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Hello World!

Published 8/5/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Crack the champagne because this is opening day for my new financial blog - presenting my very first posting. Here's to many months and many years of blogging on one of my most passionate subjects - money, and everything related to it.

Started with Blogger, Ended With Wordpress

I've always enjoyed researching and writing so one day I decided it was time I started blogging. My first step was to set up several free Google Blogger accounts, one for each of my money related topics. Many hours and days passed and I realized this method proved unwieldy and cumbersome. What I needed to do was centralize and condense my blog subjects into one bully pulpit where I could blog about everything related to money. I also needed my own domain name, somewhere to call home. After spending many hours trying to find a suitable domain not already taken (most good ones already are), I finally came up with Money Blue Book.

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2 Responses to “Hello World!” 

  1. Burns says:

    Hey Ray, I've been following your blog and financial blogging over the years....keep up the good work. Interesting to see how your personal finance blog really evolved over the years from a coupon deals, freebies, and survey get paid to site, to a real financial website. Keep it up....just interesting to see your very first blog post

  2. Raymond says:

    Thanks Burns,

    It's approaching 2 years since I started personal finance blogging. It's been an interesting ride with lots of highs and lots of lows, but the educational experience has been worth it. You are correct. I started out as more of a free offer/deal hunter type of blog, but eventually transitioned into more of a mainstream personal finance site. I expect many more such metamorphoses in the future as my financial priorities continue to change. Thanks for the support!

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