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The Best Grocery Credit Cards To Save Money At The Supermarket

Published 3/26/08 (Modified 11/24/13)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated List Of The Best Supermarket and Grocery Credit Cards To Save Money On Groceries (And Offset Higher Food Prices)

With rising gas energy prices and increased food demand from developing countries comes an unfortunate result - higher food prices. Common grocery staples like milk, eggs, and wheat products have seen a noticeable rise in prices lately. Higher prices at the supermarket is leading to an increase in grocery spending for many. Those with large families and children are finding their food budgets being stretched to the limit. However, there are alternative and supplemental ways to save money on groceries beyond the usual reliance on price comparison shopping and clipping grocery store coupons. There's nothing wrong with relying on coupons and price comparison, however, the regularity of those money saving deals are often unpredictable. They are not dependent on what you or your family need at the time, but rather on the supply and demand assessments of supermarket chains.

Benefits Of Using Grocery Store Credit Card Rewards To Save Money On Supermarket Food Prices

If you are a responsible credit user, have you considered the usage of dedicated grocery credit cards to save money at the supermarket? Most major credit card issuers have tagged grocery stores as a major promotional focus of their credit card reward programs. To encourage consumers to use grocery store credit cards, card issuers are offering a wide array of high cash back rewards and rebates for supermarket related purchases. In fact, along with gas stations and drug stores, grocery stores are often included in a select list of categories that offer extra high purchase rebates and rewards. Grocery credit card rewards can easily and regularly net consumers a high 5% cash back on all grocery store purchases.

Debt reduction proponents frequently advise against the use of credit cards for common household expenses such as groceries and gas, but I disagree with their blanket rejection. I think the responsible use of grocery credit card rewards can help a credit responsible family save a significant amount of money on their groceries and supermarket food needs over time. Furthermore, it also helps save time at the grocery checkout counter. Many major supermarket chains like Giant, Safeway, and Kroger now offer and sometimes force the use of self checkout stations. The use of grocery reward credit cards helps speed the consumer along the checkout process rather than having to fumble around and spend time locating dollar bills and loose change.

Grocery shopping using supermarket credit cards also helps the savvy consumer keep better track of their spending habits since all transactions are logged and recorded on their credit card billing statements. The amount of money spent on groceries per month can then be more easily itemized and statistically analyzed. This organization feature goes a long way in helping cardholders better plan and tweak their grocery shopping budgets.

Other than using special grocery store credit cards to save money on food and grocery store purchases through credit rewards, they can also be used to earn high rewards at other retailers as well. All it takes is the purchase of a non-grocery related retail gift card from a qualifying supermarket. This has the added advantage of earning the higher grocery related rewards (frequently as high as 5%) but being able to spend the money on non-grocery-related purchase categories like department stores, electronic discounters, and even restaurants.

After reviewing the variety of grocery credit card reward offers available, here is one of the card offers that I think offers the best cash back value, we will be adding more offers soon so come back and visit this page.

List of Grocery Credit Card Offers:

  1. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express
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