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Review of Citi Private Pass Rewards by Citi Card

Published 8/6/09 (Modified 1/14/14)
By MoneyBlueBook

As a big fan of the Citi Thank You rewards program offered by Citibank for its credit card customers, I thought I was pretty well honed on all of the user benefits and purchase rewards that Citi Card had to offer. However, there's a relatively less publicized reward program that current Citi credit card and Citi debit Mastercard members are entitled to that many are not aware of. The reward program is called Citi Private Pass. The Citi PrivatePass program itself is totally free to existing Citi Card customers to the extent that there are no extra monthly membership fees required to join. The only participation cost to you is when you actually decide to purchase reward tickets to desired events via the Citi Private Pass program. The tickets feature heavily discounted prices (or sometimes are even provided free courtesy of Citi Private Pass), but oftentimes you'll still have to pay a small portion out of pocket .

Unlike Citibank's well known and popular Citi ThankYou purchase incentive feature, which tends to focus on more tangible gift card and cash based rewards that you can accrue through daily card purchases, the Citi PrivatePass program is devoted almost exclusively to entertainment and experience based offers - providing its participants special access to free and cheap tickets to unique concerts, dining experiences, and popular sporting events. The Citi Private Pass program is not a separate card, but rather a rewards program already available to existing Citi Card customers.

Citi Private Pass Offers Free and Cheap Tickets For Special Live Events and Experiences

After reviewing the Citi Private Pass website and examining some of the promotional material, it's clear the motivation behind the Citi Private Pass program is to help Citibank capture a greater segment of the entertainment generation, an emerging and outgoing demographic that's willing to go out and spend money but still harbor the savvy mindset to locate the best online deals for discounts, limited time offers, and freebies. Presumably hoping to re-brand itself into some sort of entertainment conduit or facilitator for card carrying customers who are also experience seekers, the Citi Private Pass program offers Citi customers the opportunity to enjoy special VIP access to sought after events at deep discount prices that are much lower than that typically sold to the general public.

According to the folks at CitiCard, the Private Pass program offers card members a way to get access to limited pre sale tickets, obtain preferred seating reservations ahead of time, arrange meetings with their favorite musical artists, or even attend special limited opportunity movie screenings and cultural events. Reviewing the Private Pass terms and conditions and examining the entire selection of offers available to customers, I can see why the program has appeal on a diverse scale. Members can select from a very wide variety of trips and event categories - including golf, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, sporting events, theater, and other popular activities.

The Citi Private Pass program breaks the program down into several broad experience categories, each with its own individual selections. Currently, Private Pass is touting several popular summer programs, and such seasonal programs are constantly being rolled out.

  • Tickets To Music Concerts: Citibank and Live Nation are promoting discounted lawn concert tours for just $5 per ticket through the Summer of Savings event for the months of July and August 2009. Discounted concert tickets are available for a wide array of well known artists and bands such as Lil Wayne, Aerosmith, Creed, Kid Rock Depeche Mode, Nickleback, Blink-182, and even the Jonas Brothers (gag). Just go to www.citiprivatepass.com to get the special access code that allows you to take advantage of this offer.
  • Tickets To Popular Sporting Events: Special exclusive discount savings for sporting experiences are available - everything from ordinary events like basketball and baseball games, to the more out of the norm - including fly fishing, river sailing, and rodeos.
  • Access To Special Movie Viewings and Special Art Galleries: Many of the featured offers in this category are not available to the general public and are only available to CitiCard customers. A few of the more exclusive offers are only available to Citi Visa Signature cardholders.


If you are one who loves going out and spending money on experiences and memories rather than on mere materialistic objects that inevitably depreciate, then I think the Citi Private Pass offerings and special ticket discounts are something your lifestyle may demand. At the very least, the Citi Private Pass program is a rather interesting way to get to know what live events are happening out there if you've been wanting to participate in one. Simply visit the Citi Private Pass website directly and access the free and discounted selections from the entertainment category of your choice.

Remember, to participate in the free Citi Private Pass rewards program, you'll need to be a current Citibank credit card or debit card customer.

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