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Discover Credit Cards - Compare & Apply

By Joe Taylor Jr.

Discover likes shaking things up. Whether by launching the country's first cash back credit card or by poking fun at its competitors' customer service agents, Discover has challenged the financial industry to offer products and services that add real value in consumers' everyday lives. With some of the best credit card reward programs now bearing the Discover name, compare the offers on this page to find the offer that best fits your lifestyle.

Discover's cash back rewards credit cards

While most other credit cards evolved from bank and corporate travel services, Discover's retail roots ground the company in a tradition of customer service. Just as retailers offer discounts to attract new customers, Discover's founders at Sears brainstormed a rebate that would share some of the merchant processing fees with their most loyal cardholders. Instead of offering just another in a growing crowd of zero percent credit cards, the new Discover Card would actually return a percentage of every purchase as cash.

The "Cashback Bonus" was born, disrupting a marketplace in which Visa and MasterCard accounts offered mostly identical features and fees. Over the years, Discover replaced its Platinum card with the Discover More Card, which had served as the entry level account for most new cardholders. And now Discover's new flagship card, the Discover it, aims to "change the way people think about credit cards." The card offers a full 1 percent cash back on your purchases. In addition, Discover offers you quarterly promotions, that you need to enroll in each quarter, that can offer you cash back rewards of up to 5 percent on up to the quarterly cap, currently at $1,500, in purchases made in a rotating series of feature categories. The amount of the quarterly cap may change.

Discover it features

The Discover it card has no annual fee, no overlimit fee and no foreign transaction fee. There is also no fee on your first late payment,  in addition, Discover won't increase your APR for paying late.* You can also choose your own due date. And should you need assistance, you can call and speak with a real person at a U.S.-based service center. Discover also offers a low introductory APR on purchase and balance transfers. There is, however, a 3 percent balance transfer fee for each transferred balance.

Motivating young consumers with student credit cards

Over the past few years, Discover has taken steps to build long-term financial relationships with college students and other young Americans. In addition to purchasing a student loan servicing business from Citigroup, Discover now offers a student credit card. Although students can't apply for personal credit cards in their own name until reaching age 21, Discover's relaxed qualification requirements may help many younger applicants earn independent credit.

Building a service-oriented credit card

The brand managers at Sears envisioned Discover as a complement to their already successful retail credit cards. Competing merchants might not want to accept a Sears-branded credit card at their locations, but they may accept cards from a new payment platform designed to compete with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. It took a few years to reach a million merchants, but strong service and innovative rewards drove Discover's customers to demand their card be accepted at their favorite restaurants and retailers.

Since those early years, Discover has grown into an independent financial services company. With plans to keep growing its payment platform, Discover has incubated transaction networks while integrating legacy brands like Diners Club into its organization. If you want to earn rewards with your credit card purchases without sacrificing personal customer service, review the Discover it card offers for more details.

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