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Money Blue Book Weekend Roundup - 3

Published 3/9/08 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

This week I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance at The BagLady where my article about choosing the right Roth IRA broker was included.

Here are a few other personal finance and frugality articles around the blogosphere that I enjoyed reading this week. Please have a look:

  • Paid Twice - shares the unfortunate mindset that she used to have that led to her string of "dumb purchases".
  • Moolanomy - provides a very practical list of 40 Alternative Income Ideas and Resources. Most are common-sensical, but those type of money making ideas are usually the easiest and quickest to implement for the average person.
  • Cash Money Life - is offering a nice compilation eBook for download based on the pooled online written work of a number of personal finance bloggers. The book contains useful financial commentary, categorized according to different stages in life.
  • The Simple Dollar - is running a popular Ask Me Anything segment in which you can ask Trent the PF blogger any question imaginable. Some of the question comments are personal finance based, while others are just plain philosophical or goofy. I submitted a few questions in the comment section but I highly doubt he'll respond to mine - I asked a few pretty controversial ones.
  • Free Money Finance - is refereeing a March Madness style matchup of personal finance articles. I didn't submit an entry but you can still go vote for your favorite articles.
  • Clever Dude - shares his decision making process in regards to a recent decision of whether he should quit his full time job to take a lucrative independent contractor position. He ultimately chose to stay with the more stable gig, at least until a more suitable opportunity came along. Unlike him, I chose the contract lifestyle and enjoy the flexibility it currently affords me.

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