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Pinecone Research - Hard to Register, But Get $5 for Each Survey!

Published 8/26/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Pinecone Research is an online survey site that conducts online interviews with consumers to obtain their opinions about new products. They conduct their polls by sending members online surveys as well as product samples to review, such as shampoos and detergents. You complete the online surveys and review the products in the comforts of your own home. The best part is that they mail you a $5 check for each completed poll (although shorter ones only pay around $3). The online surveys generally take around 15-20 minutes, but since I'm a pretty fast reader, it only takes maybe 10 minutes of my time.

Pinecone also occasionally offers the opportunity to review trial products. This is probably the most exciting part of these surveys because you get to test try products that aren't even on the market yet. Interesting products include shampoos, candy bars, video games, and even frozen meals (sent in a foam cooler packed with dry ice). Not only do you get paid for completing the product survey, you also get to use and keep the product!

By the way, you might also be interested in other similar online paid survey opportunities. There are several really good ones out there as well.

Can't Seem To Find the Sign Up Link? Yup, It's Hard To Find!

The Pinecone Research survey program is getting more popular as people start to find out about it. However, the sign up process remains rather elusive and the company appears to want to limit new entrants to the program. The company does not automatically approve each application and I suspect they are trying to target certain demographics (such as age or race) or certain consumer characteristics (home owners etc). There is also no easy way to find the sign up application links as they appear on random advertisement banners from time to time. Open registration season is usually only available for short periods of time as well. The company is either trying to drive everybody crazy or it's doing a great job of generating viral interest.

Please check back occasionally in the event that the existing link disappears back into the void. I will try to keep posting new active registration links as I discover them.

Currently, you can find an active registration link by visiting the link below. Act fast before it disappears - Hopefully it is still working:

Live Pinecone Research Application Link - (Click Here)

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