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Freebies - 3

Published 9/24/07 (Modified 1/3/12)
By MoneyBlueBook

It's that time again. Time for free stuff! Oftentimes, I find myself signing up for some random freebie even though I know I have no particular use for the item. I just can't resist something that's free.

But as always, the items listed below are available as of the date of this posting, but keep in mind that some may not last too long once people get a wind of them. So get them while they're still there! Please let me know if and when they are no longer available. Here they are:

  1. FREE 2 Year Subscription to Skiing Magazine
  2. FREE $20 Amazon Gift Card From IBM - Why did they make the site so creepy?
  3. FREE 30 Minutes Prepaid Phone Card
  4. FREE $5 Starbucks Gift Card
  5. FREE $5 WalMart Gift Card - Play the Pop Culture Challenge. Answers: 1. Runway, 2. Joey, 3. The Queen, 4. The Departed
  6. FREE General Mills FiberOne Cereal - Enter Pin Code: 10128-793932
  7. FREE Marvel Mystery Oil From Turtlewax - Car savvy people might like this one.
  8. FREE Nutra Sweet Sample
  9. FREE Sample of Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste
  10. FREE Senokot 2008 Calendar - Sign up if you don't mind having a free calendar advertising a brand of laxatives. :)
  11. FREE Tazo Tea Sample - Click on "Be Enlightened" and sign up. They will automatically send you a free sample.
  12. FREE T-Shirt from BioWizard

Remember to check out past Freebies if you haven't already done so. Hopefully the other offers haven't expired yet.

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