph Stalin's Administration. Can one of you pro-socialism yokels inform me of one successful communist country that has our standard of living? If someone tries to tell me about a European country, please read about what is happening in Europe and to their Euro before you say anything. Our taxes do need to put changed to a flat tax, but that is one of many changes that need to be done in order to get back to true Capitalism.

  19. JVO says:

    My first company was funded by a rich guy who, in the 1970s, was in the 78% tax bracket. Prior to that, people making over $1MM per year were taxed at rates as high as 99% - go find some old tax tables. But you greedy rich and waiting-to-be-rich forget that your heroes Reagan and Bush abolished those high rates on the people who truly could afford to pay more, and therefore left the tax burden on you, the middle class. We cannot have gigantic armies without SOMEONE having to pay for them. You greedy GOP fools just don't want it to be YOU. As for me, I am in the 35% bracket and PROUD to pay my taxes. I'll bet most of you richos are hiding your income in the capital gains subterfuge and are paying only 15%, another Bush gift to his buddies. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  20. Brian says:

    To JVO,
    Although I am not rich, I am wondering why you use the word greedy and rich together. Just because someone is rich does not make them greedy. If there are two people, a rich man who wants to keep his money and you who believes the money should be taken away from the rich man, who is the greedy person? There are likely more greedy people in the middle and lower class who believe that the rich man's money should be given to them. Those who desire to take other people's wealth should be ashamed of themselves.

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