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Archive for July 2012

Building a great credit score from scratch

Published 7/27/12

Building a great credit score from scratch By Justin Boyle

You've likely known that credit scores are important since long before you got your first credit card. But when you're just starting out in the world of credit, learning how to create a strong credit score can be tricky.

Credit cards can offer the key to beginning your credit history on the right foot, but only if you use them smartly. The guidelines below can help you use your credit cards to begin establishing a great credit score from the start ...

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American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

Published 7/25/12  (Modified 2/25/14)

By Doresa Banning

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

The American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card could be an ideal fit for consumers who have excellent credit, pay their balances in full each month and enjoy earning ample rewards and perks.

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4 tips for choosing a student credit card

Published 7/24/12

By Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro

Credit card issuers know that the college years are a good time to get young people into the credit habit, which is why new college students often find themselves bombarded by new card offers. But despite all the doom-and-gloom scenarios out there about credit cards and their perils, it's not a bad thing to use a credit card. In fact, regular use of a card is an excellent way to build your credit history.

The key to having a positive relationship with your credit card is to use it selectively. But before you can begin using credit responsibly, it's necessary to choose the right card for your needs ...

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Balance transfer or peer-to-peer loan?

Published 7/24/12

By Beverly Blair Harzog

The Great Recession, according to economists and other in-the-know experts, has been over for some time. But for many people, the debt they accumulated during the recession is still very much with them. If you're one of the people who's still carrying a sizable amount of debt, you've probably already thought about a balance transfer to a credit card with a lower APR.

This is often the first option considered and it's a good one, especially if you're considering transferring debt to a credit card with a 0 percent introductory APR. There are credit cards with introductory APRs on balance transfers lasting from six to 21 months, although it's usually closer to 12 months. After the intro period, you get the "go-to" rate. The go-to rate is the regular APR that you'll be paying on purchases -- and your balance -- once the intro period ends ...

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5 steps to fixing your credit

Published 7/18/12  (Modified 7/24/12)

5 steps to fixing your credit By Marc Pearlman

If you leaped to click on this article when you read the headline, chances are good you've endured a few financial boo-boos. The good news is that you are not alone if your credit is a bit bruised. The truth is, debt happens. Haven't I seen a shirt with a similar slogan before? Anyway, back to why you're here.

Credit is an important part of a person's financial picture, but you aren't doomed to a life of purgatory if you have made a few borrowing missteps. However, you will have to prove yourself worthy of obtaining credit again in order to work with most lenders ...

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Did the recession improve our financial habits?

Published 7/3/12  (Modified 7/30/12)

Did the recession improve our financial habits? By Justin Boyle

The economic ups and downs of recent years have brought plenty of negatives to the personal finance climate: Overall employment has slipped. Investment revenues have been volatile. Market uncertainty has jeopardized the security of pensions and retirement accounts.

As the dust settles, however, it's becoming clear that not all the changes have been negative. A June 2012 report by the Federal Reserve suggests that a fair number of consumers adopted wiser money management behaviors amid the challenging conditions ...

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