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ShareBuilder Promo Codes - Bonus Offers And More For New Accounts

Published 3/3/08 (Modified 3/22/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Exclusive Share Builder Promotion Code For New Applicants!

Sign up with ShareBuilder today to take advantage of their $25-$50 promotional offers for new accounts before they expire. The ShareBuilder bonus codes listed below are for new individual customers. While some people have been able to successfully open up several ShareBuilder accounts and earn multiple new account bonuses, the policy technically limits such bonuses to just one.

If you are a Costco member, you may be entitled to special Costco Member Benefits for new ShareBuilder customers by using this link - they are worth even more! If you are a Costco Executive Member, use code: COEXECWALL08, to earn $90. If you are a Costco Gold Star or Business Member, use code: COGOLDWALL08, to earn $70. All non-Costco members should use the following table of codes to claim their free bonus money for new accounts:

ShareBuilder Promotion Code(s)
Bonus Money
25WOLS $25

ShareBuilder is still currently offering $25-$50 cash promotions to new ShareBuilder broker customers who fund their accounts with at least $50 of their own money or make at least one purchase transaction on their accounts (terms vary). Taking advantage of this free offer is relatively straightforward as ShareBuilder's basic accounts have no minimum balance requirement, which means you can maintain your account with any amount of money you wish. Basic accounts also have no inactivity or subscriptions fees.

For a few years now, the company has become a popular online discount broker option for many new investors. Most people are attracted to the company's low trading fees and their lack of maintenance or minimum balance requirements for basic accounts. At $4 per trade for equity transactions through an automatic investment plan, and $9.95 for regular real time market orders, ShareBuilder's commission fees are competitive with that offered by other discount brokers.

Steps To Open A New ShareBuilder Account and To Qualify For Your Bonus Offer:

  1. First, you'll need to open a new ShareBuilder account and make sure you enter one of the active promotion codes listed on the table above. When selecting the account type, you should choose the basic individual account since there is no minimum for that account type and no additional subscription fee required.
  2. The exact qualification terms will vary slightly. But next, you will either need to fund your new account with at least $50 of your own money, or you will need to execute at least one purchase. Either way, you will need to transfer into your account a bare minimum of funds.
  3. Finally, after your account has been funded with at least $50 and your first purchase has been executed, you'll need to wait around 4-6 weeks to receive your bonus money. Upon receiving your promo code bonus, you can transfer your bonus money into your checking account and decide what you want to do with the stock trade you made.

With The Qualifying ShareBuilder Stock Purchase You Made, You Should Leave It Alone And Let It Grow

One of the requirements to qualifying for the ShareBuilder promo offer is to make at least one equity trade. If you're a new investor or you are opening the account merely to take advantage of the free bonus offer, then I'd recommend buying a stock that you will likely hold onto for a long time. Since there is no hard credit check for opening a ShareBuilder account and a modest transaction fee is required to sell your small stock position, I'd recommend holding onto whatever shares you purchase for a long, long time. After all, once you receive your $50 bonus in a few weeks and transfer the free promo money to your checking account, your monetary situation will have nearly evened out in terms of out of pocket money invested.

I suggest putting your starter money into a more stable exchange traded fund (ETF), which is basically a broad index fund that trades like an ordinary stock. Most ETF's are less prone to wild trading swings and are less adversely affected by the news of a single company. Since I invest mostly in Asia funds, I recommend ETF's that track the performance of emerging markets like China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore, although Brazil and Mexico are worthy mentions as well.

If you want broader coverage, go for the iShare MSCI Emerging Markets Index (EEM). If you want regional growth coverage, go for the South Korea iShare MSCI Index (EWY), or if you're gutsier, try the iShare FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (FXI). Yes, they are all certainly riskier and more volatile than your average bear, but do remember that you are investing with free ShareBuilder promotional money anyway. $50 is not that much so you might as well bet the house and hold for the ages. Who knows, in 25-30 years your $50 may have steadily grown into a few thousand dollars through the magic of compound interest. In that time I will personally report back here on how much my bonus money has grown.

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