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February 2010: Net Worth Report and Making Money By Blogging

Published 2/28/10 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

In case you haven't noticed, I've been taking somewhat of a financial blogging hiatus for the last few months. However, during this period of time, I've been spending my days productively - traveling overseas, tending to my other online and real world ventures, as well as scouting out opportunities in areas that remain yet untapped. It's not easy spotting the next big thing, particularly in the realm of online money making ideas, but I have a few new interesting ideas in mind. Perhaps one of these days once I've worked them out in my head and actually tested them out, I'll share a few of the better ones with readers.

Of course, until I find a way to definitively achieve financial independence or acquire a method to ensure a guaranteed passive income stream, I will inevitably have to end my extended vacation and return to my full time job sometime in the next few weeks. Thus I'll be getting back to my regular full time day job as a self employed attorney and part time gig as a blogger very shortly. Blogging has been an interesting part time job for me for the last two years (bringing in a very steady and rather lucrative income stream), however at some point, the inevitable pangs of writer's block and declined motivation inevitably creep. Thus it was nice to finally get away and get a multiple month breather after all this time. However, now that I've taken my sabbatical, spent time with the family, and pursued other extracurricular activities, I'm almost ready to get back on the horse again and retake the reins.

My Current Net Worth and Financial Status Update Compared To Last Month

AssetsBalance$ Change% Change
Cash$215,706$43,06124.94 %
Stocks$436,355$9,2742.17 %
Retirement (401K, Roth, IRA)$14,416$9937.40 %
Car and Vehicle Value$0$0-
Real Estate and Home Value$9,000$0-
Other Real Estate (Deposit)$29,824$0-
Total Assets:$705,301$53,3288.18 %
Debt and LiabilitiesBalance$ Change% Change
Credit Cards$7-$1,066-99.35 %
Car Loans$0$0-
Home Mortgage$0$0-
Student Loans$25,640-$149-0.58 %
Total Debt$25,647-$1,215-4.52 %
Total Net Worth
$679,654$54,5438.73 %

Reliable Passive Online Income Through Blogging

Despite my multiple month absence from my normal blogging duties, I continue to rake in a steady monthly income via my small network on profitable blogs and affiliate websites. While I used to earn a significant portion of my monthly take via my small legal practice as an attorney, I have been undergoing a winding down process in recent months to slowly transition my way out of the whole trading hours for dollars routine that working as an attorney entailed. While the legal work and training has certainly been interesting at times, my heart has never been all that much into it. Pursing the viability of online businesses and trying to harness all that the Internet can provide has always drawn much more appeal for me. The lure of being able to make money online by blogging from the comforts of one's home is what got me started in this industry years ago.

As my primary online blogs (most notably, the financial blog you are reading now) have grown to the point where their traffic levels are now inherently stable and the sizable income profits they now earn are now very reliably self sustaining, I am at the process of trying to decide where to go from here - call it a fork in the road if you will. Do I sell off a few major sites for instant income now and turn my entrepreneurial attention elsewhere, or do I put in the additional effort now and continue to grow these sites into something inevitably bigger?

While the nature of blogs and Internet businesses can be fickle at times, I truly believe that the future of media and information lies with the adaptive power of Internet. The web is continuously transforming how old and new information is consumed. While it would certainly be great to possibly sell off my most prized websites in terms of traffic levels and income, I am somewhat cautious about cashing out too soon when I think there is still tremendous upside to be had in the coming years. Of course, anything is possible and these things are just a handful of the issues that I'll be pondering a lot about in the coming months as I slowly get back to my old blogging routine again.

Continue Investing In A Down Stock Market

Not much further needs to be pointed out about the stock markets beyond the truism that big wealth can be made during the worst of times. Markets have certainly been choppy and volatile recently, but given a sufficiently long period of time, they will almost always recover in spades. Despite having rather significant chunks of money invested into various index funds and individual stocks, I barely glanced at my holdings throughout the month. Perhaps it was because I've been traveling overseas, but more likely than not it was because I see my investments as appropriately geared for the long haul and I don't want to be overly bothered by the emotional highs and lows of short term price swings. "Set it and forget it" is how I've been investing these past few months.

If you haven't already opened up an investment account with a discount broker or opened up a retirement account with a Roth IRA broker, now is as good of a time as any.

My New Home Construction Is Nearly Complete

As long time readers may already know, my new house has been under construction since summer 2009. After months of construction activity and suffering through periodic pauses due to severe winter snow, the home is now nearly complete. With construction now projected to conclude by the end of March 2010 and with my home mortgage application paperwork eagerly waiting on the sidelines, I am preparing to close on the house by the end of March. It's been an interesting ride in terms of my journey to become a first time homeowner. I went through spats of doubt, indecision, and even exuberance during my home purchasing process, so one can't say that I didn't fully think my decision through. I had and still have occasional doubts of the timing of my purchase, particularly in light of the reality that the real estate market is still lingering in the doldrums. However, I have faith that in due time, the home prices and sales numbers will recover, as early indicators do seem to be bearing that out. Particularly in the Washington D.C. suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia where I live, the housing market has been remarkably resilient. Living close to the epicenter of the federal government, which powers and maintains such a reliable supply of jobs definitely has its positive secondary benefits in terms of ensuring the need of a continuously growing housing supply.

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