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I Wish I Could Make Money From Fantasy Football and Other Fun Hobbies

Published 12/24/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

I am the type of person who likes to maximize everything that I do. Particularly when it comes to hobbies and interests, I always want to think - how can I find a way to monetize or turn the hobby into a beneficial endeavor? Not that I have to profit from everything, but I just have a very entrepreneurial and "see the bigger picture" personality. However, there are some things that I just can't seem to spin into a financially worthwhile venture - research intensive, but addictive hobbies like fantasy football. For the last few fall and winter seasons, I've been embroiled in the fun of online fantasy football. I've been the league commissioner for my church league for several years now and this is the first year where Ive made it to the final championship game. I'm so excited!

What Is Online Fantasy Football?

If you don't know what fantasy football is, allow me to explain. First of all, it's not some silly "fantasy" thing where people pretend to be in the game like some of my female friends jokingly think it is. I think people who aren't into fantasy football or other online fantasy sports see it as a childish game, but in fact, most of the online fantasy sports leagues are played by adults.

Football football is generally an online game played by participants (called owners) arranged into online leagues. Usually there is a draft at the beginning of the sports season where owners acquire players on their team comprised of real life NFL football players for preset football team positions based on their league's setup. Each week, owners are matched up with other owners, usually head to head, where they compete for the most total points, derived from their roster's actual player statistics for that week. For example, if I own the New England Patriot's Tom Brady as my quarterback and he scores 300 yards passing with 3 touchdown scores for that weak, I'll earn points for his on field statistical performance for that week. Owners can trade players with other owners and can pick up unused players from the league's online waiver pool. Eventually, the owners whose teams have the most points compete in a playoff series to determine the champion at the end of the football season.

Although I Can't Monetize Fantasy Football, I Still Enjoy It Immensely

But the fact remains that fantasy football is a fun hobby that consumes a lot of time and research energy. I spend a great deal of spare time researching players and following their on the field performance and statistical progression. It's sort of like the same way I track my financial investments but instead of stocks, bonds, and funds, I'm following the stats of quarterbacks, touchdowns, and interceptions.

Some online public leagues offer cash and reward prizes for the best overall fantasy football teams, but some require buy-ins and upfront fees, while others border on more shady sports betting. Perhaps some things in life are better left as simple as they are. Although I make nothing from all of the time I spend on fantasy football, I still love and enjoy the time and competitive spirit I put into it. Some people like to pass the time by playing videos games or even knitting. I have my fantasy sports!

By the way, if you're curious, here's my awesome Yahoo Fantasy Football roster this year. Note: I ultimately placed 2nd overall out of 12 teams.

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9 Responses to “I Wish I Could Make Money From Fantasy Football and Other Fun Hobbies” 

  1. Honest Dollar says:

    My monetized hobby is poker. I definitely DO NOT recommend this for everyone. But I study poker quite a bit, primarily from a math/statistics/probability perspective. With the theoretical background and semi-frequent practice, I'm pretty good at it. In fact, poker has given me a 400% return this year, far better than any other investment I've made.

    Playing poker is sort of like practicing good personal finance habits. Because there is an element of probability, players need to control their emotions when they go through a rough patch of bad hands. This is the same discipline that long-term investors ought to have when the market hits a rough patch. Poker players also need to be able to manage their bankrolls well: not playing above their limits, never committing more money than they can afford to lose, etc. Bankroll skills translate well into money management.

    However, just as there are people who can't stop charging to their credit cards even when they're already in heavy debt, there are people who shouldn't play poker because, for them, it will be a gambling proposition where they're sure to lose.

    Anyway, I got a little rambly. Point is, poker and personal finance: both involve making good decisions. :)

  2. Raymond says:

    Geez....that is a pretty good rate of return!

    But I hope you are not playing with substantial sums (anything more than $1000). I've seen some of my hardcore Texas Holdem' friends run to the ATM machines at the casinos in Atlantic City to withdrawal more money to try to win their losses back, only to end up with more money down the tube.

    When it comes to poker, it's a lot of fun but I prefer to see it as a fun hobby, rather than a serious money making option. My friends dabble on online poker but I tend to stay away from gambling - some of my distant relatives have an unfortunate history of gambling so I've learned to stay away from such things...not that there is anything particularly wrong with it - it's just not for me.

  3. Lynnae @ beingfrugal.net says:

    My husband got me to finally start watching football by talking me into joining a FF league. I played for about 4 years, but our local league held the draft when we were out of town this year, so we dropped out. And I've gone back to not watching football. LOL

    It really is a lot of fun!

  4. Raymond says:

    Hey Lynnae, you know most private online leagues should have automatic picks by the computer if you're not there to pick your own custom players at draft time (at least Yahoo does). Yes, fantasy football is super addicting but it's a lot of fun and a great way to be motivated about football and to have a vested interest in players and teams that you wouldn't ordinarily root for!

  5. Kara says:

    My fiance views fantasy football very much like you-he puts a great deal of time, research, and energy into it. He solved the shady betting problems by starting his own well-organized league. That way he can know that the funds are managed well and the rules are fair-we'll see how it turns out but it could be his first year to make money from his hobby. Hour by hour it's probably a poor rate but hey-it's a hobby!

  6. Football Bet says:

    Have you had any success in betting during the previous season?

  7. Jaleel says:

    yo did be phony fantasy football be for the fake dude i be real in this shit what up. i from brick city laying dem bricks all day. ghetto.

  8. Raymond says:


    Huh? I can't understand what you're talking about. Can you elaborate?

  9. Jon says:

    I may be wrong but i'm sure "Jaleel" was talking about selling weed. I bet his family must be so proud of his dumb ass! Real shit? lmao!

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