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CBS is Nuts and the Return of Jericho

Published 8/19/07 (Modified 3/14/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Since the beginning of this year I've been watching this very interesting new CBS drama series called Jericho. It follows the residents of a small Kansas town in the aftermath of mysterious nuclear attacks on several American cities. I loved the fact that CBS chose to provide all of the episodes in streaming video format on its website and because of this, I became a loyal online viewer.

Jericho is Canceled But the Power of the Internet Prevails

However in May 2007, shortly after the airing of Jericho's season finale episode, CBS suddenly announced the series' cancellation to the dismay of all viewers, including myself. Immediately afterwards I witnessed the power and potential of the internet spring to action. Several online communities, including the official Jericho forums, launched campaigns in an effort to revive the show. Fans also sent over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters, in reference to a scene from the season one finale where the main character repeats General Anthony McAuliffe's historic phrase "Nuts!" from the Battle of Bastongne during World War II.

I was in awe at how effective and potent the internet could be as a vessel for change. Sites such as NutsOnline.com recognized the opportunity and allowed users to pool their individual purchases for nuts and combine them for a larger delivery to CBS headquarters that would make a greater statement. CBS was genuinely surprised and in response to the outpouring of support, announced that Jericho would be returning back to the air the following season. Hooray!

The internet is such a wonderful modern source of information and provides many opportunities for people today. It provides a forum and a voice for those who want their opinions heard. It allows blogs like mine to exist and freely broadcast ideas to the world. Thanks to the online community, Jericho is back and all is well again! :)

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