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Cell Phone Only - Save Money By Ditching the Land Line Phone

Published 10/9/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

I was a late comer to the cell phone scene, but once I got the cell phone I ditched the traditional land line. Today, I only use cell phones and my high speed internet service. Who wants to pay for an extra land line?

I have not owned a traditional land line phone since I started using a cell phone more than half a decade ago. Frankly I just don't see the need to have an extra line that can only be used at home. I know advocates of land line service point out that wireless phones can be unreliable and that for emergencies it is best to have a land line, but in my opinion, my most potentially critical emergencies aren't likely to occur at home. My crucial times of need will likely occur on the road or somewhere far away from traditional phone lines when I may need to summon help from afar. At that time, only my trusty cell phone will do the job and my clunky land line sitting at home won't do me any good.

I'm Not Alone And I'm Part of A Trend

Apparently, I am part of a growing movement towards cell phone only households. According to a recent study by Mediamark research, a firm that has been tracking such data since the mid 1980s, the firm found for the first time that cell-phone only households were starting to outnumber land line-only homes. More than a quarter of young adults have only cell phones, making them the leading edge of a strengthening move away from traditional landline telephones. The trend will no doubt sure to keep moving in that direction as more young adults who rely on cell phones don't see the need for a landline and the extra bill that comes with it when they start paying rent.

Anybody still holding onto their traditional land line?

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