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Internet Sales Tax: Are eBay Sellers Required to Pay Income Tax on Sales

Internet Sales Tax: Are eBay Sellers Required to Pay Income Tax on Sales

Published 3/27/08  (Modified 6/17/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

I used to sell products on eBay as a money making hobby and even once attempted to make a side business out of it. It wasn't easy trying to make profit while at the same time avoiding all the internet fraud and scams out there. While I eventually decided to pursue other ventures, I had a friend who continued to dabble in eBay auctions. Soon enough, he had successfully turned what started out as a one room operation to an impressive one man eBay business machine that engulfed his entire basement. Everytime I stopped by his house I was always startled at the sheer number of brand new Dell laptop and ThinkPad boxes stacked in piles throughout his basement that overflowed into his unoccupied garage.

Through his closely guarded network of online connections (he never disclosed them to me), he was able to secure excellent wholesale deals on hot electronics like laptops, desktop computers, and handheld PDA's for sale on eBay. His racket continued for several years to my continued amazement as I wondered how he managed to stay so consistently profitable despite rising eBay fees and heavy online competition. One day I finally turned to him and asked him if he was reporting his eBay earnings as taxable income on his federal income tax. He simply smiled and changed the subject. Obviously, the answer was no, thus exposing the secret to his profitable eBay success - tax evasion!

Frankly I don't really blame him for withholding his eBay profits from the

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Making Fun Of Late Night Infomercials Using Hotties With Assets To Sell Get Rich Schemes

Published 3/12/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

I often work on the computer late into the evening and most of the time I keep my television set on as background noise. Usually there isn't much programming going on in the wee evening hours - that is, except for the inescapable torrent of Girls Gone Wild commercials which seem to flood their way onto the airwaves after midnight whether you like it or not. The other types of shady programs that seem to craw their way onto my TV screen at night are the sleazy late night infomercials selling all sorts of silly products from male enhancement pills, to expensive audio tapes on how to get rich quick while working in your pajamas. While some of the commercials are tastefully done, hyping somewhat useful products like fruit juicers or portable infrared ovens, most them are repetitive scams designed to get you to part with your money fast.

Exposing Money Making Get Rich Quick Infomercials

When most people have gone to sleep, the roaches come out to play. The vast majority of late light commercials fall into the slummy get rich quick category. Most are slickly produced sales pitches for useless packages containing rehashed literature and DVD tapes about how to earn big bucks flipping houses, dabbling in cash flow notes, or making money on eBay. Of all the late night infomercials, the one that really sticks in my mind is the so-called Shortcuts to Internet Millions gimmick being hawked by a guy named Jeff Paul. It's not the fact that he is selling information that

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Dishing Out Feedback About eBay's New Pricing Structure and Policy Changes

Published 2/11/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

If there's one group of zealots you never want to upset, it's the eBay sellers. Ever since eBay announced several key changes to its pricing and feedback policies over a week ago, eBay sellers have been flipping out and storming the discussion forums to express their outrage over the impending doom and gloom. A great number of them have become so upset that they've banded together to plot a futile boycott of eBay's auction services around the February 20, 2008 launch date to protest the new fee hikes and feedback policy changes.

Here is an overview of the key controversial eBay pricing and system changes that have sparked such emotional reactions as well as my own thoughts on the matter. You can view the actual eBay price structure changes (here).

1) Listing Prices Will Be Reduced But Final Value Fees Will Be Increased
The new eBay pricing changes will cause up front listing costs such as Insertion Fees and Fixed Price Listings to be reduced. This upfront listing fee reduction is to encourage more listings since eBay auctions have been stagnant for years now as auction interest has waned. Although it used to come at a small cost, eBay now plans to make Gallery picture listing free - a nice free addition that will save a few cents and dollars for some, but it's basically a trivial bonus. It's nothing that will greatly benefit eBay sellers, but with the way eBay has been cleverly marketing the changes by

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How I Got Scammed By a Seller On Alibaba

Published 11/14/07  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

I debated about whether I should share this story, but at the end I decided that my experience might help prevent someone from falling into the same scam as I did. At the time I was young, inexperienced and financially naive. Since then, I've learned and improved based on my past failures and eventually went on to run a small but profitable home business by making money online with ebay, at least for a modest period of time.

It All Started With Too Much Greed

Shortly after college I decided I wanted to start a part time side business selling merchandise on eBay. But first I needed to find a wholesale supplier. After some research I decided I wanted to focus on consumer electronics such as GPS navigation devices and Apple iPods, and concluded my best bet at finding a supplier would be through a free network site like Alibaba, that helps connect sellers with buyers of goods. Little did I know at the time, but sites like Alibaba are crawling with scammers and evil doers.

I ultimately decided to focus on selling Garmin and Tom Tom branded GPS units. After a few searches, I was amazed to find numerous sellers offering brand new Garmin GPS units for very little money. The Garmin GPS model I was interested in buying in bulk retailed for more than $1200 on eBay at the time. The sellers I found on Alibaba were offering each unit for only $700 each. The asking prices were exceedingly low,

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Tips On Buying Sports Tickets Using eBay and Other Online Sources

Published 11/6/07  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

I'm a huge Washington Redskins football fan and my friend, who is from Philly, roots for the Philadelphia Eagles. It just so happens the Philadelphia Eagles are playing my Skins at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland this coming Sunday and we are hankering to go. I'm going to be busting out my Redskins gear - and nothing crazy like body paint, and nothing lame like the "D" and the cutout "fence" some cheesy fans bring to games. It'll just be nice, clean trash talking. I hope I can convince him to wear his Eagles gear.

But getting to the game won't be easy. We aren't season ticket holders and because the Washington Redskins are so popular, tickets will be difficult to obtain. The game is also a division game so tickets will be extra expensive due to popular demand for them.

We Will Score Some Tickets

Regardless, we are determined to bid and win a pair of tickets to the Redskins-Eagles game. I tend to avoid popular online stores that sell tickets since they generally charge a higher markup and an unfair premium for them. You won't find any lucrative deals through sites like Ticketmaster - I've looked. Our best bet will be to rely on amateur scalpers that sell tickets through online sources like eBay and Craigslist. It's a bit more work, but that's where the deals are.

But, I've been trying for the last few days, and haven't been successful yet. I keep getting outbid by other crazy fans who keep hiking up their

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How To Buy On Ebay And Get the Best Deal

Published 10/25/07  (Modified 3/22/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

I'm a frequent eBaybuyer and former seller. I've learned a few tricks to get the best deals when buying through eBay auctions. Getting the best deal does take a little extra research but the savings are worth it!

1) Run eBay Searches Using Different Keyword Combinations

The example I'm going to use to demonstrate my eBay buying tricks will be from my experience in buying Smartrip metro cards. These are the magnetic debit cards that people living in the Washington D.C. area use to take the subway. The card can hold upwards to $300 at a time and like gift cards, there is an eBay market for people looking to buy them at a discount.

When running searches for the metro cards, I use a wide variety of keywords such as Smartrip, SmartCheck, D.C. Metro cards, D.C. subway cards, and Smart Trip. People frequently advertise their products on eBay using different names. Try punching in spelling errors like "dimond" rather than "diamond". You won't believe how many sellers frequently misspell their ads, thereby limiting the number of available buyers bidding on their auction. Less bidding competition gives the smart eBay buyer a greater chance of getting a great deal. It's really not all that difficult to profit from ebay typo bargains.

You can also create a favorite saved batch search for several keywords. At the eBay search prompt, select "Advanced Search", enter you keywords and remember to click on the box that indicates "Save This Search to eBay". If you want to create a search that

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