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Personal Finance Blogging Is A Time Consuming But Rewarding Part Time Job

Published 12/7/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Sorry folks, but due to some pressing and personal events that clammered for my attention, I was not able to post for the last few days - and it happened on a weekday too (most people do their blog reading on weekdays). Sometimes you want life events to be stable and everything to go according to plan, but then something occurs out of the ordinary, requiring you to shift course momentarily. But it's okay - these things happen and we just have to be prepared and deal with them as they come.

Blogging Is Hard Work But Rewarding

When I first started out this blogging adventure, I was inspired by those who wanted to make money by blogging. I planned to treat it like a true part time job, and dedicate sufficient time to keep it running smoothly by posting new entries everyday. Some online writers post every few days, but I was determined to make it a daily goal.

Blogging has truly been a labor of love since I've come to discover that writing on a regular basis can be quite time consuming with little immediate financial rewards. It's true what those in the industry say - to run a successful blog site, you have to be truly passionate about the subject matter you write about. If you are not truly inspired or have a genuine desire to explore the subject matter to its full potential, it will be very difficult to sustain your efforts long term. Thankfully, lack of passion or interest has not been my problem. But life likes to throw little monkey wrenches at my plans sometimes. I've tried my best to write diligently and keep my personal life events separate from the continuation of my pet projects, but occasionally they will bump into each other. When that happens, it's inevitable that I might need to take a momentary breather, to step away from blogging for a day or two before returning to start anew.

It's All Too Easy To Develop Procrastinating Blogging Habits

Unlike working at a regular full time job, blogging on the side requires a good sense of self motivation. Since all of the content writing and operations are performed online, there is not the same strict requirement to make a daily appearance as would be required at a regular full time job. Since I write on my blogs part time, it is very easy to get sidetracked by home and work events. Unlike a regular brick and mortar business where there is an actual physical store front, I have no customers or visitors that walk up to my store daily to demand service - so I have to depend on self motivation.

Although the online world is not physical and it's easy to brush it aside as not real, it is still largely a social network based on maintaining good long term relationships. Like any budding business, if you don't attend to it properly, it will sputter out of gas and fail in the long term.

Blogging can be extra difficult, particularly if you blog about a subject or topic that requires extensive research first. I have two types of posts. One type is substantive and the other is primarily opinion based. The substantive post requires significantly more time since I have to research and organize statistics to support my claim. For example if I'm talking about credit cards or a particular investment, I have to research the terms carefully to make sure my numbers are correct. But on the flip side, opinion based posts are relatively easy and quick to crank out since they are based entirely on my own opinions and views. I am essentially writing from memory and typing extemporaneously. To strike a good balance between content and efficiency, I usually incorporate both substantive and opinion type writing into my everyday posts. This helps to make the time consumption less draining.

Although I was strapped for time and wasn't able to sit down at my PC for the last few days, things have calmed down again. Trying to blog daily and do it part time can be like working a burdensome second job, but overall it's been quite an enjoyable hobby. I really like the social interaction and information exchange I get out of it. So it's back to writing I go!

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7 Responses to “Personal Finance Blogging Is A Time Consuming But Rewarding Part Time Job” 

  1. thebaglady says:

    I agree! It's very fun and rewarding, but I wouldn't say it's a job. If it were a job it wouldn't be fun anymore. Besides, if I counted on the financial rewards my pay is probably something like 5 cents an hour.

  2. retirementinfo says:

    how does this relate to finance? i thought this blog was supposed to help people on how to be smart with their money, not advise them to do extra, out of their way things so that they can make money.

  3. DoanDo says:

    Who exactly are you? You have some very interesting entries. I don't know where you get your ideas. I am thinking you are either an educated stay at home mom or some regular man doing part time work. How about including a picture or a bit more about yourself.

  4. Raymond says:

    I try not to break down income made per hour spent on this online writing business either because the stats aren't pretty..

    Well first of all, I'm a guy (check "About Me" tab)...and I don't have children yet (see the article below about money and not having kids). Yes I do this part time as a hobby, but I try to give it the same time dedication and effort I would at a regular job. I might post a photo in the future but not at the moment. Just use your imagination for now. What does a typical blogger look like? :)

    Well I usually write about finance and investments, but since I hadn't posted for a few days I wanted to talk about some general blogging issues.

    Sometimes a little extra effort here and there goes a long way in the future. Making money efficiently IS being smart with your money!

  5. Mrs. Micah says:

    I'm very amused that you got two challenge comments--"Who are you, Raymond? And why aren't you writing about finance?"

    On topic, I agree that it's kind of like having a part-time job.

    The biggest way I think it's rewarding--and retirement info, this is how it relates to finance-- is that blogging about personal finance, taking the time to become engaged in the subject leads one to become more engaged in, aware of, and accountable for one's own financial situation. It doesn't make one perfect, but it makes one engaged. And then you get to learn all kinds of stuff by building the relationships with other bloggers. :)

  6. Raymond says:

    Mrs Micah, I agree with you on your previous blog posts about how we need to dress properly when we work at home. It's all too easy to get complacent and slack off when we are nestled at our home workstation in our pajamas or worst yet...still in our birthday suits. That's why I'm trying to buy a cheap laptop - so I can head to a Starbucks and type away in a less home-like setting.

  7. Honest Dollar says:

    Raymond, I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope you stay motivated! I agree with you that passion is key to blog-commitment. My previous blog had no theme, and it took me days or weeks to find inspiration to write. But for me (and it seems like for many others as well), because personal finance is a passion, it's easier to put in the work even without definite rewards.

    My blog is young, but I've made it a goal of averaging one entry a day each week. I go to work very early so that I have time to read through all my feeds and at least start on one good entry before the actual work day starts. So far, it seems to be working.

    retirementinfo - I definitely think Mrs. Micah is right that by writing a personal finance blog and putting in time and effort to do the necessary research, one learns so much and feels more involved in one's finances. Writing doesn't work for everyone, but for some it does help earn money: through ad revenue, through better savings or investing using ideas found or developed, through discipline instilled by examining personal finances regularly, through the support of the online community ...

    Moreover, few people are naturally "smart with money." Most have to "do extra, out of their way things" to earn or save more money. This doesn't necessarily mean blogging. But shaping up finances takes effort. Spending is easy. Budgeting, planning, and learning is not; it's "out of the way."

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