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Maintaining My Privacy and Identity

Published 8/6/07 (Modified 3/22/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

My personal finance blog is currently being hosted by Host Monster (Dreamhost). There are many other popular domain registrars and web host providers out there such as Go Daddy and Host Gator, but I chose this one because of their competitively lower monthly charges and decent online reviews. In addition, they also offer anonymous hosting free of charge and unlimited domain name hosting.

Anonymous Hosting

There are some bloggers out there who don't mind having personal information such as their full name and address easily discoverable by a simple "Who Is" search. I personally prefer a little bit of privacy.

For the computer novices, a "Who Is" search is an internet tool that allows one to search from a database of domain name registrations. A "Who Is" query is primarily used to look up the domain name ownership information and the domain name status.

I plan on keeping my full identity to myself but I do intend on sharing more in the future. You'll probably get to know more about me through my writing.

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