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The Best 0% APR Purchase Credit Card Offers (With Balance Transfers)

Published 2/22/08 (Modified 4/24/13)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated List Of The Best 0% APR Interest Credit Card Offers Below

Zero percent purchase credit cards are specially suited for credit savvy consumers looking to make free purchases for 12 months or more without having to pay the amount back until the end of the promotional offer period. If you've low on spending cash or find yourself in a temporary financial emergency, 0% purchase credit cards can help you deal with your personal finance expenses until you get back on your feet. In the last few years there have been at least two occasions when I personally needed to depend on 0% card offers to help get me out of a temporary financial jam that lasted a few months. Although I was in good financial shape at the time my liquid spending money was just momentarily tied up in stock investments. So to successfully weather the cash strapped period, I paid off daily living expenses using my newly applied no interest credit card. Hey, it beats relying on pay day loans any day (which I've never had to use, thankfully).

Both 0% Balance Transfer and 0% Purchase Credit Cards Have Pros and Cons

While 0% balance transfer credit cards have gotten more publicity among those seeking debt reduction and among those looking to profit from high yield savings account interest, they usually require more careful management effort to maintain. One top differentiating benefit of using 0% purchase credit cards is to avoid the initial transfer fees associated with many balance transfer cards. For those who want to avoid the hassle and effort of shifting balances around, 0% purchase cards offer an attractive option.

With no interest purchase credit cards, cardholders accrue no monthly interest charges for purchases they make for the duration of the card's introductory and promotional period, which usually lasts about 12 months (but can vary anywhere from 6 to 18 months). Each month's minimum statement balance (usually small) still needs to be timely and regularly paid off to avoid any unintended late payment fees or penalties. During the promotional period, cardholders can continue to make free 0% purchases up to the maximum credit limit available. However, as always, I always encourage users to be responsible with their credit usage and always work towards paying off the total statement balance off before the end of the promotional period. Please note that balance transfer fees may apply depending on offer details. Please read the terms carefully.

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9 Responses to “The Best 0% APR Purchase Credit Card Offers (With Balance Transfers)” 

  1. shaam says:

    Don't forget the 3% fee on Balance Transfers. Chase has a limit of $75 but Citibank has no limit.

  2. Christina says:

    I thought this info would be helpful :)


    Good Neighbor Visa �� Credit Card
    Apply Now
    Access My Account
    View my Year-End Summary on www.mysfcard.com
    0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers

    Contact us at 1-877-SF4-VISA (1-877-734-8472)

    Low Purchase APR*
    No Annual Fee
    Zero Fraud Liability Protection
    Online Discounts
    Lost/Stolen card protection
    Worldwide Visa credit card acceptance
    24 Hour Good Neighbor Service ��
    Online Access Anytime
    Free built-in protection features
    Free Identity Theft Protection
    Free Account Fraud Monitoring
    Free $250,000 Travel Accident Insurance
    Free Auto Rental Insurance
    Cash advance privileges via ATMs and convenience checks
    Refer to the Important Account Disclosures that contains rates, fee, cost, and account information.

  3. Crystle says:

    I need some help, I have two credit cards that have a very high interest rate, they are both maxed out. And with this "wonderful" economy that we are living in I have recently been laid off from my job and have been left with no choice but to accept a job with significantly lower pay. Now, I am looking into something that will lower my monthly payments on my credit cards. So balance transfers, credit consolidation companies....I'm willing to look into anything! Thank you!

  4. stellar credit says:

    I have 2 credit cards. One is very very high bal. One is low. Both have had their interest rates jacked up. I too am a victim of the economy but have NEVER been late on my cards and even according to the credit card company have "stellar credit"

    Rate on high bal went from 7.9 to 25.99
    Rate on low bal went from 11.99 to 16.99

    Big problem...I worked for a non profit and my position is no longer funded there for I am "unemployed" yet still paying my bills.

    I am a home owner...but only purchased 2 years ago so do not have a whole lot of equity...

    I am self employed...have been for 3 years thank GOD but still JUST making my bills. I need help! Any out there???

  5. Heather says:

    One additional thing you might consider is getting a second job, no matter how modest, devoted solely to paying down your credit debt.

  6. Raymond says:


    Regarding getting a second job to pay off your existing credit card bills and revolving debt, that's easier said than done. Even getting that first job isn't all that easy these days. The economy's still in pretty bad shape and both good and bad jobs are still hard to come by.

  7. Miss Spare says:

    I am looking for something that low interest, 4% or so, that is for the life of the balance. I just can't seem to find anything like that anymore.

  8. Christos says:

    Just a side note to look out for. Some credit cards that offer 0% on balance transfers for "X" amount of months will charge you their interest rate on any new purchases. The catch is that their annual fee on the card (if there is one) or any other fee they put on your card other than what you transferred over, is considred to them as a "new purchase", so you will begin paying finance charges on those "new charges". The ONLY way out of paying the new finance charges with them is to pay off the credit card in full, which includes their new charges as well as your balance transferred. I just had this experience with Air Canada's Aeroplan Bank of America card.

  9. Lanie says:

    Hello my name is Lanie I have 3 credit cards are high on annual fee and i want to balance transfers all of my 3 credit cards and I want only one credit card to use for every time my son wants to buy clothes and books. i'm a single mom and i'm sad that i got layoff last week in my job because it was very slow we only work 4-6 hours 4 days a week and i'm stress out because i can't even payoff all my credit cards and i just one 1 credit card for everything if someone can help me but when i apply for a balance transfer for my 3 credit cards i always decline and i don't know what to do and i feel sad and stress out because my a single mom and it hard my parents can't help because they are already retired now. Could anyone can help me everytime I apply they want were i work but everytime i said i just got layoff on my job last week they said no and decline when they send me letter telling tha i didn't qualify because i'm unemployed and my debts right now is $6000 for all my 3 credit card if there anyone who can help me please email me my email address is asian5371@aol.com right now i can't even pay my credit card bills so i have to borrow some money for my parents and they get mad. I only receiving my UIB checks is not that much to cover my credit cards payment i can't eat or sleep at night .

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