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Discount Cell Phones: Employee discounts For Your Cell Phone Service

Published 8/21/07 (Modified 6/17/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Most of the major cell phone carriers offer deeply discounted savings for large companies or groups, including schools. If you work for a major business, corporation, or attend college or graduate school, chances are you may be entitled to a hefty discount towards your monthly wireless mobile phone bill. Many businesses and schools have negotiated employee and student discounts with the major wireless carriers. Even alumnus and employees at certain major universities may be entitled to discounted rates due to their current or previous association with their schools.

But for some reason, many people are not aware that these discounts exist, and the cell phone providers certainly aren't motivated to advertise these great discounts, particularly for existing customers. Oftentimes, the only thing you'll need to have to claim these discounts is a valid work or school e-mail address from a participating business or school. I encourage you to visit the links below and check to see what discounts are available to you. Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised as I was! I was able to get 19% off with Verizon Wireless using my existing graduate school e-mail address. I did not realize that I qualified for such a high discount until I typed in my school e-mail address on a whim. Try it!

Remember to renew your student or employee discount promotional rate periodically since they usually don't renew automatically. Most of the mobile phone discounts are good for a year - just submit a new discount request again when it expires.

Verizon Wireless: Enter your work email address to see if you qualify for discounts. Verizon Wireless will send you an email that will help you determine your eligibility for promotional rates (personal email addresses not accepted).


AT&T has business agreements with thousands of corporations, government agencies and educational institutions to offer wireless products to their employees and families at a significant discount.

SprintSprint: has business agreements with hundreds of corporations and government agencies to offer wireless products and services at a significant discount when purchased online or over the phone.
T-MobileT-Mobile: Employees of contracted T-Mobile Business Customers may request a corporate discount. The discount ranges from 0% to 15%, per Business Customer monthly volume.


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