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7 Random Things About Me

Published 10/11/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Okay, it's time I joined the personal finance blogging community. I've been writing and posting quietly to myself like a hermit in my cave and I think it's time I shared more about myself.

I've been tagged by Pinyo at Moolanomy to reveal 7 random things about myself. I'm not sure what people would want to know about me so I decided to include a wide assortment.

  1. I have a bachelor's in finance and a J.D. degree - This means I'm an attorney with a business background. My current full time job is only partially related to the legal field however.
  2. I look very young - I am in my late 20's but can easily pass for a college student. I'm not joking. I get still get carded sometimes.
  3. I'm a big Redskins and Wizards fan - Got to support the local teams. My Skins are looking good this year!
  4. I used to be a huge computer gamer - I started with computer role playing games and graduated into Starcraft. I still have fond memories of playing until the wee morning hours and somehow still making it to class.
  5. I own a parrot - I've had my parrot for many years now since college (yes he talks and whistles). I remember sneaking his cage into the dorms during college and pulling it off for a whole school year. I wasn't busted until the last week of school. Good times.
  6. I play the drums - I used to play the drums in my church's praise band until recently. I've taken a few months off but might return in the future.
  7. I'm a runner - I ran cross country during high school and I still run today. I've ran half marathons before but haven't attempted to challenge myself by running a full 26 mile marathon yet. I plan on doing that one day.

That's about it for now!

Um...I looked around and I think nearly everyone has already been tagged at least once. Please let me know if you haven't so I can tag you. Like a hot potato, I've got to pass it on! :)

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